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Nobody's Perfect Recap

Boris tells Hank that the Gardners, the family of the hospital trustee that died when Hank was treating him, are out to revoke his medical license,. Hank says he is not worried, he did nothing wrong, but Boris insists he should be worried. Hank calls Evan to get his lawyer's phone number and Evan tells him they have a new client so exclusive that he won't reveal his name until he and Divya get there to treat him. Hank eats breakfast and goes to talk to Boris again. Boris says he is happy Hank stayed and agrees to accompany him. They shake hands but Boris can't release his grip.

Evan and Divya arrive at the dock to find a sailboat and its captain waiting to take them out to the main boat to treat his boss. However, he insists they sign non-disclosure agreements before they leave. Another passenger arrives, Kylie, who is the mysterious client's mistress and quite unhappy that she has to ride on the sailboat instead of the helicopter. Kylie reveals the name of their client, Gary Pastotnik, a man reviled by everyone in the Hamptons because he convinced the wealthy to invest with him, then he stole their money. Divya is annoyed because HankMed will be treating a fugitive.

While walking to the Festung Bank, Boris deflects Hank's inquiry about his condition, preferring instead to talk about Hank's situation. Boris offers to help, but Hank says he and his lawyer will just sit down and talk with the Gardners. Boris is dubious. Once they reach the bank, Boris reveals that he owns it, and takes Hank into the vault. Hank finds out that the disease that Boris has is genetic, and that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather all died from it, at approximately the same age as Boris is now. Hank asks why Boris invited him to New York and is so concerned about his medical license. Boris says he wants Hank to stay with him as his personal physician, and help him with the progressive disease.

At Hamptons Heritage hospital, Charlie tells Jill he will sign the divorce papers but he wants ten minutes of her time. He has Jill meet him in the patient room where they first met when Jill was hospitalized. He tells her he knows she still loves him, but she says it is over and leaves.

On the sailboat, Divya continues to harangue Evan, accusing him of being selfish and only worried about money. Kylie comes over, complaining of being seasick and gets her blouse caught in some rigging. She pulls on the rope, dropping a sail and releasing a boom which strikes the captain and knocks him across the deck, breaking his ribs and causing a flailed chest. They try calling the Coast Guard, but they don't know their own location. The captain's condition worsens, and they contact Hank who is just about to meet with the Gardners. Hank talks Divya through a procedure using fish hooks and pulleys to pull his ribcage back to his chest wall. Divya and Evan accomplish the procedure as a Coast Guard helicopter arrives.

Boris congratulates Hank and advises him to accept his lawyer's help. As Hank declines and leaves on a walk, Boris removes a syringe from his briefcase and gives himself an injection. Boris is out walking in Battery Park talking with his lawyers when he experiences disorientation. He dismisses his lawyers and calls Hank, telling him he is blind. Hank arrives and finds rashes on his arm and neck. Hank figures out Boris has given himself injections and deduces that is what the shark he acquired was for. Boris comes clean and says he is trying to regulate his immune system. Hank gives him some steroids to decrease his body's inflammatory response, and tells him the blindness and other symptoms will go away as the foreign proteins leave his body. Boris tells Hank that his medical license is safe, but he won't say for certain how that was accomplished.

Charlie shows up in Jill's office with the divorce papers, but they are not signed and he asks for one more chance. He tells her she is the only one he ever loved, kisses her and leaves. Hank stops by and tells her the trip to New York made up his mind that he wants to stay in the Hamptons once the Summer was over, and wants to be with her. She says she doesn't think she can be with him right now because she has to figure things out with Charlie.

At home, Hank receives a visit from Boris who gives him a file on his medical history. The documents are in German, and Boris says he never promised treating him would be easy. The episode ends.

Written by pentar on May 4, 2016

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