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Am I Blue? Recap

The episode opens with Hank wrapping a present for Tucker Bryant's 17th birthday. When Hank arrives, he discovers Jill already there and that the party was canceled because Tucker's father was returning home. Marshal Bryant arrives with a new assistant, Bridget, and gives his son a present of a two week safari. Suddenly, Bridgett collapses and is barely breathing. A look through her purse reveals multiple prescription bottles. Hank and Jill drive her to the hospital where she is treated by Jill's husband Charlie. Evan and Divya are performing a physical examination on the owner of Club Tangerine. Divya points out that Evan has never had a female friend, which Evan realizes is true. He decides to change that with the young Polish woman who is a valet for the club.

At the hospital, Tucker reveals to Hank that his dad is drinking too much and needs help, and asks Hank to talk with him because Tucker believes his dad respects Hank. But, when Hank drops by their house later to check on Bridget, he confronts Marshall about his drinking and about the prescription pills that Bridget had which were in Marshall's name. Marshall dismisses Hank's concerns and fires him again from being Tucker's doctor. Evan goes back to the club and talks with a lot of ladies there trying to just make friends. When he leaves, he waits for the same valet girl and invites her to hangout with him on his day off, and to include her boyfriend if she wants.

Hank gets called back to examine Tucker, who has fallen and has some bad bruises, which are dangerous for him since he is a hemophiliac. Tucker's girlfriend Libby admits calling Hank herself after Tucker and Marshall argued and Tucker fell rushing away from his dad. Hank insists that Tucker not stay in a dangerous environment so Libby says he can stay with her.

The next day Marshall shows up and asks for help to get clean. He admits he has a problem and says he has always tried to hide his problem from Tucker, but the previous night was a new low. Hank agrees to help and meets with Marshall and Tucker at their home to discuss a treatment. Marshall has decided on a quick fix weekend detox that Hank does not support, saying it is a short cut and dangerous so he leaves. Evan takes Anna, the beautiful valet girl, on a friend day at the beach. Evan is struggling to treat Anna as just a friend, and the problem gets worse when she takes off her bikini top.

Jill comes over to see Hank and says she feels guilty about the open check that she got from Boris for her clinic. She admits she is the one that “lost” Boris' blood sample from the hospital, the one that Hank had drawn a while back for his physical and was going to use for more extensive blood tests. Hank receives a panicked call from Tucker. When he arrives, he finds out that Marshall has gone ahead with the quick fix detox, and was now unconscious and had no heartbeat. Hank uses the defibrillator and manages to bring him around. At Tucker's request, Hank does not call for an ambulance and promises to stay and help with the detox. In the morning, Marshall finally wakes up and is washing up in the bathroom. He thanks Hank and hands him a container of drugs that he had hidden. As Hank leaves he pockets another bottle of pills without Hank seeing.

Evan is awakened in the middle of the night by Anna, whose skin has turned blue. Divya determines that the medication that Anna is taking makes her photo-sensitive, and the day at the beach caused her skin discoloration. Later, Anna's large boyfriend shows up accusing Evan of cheating with Anna. Anna says that is crazy since Evan has a girlfriend, Divya. Divya is surprised, but goes along with the story, but the boyfriend isn't buying it. Divya then kisses Evan to prove it, and Anna and her boyfriend leave.

Hank returns to Marshall's place to drive him to a rehab facility, the second part of his treatment. When he arrives, he discovers that Marshall has decided to take Tucker on the safari trip that he promised. Hank strongly disagrees, saying he should keep the momentum going to reduce the chance of a relapse, to no avail. As they prepare to leave, Tucker discovers some pills in Marshall's jacket, and cancels the trip, instead driving his dad to the rehab facility.

Hank receives an invitation from Boris to come to his penthouse in New York City. When he arrives, Boris tells him he might be saving Hank's life. The episode ends.

Written by pentar on May 4, 2016

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