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It's Like Jamais Vu All Over Again Recap

The episode begins at an equestrian horse show, where a young girl experiences disorientation while riding. Hank and Evan are planning on attending to watch Divya ride in the event, and to support the fund raiser for Jill's clinic. While Hank heads to the first aid tent, Evan hands out business cards and tries to drum up new clients. Evan runs into Divya, who is refusing the advances of a slightly inebriated older man. Divya is not working this event for HankMed since she is hiding her employment from her parents who are attending the event. Evan steps in and convinces the man to leave, but he returns and takes a swing at Evan, missing and dislocating his elbow. Hank fixes his elbow, but when Jill discovers that the man, a doctor from Hamptons Heritage who is there to provide medical services is drunk, she fires him. Hank is then called to attend Beth, a young lady rider who was disoriented and has vomited but insists she is fine.

Beth's father is the stable manager, and gets upset when he discovers Hank trying to give her something for her upset stomach. Hank discovers that Beth is under considerable pressure from her father to win a blue ribbon. Divya introduces Evan to her parents as a classmate from Wharton business school, but he freezes up when trying to speak with them. While riding in an event, Beth falls from her horse. Her father rushes up saying she just had the wind knocked out of her, but Hank insists on taking precautions for a potential spinal injury.

Hank's examination rules out a spinal injury, but he still worries about a possible concussion. Privately, he suspects Beth might be taking some kind of illegal drug, and has Divya take some blood and urine samples for testing. Beth's father becomes increasingly agitated with this news, since he was previously suspected of issues involving performance enhancing drugs in his capacity as equestrian coach for some of the Hamptons' rich residents. When Jill returns to the hospital, she finds her estranged husband Charlie in her office. He tries charming her, but she is still angry with him for taking off when she tried to divorce him.

Divya's father, who is allergic to wasps, gets stung. He tries an epinephrine injector, but it fails to release. Divya sends Evan to fetch Hank and in the meantime, she performs a tracheotomy to allow him to breathe. Divya is despondent as the ambulance takes her father to the hospital, because now she will have to face her parents and tell them about her medical career.

Hank receives the laboratory report on Beth, she has performance enhancing drugs in her system. Hank confronts her father, who denies giving her anything. He clarifies that the scandal he was associated with was about horses, not riders, and that he used chili pepper on the legs of horses as a pain reliever, and that treatment was later banned. Beth comes forward and admits she took ADHD drugs that she got from a friend. Her father is upset and tells her that she can't ride in the next competition.

The next day, Hank is heading to the horse show when he encounters a man standing on the side of the road next to his crashed motorcycle. Unbeknown to Hank, the man is Charlie, Jill's husband. He has some thorns in his hand from the crash and Hank uses rubber cement to remove them. Evan goes to the hospital to visit Divya's father, and against Hank's advice, he butts in and reveals that Divya is a physician assistant for HankMed.

In the paddock, Beth is dressed for riding and begs Hank to clear her so she can win and prove that her father is a good trainer. Hank refuses and tells her it is not her responsibility to rescue her father's career. Hank asks her to remove her helmet but she seems not to know how. As she rushes away, Hank has an epiphany that she is having seizures. He tells her father that she is experiencing Jamais Vu, the opposite of Deja Vu, where you feel like you are performing a task for the first time, even though you have done it countless times before. They notice Beth's riderless horse galloping away and rush to the stable, finding Beth having convulsions from a seizure. The seizure eventually stops, and Hank assures them that it can be controlled with medication so she can lead a normal life and continue to ride if she wants to.

At the hospital, Divya is furious with Evan for butting into her business. Evan cannot understand why she doesn't come clean with her parents and praises her for her skills at medicine and basically starting HankMed from scratch. She tells him her parents have planned for her to enter the family real estate business since she was child, but she hates that business and loves medicine. Evan suggests she tell her parents the same thing. When she does, they accept it since she will soon be leaving the Hamptons anyway to return to London to marry Raj.

At Jill's office, Hank offers to help the hospital with their ER doctor shortage until they hire someone. They are starting to get romantic again when they are interrupted by Charlie, wearing green hospital scrubs. Jill tells Hank that Charlie was hired as the new ER doctor without her knowledge. Charlie then drops the bombshell that he is Jill's husband, not yet ex-husband.

Written by pentar on May 4, 2016

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