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Constant Cravings Recap

In the station, Xavier is sparring with Wynonna, seeing how can she fight without the Peacemaker. He finally knocks her down and she comes back for more. This time she drops him, and then cheers. Xavier admits that he’s impressed, and figures that she’s limber for a reason. He doesn’t believe her claim that she’s been doing yoga. Wynonna checks Fish’s photo and tells Xavier that she’ll try and identify the last two members of the Seven, and invites him to dinner. Xavier says that he has to clean up, and she tells him to loosen up. As she goes, Xavier looks at his hand shaking and tries to steady it.

A hiker is heading down the road and rolling a joint when he hears someone laughing. He looks around and something races out of the woods and rips off his head.

Doc meets Bobo at the dig site near the trailer park and complains that Constance wasn’t at the address Bobo gave her. Bobo says that she was last he knew and now she’s on the wind. He figures that Constance ran because of Doc, and Doc says that it’s because she knows he plans to kill her. As the other revenants move on, Bobo says that he’s close to getting what he wants but can’t turn it up. Doc doesn’t care, saying he’s found better allies, and Bobo grabs him by the throat. And Doc pulls a gun on him. Bored, Bobo tells Doc to get dead, and Doc says that the only death that scares him didn’t take. With that, Doc walks away. Bobo glares at the few revenants and wonders where the others are, and the foreman Torque says that the others didn’t show up for work. The leader figures that they need some motivation, takes control of Torque’s body, and has him drill a hole in his own head.

Wynonna and Waverly are eating at the diner, and Waverly gets a photo from Hardy. Waverly admits that he’s hot and Wynonna tells her that she can do better. When her sister figures that she’s having sex with someone, and it might be Xavier, Wynonna insists that it isn’t. A waitress, Heddie, comes over and complains that she never sees Waverly. Waverly says that she’s been busy with work and Wynonna’s back in town, just as Heddie’s mother Mama calls her over to get some plates. Heddie points out that someone has been playing pranks on Mama, and Wynonna feigns innocence. Once Heddie leaves, Waverly figures that someone will understand what how beautiful her soul is. Wynonna shows Waverly the photo and points out that one of the remaining Seven has a neck tattoo. Waverly says that it’s an old cattle brand, and there’s someone who can identify it, but nobody goes out there.

The next day, Wynonna and Xavier go to see the man, the Blacksmith. He’s an artist, and as they approach Wynonna steps on a land mine. Xavier stops her just in time, and the masked Blacksmith comes out holding a red-hot poker. The Blacksmith, Xxx, takes off her mask and complains that she can feel Wynonna’s negative energy, well aware that she’s an Earp. They explain that if she doesn’t help them then she’s going to help things much worse than an Earp. Xxx tells them to come in and that the land mine is a dud, and Wynonna quickly steps off.

Inside the workshop, Wynonna shows Xxx the poster. Xxx explains that it’s a livestock brand from the late 1800s, and shows them her collection of old brands, registered and unregistered. Those who are marked did not choose it themselves, and says that the Tate family were cattle rustlers. The Blacksmith doesn’t know of any Tates in the area, and figures that Xavier is in pain. He denies it, but she says that his soul is being torn and he has to protect it. The Blacksmith offers to make a salve, but Xavier says that he’s fine and they leave.

At the homestead, Waverly and Hardy are unloading Curtis’ things. Hardy says that Curtis was into history like Waverly. She finds a letter in Curtis’ handwriting, and there’s a poem on the paper. Wynonna comes out and tells Hardy to keep his hands off of Waverly, and asks her sister if she’s found any Tate castle rustlers in her research. Waverly knows that they eventually went legit and became Taton Hill Farms, an organic operation. Hardy unpacks a Harley and Wynonna stares at it in appreciation. Waverly points out that Curtis stipulated that the bike goes to Wynonna, and Wynonna starts caressing it.

Doc arrives and talks to Wynonna in private. She insists that there is no “we,” and Doc hastily agrees. He then asks her to arrange a meeting for him with Xavier.

At the station, Xavier is talking to his superiors. He checks a vial and says that he needs more because he’s diluting what he has to make it last. As he hangs up, Wynonna enters the office and Xavier goes out. She has Doc with him, and Wynonna leaves them to talk. Doc admits that he needs Xavier’s help to track down Constance, who left him in the well. In return for Xavier’s help, Doc will provide information on Bobo. Xavier wants evidence to use against Bobo, and Doc offers his hand. The deputy marshal reluctantly shakes it, and Doc notices that he has sweaty palms. Unimpressed, Xavier tells him that he has a day to deliver, and Doc leaves. Wynonna comes back and Xavier says that they’ve come to an agreement.

At the Taton Hill farm, a man is inside chopping up organs. Meanwhile, Wynonna and Xavier drive up and Xavier says that they need a live one so that he can give HQ proof of revenant activity. He snaps at Wynonna, telling her to take things seriously, She points out the masked revenant on the porch, who is apparently the Seven member in the photo, Herman Tate. Herman throws a cleaver and runs, but the duo easily catches him and he says to leave them alone. Xavier tells Wynonna to lower the Peacemaker, but Wynonna says that Herman killed her father and dragged Willa out, Herman hopes that Ward burns in Hell, and Wynonna shoots him. Furious, Xavier goes through what Herman dropped and finds a mummified human hand. Something howls nearby, and Wynonna realizes that someone was with Tate.

The agents go through Tate’s house, and Wynonna finds a family album. It’s a scrapbook of his victims over the decades.

At the dig site, Doc sneaks in posing as a worker. He slips away and breaks into a shed, unaware that Bethany is watching him. Inside the shed is a pair of partially-completed skeletons. Bethany comes in behind Doc and flirts with him, but Doc wants to know about the skeletons. She says that Bobo has been digging them up for years as part of a deal with Constance, and Doc tells Bethany to stay away from him. When he tries to touch them, Bethany warns that Bobo will kill him if he finds out that Doc was there. Doc promises to shoot her if she tells Bobo anything, and a disgusted Bethany walks out.

At the station, Xavier is analyzing the hand while Wynonna tries to determine why Tate laid low for several years without killing anyone. The deputy marshal ‘s hand shakes briefly and he gets control of himself. He tells Wynonna that the bone marrow in the hand was cleaned out by something unnatural. There are human bite marks on the arm, and the marks are woman-sized.

Bethany is walking down the road when a van pulls up. When Bethany walks up the cab, the driver yanks her in and blood flows. After a moment, the van drives away.

At the saloon, Waverly tries to decipher the poem. It refers to Curtis’ regular stool, and it talks about Curtis’ beautiful mug. Waverly notices a mirror on the wall.

At the Tate farm, Wynonna and Xavier review the crime scene. They head for the nearby line of trees, and Wynonnanotes that Xavier has fever sweats. She feels head and realizes that he’s not even warm. Xavier ignores her concern as they find a hatch in the middle of a field. There’s a cellar below and they go down to check it out. There’s a room laid out, and a chair that looks just like the one in the photo at the diner... of Mama. There are manacles, and Xavier figures that Mama was imprisoned there. Something above howls, and Wynonna looks up to see man wearing a bandana.

At the saloon, Waverly keeps working on the poem. There’s a reference to a song, and Waverly sees a nearby piano reflected in the mirror. When she plays the tune that Curtis used to singer her, a hidden compartment in the piano opens. There’s a box inside containing a human skull. In the mouth is a note from Curtis, telling Waverly that she’s now the keeper of the bones. He wants her to tell no one but the Blacksmith. Waverly figures that Curtis believed in her. Hardy wants to have sex, but Waverly wants more. She tells Hardy that they’re done and she has work to do.

As Wynonna and Xavier chase the figure something attacks Xavier. Meanwhile, Wynonna tackles her opponent and manages to rip off her mask, revealing that it’s Heddie. Heddie says that Tate was her brother, and insists that she had nothing to do with the victims. Her eyes glow red as Mama howls, and Heddie tells Wynonna that Mama is starving. Wynonna checks back on Xavier and discovers that he’s gone.

Waverly goes to the Blacksmith with the skull and a bottle of wine, and explains that Curtis left her the skull. The Blacksmith recognizes it and escorts Waverly inside.

Heddie leads Wynonna back to the cellar, and offers her Mama. The cellar door is locked, and Wynonna asks for the key.

At the Blacksmith’s workshop, the Blacksmith performs a ritual on the skull bonding it to Waverly. She figures that Constance will be coming for her and looks for salt to make protection. The Blacksmith says that Waverly is in danger now as well.

Xavier wakes up in the cellar and Mama tells him to say his prayers.

At the Tate farmhouse, Heddie and Wynonna look for the keys. Heddie explains that her father left them and Mama put all of the money into a restaurant and hotel.

Xavier tries to convince Mama that he can take her somewhere where she’ll be safe. She insists that she’s no fragile young woman and charges at him.

Heddie explains that during one winter, the food supply dried up and they ate the hotel guests.

Mama boasts that she loved the taste.

Heddie tells Wynonna that Wyatt came to town to investigate the missing people. Tate insisted that they protect Mama.

Mama says that Herman was a good son, and Heddie was useless.

Heddie says that she just wants to live as a girl, but Mama dressed her like a man. She and Herman were practically twins, and had the tattoo removed with laser surgery. Heddie finds the key and they head back to the cellar.

Mama moans in hunger pains, and Xavier says that Herman can’t bring her food any more. Furious, Mama lunges at her.

Wynonna struggles to open the door.

After taking a bite out of Xavier’s arm, Mama cowers back in fear and says that he’s spoiled. Wynonna gets the door open and tells Xavier to toss her the cuffs. Once he does, Wynonna handcuffs Heddie to the door and then jumps down. Mama says that Heddie was the one who wanted Ward dead, and goes for her. Wynonna sends her back to Hell. Heddie rips the door off and heads back to the house.

Wynonna easily catches up to her, and points out that Heddie left out the part about her wanting Ward dead. Heddie says that every time an Earp came of age, Mama became ravenous and killing the Heir was the only way to assuage the hunger pains. Wynonna realizes that Heddie is the sixth, and Heddie draws a knife. She says that the curse won’t end until Wynonna dies, and Wynonna shoots her. Xavier comes up and congratulates Wynonna on a good job, and tells her to come with him so he can get his gun.

Later in the city, Xavier meets with a nerdy man on a park bench. The man gives Xavier a case and warns that he’ll be in trouble if they find out he smuggled it out of the lab. He advises Xavier to undo whatever he did to get himself cut out, and warns that the people in charge want results. The man tells Xavier not to call him again and walks away. Xavier goes back to the station and finds Doc waiting for him. Doc says that he couldn’t get close to Bobo, and Xavier says that the deal is off. The resurrected gunfighter realizes that Xavier is addicted, but Xavier tells him to leave and to leave Wynonna alone. He says that he knows what Doc really is: the enemy.

Later, Doc tracks down Wynonna at the homestead barn where she’s tuning up the Harley. He admits that he doesn’t trust Xavier, but Wynonna insists that she does. Doc asks her if she’s getting what she wanted, and she says that when she doesn’t, it doesn’t make her happier. She says that she’s had happiness before, and while it doesn’t stick, friends do. Doc agrees to be friends, and Wynonna says that she’s better traveling solo... for now.

Shaking, Xavier opens the case and injects himself with the drug. The shaking stops and Xavier’s eyes briefly turn yellow.

Written by Gadfly on May 7, 2016

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