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Only You Recap

At the diner, Regina sits alone mourning Robin's death. Nearby, everyone offers a toast to the fallen hero. Mary Margaret and David finally join Regina and tell her that she doesn't have to go through it alone. Zelena says that her sister won't have to come through it alone, and David says that what she went through with Hades can't be easy. As the Charmings leave, Henry sits at the counter and watches. Violet comes offer and takes Henry's hand, and says that she was afraid she'd never see him again after he went to the Underworld.

Emma and Hook walk to the diner for the wake, and Emma suggests that Hook wait outside. She figures Regina may not take it well if she learns that Hook came back from the dead when Robin couldn't.

Gold takes Pandora's Box to the clock tower and promises to find another way to wake Belle since Maurice refused. He takes out the Olympian Crystal and draws upon its power.

Emma enters the diner and approaches Regina. Regina doesn't want to see her, but Emma says that she has something delicate to say to her. Magic reigns down on the town and the ground shakes, and Hook runs in. He says that he's back and Regina tells Emma that neither one of their matters matter since gold is the only one powerful enough to do what just happened.

The group goes to the clock tower and Zelena realizes that part of the Olympian Crystal survived. Regina confirms that Gold cast a tethering spell to harness the town's magic to wake Belle. Hook warns that Gold won't release the Crystal once he brings back Belle, and Emma suggests that Regina sit it out. As Henry listens, Regina points out that they followed Emma to the underworld when she was upset, but they sideline her when she is upset. Henry tries to interrupt, but Regina says that she'll fix it on her own and teleports away. Emma tells Henry to go to her place and stay safe, and they'll do with it.

At the pawnshop, Henry is taking some money from Gold's safe when Violet comes in response to his text. Henry says that magic is the cause of everything bad that has happened to everyone in Storybrooke. Violet says that her mother died because of magic, and Henry invites Violet to join him on a quest so that he can fix it. She agrees and Henry' gets the Pen and says that he's going to use it for the greater good. He then writes the first sentence of their quest and the Crystal appears in his hand. When Violet wonders why they're taking it out of Storybrooke, Henry sys that they're going to destroy the magic of Storybrooke once and for all.

The next morning at the loft, everyone has gathered to coordinate the search for Gold. Regina comes in and says that Henry is missing, and they get his text saying that he's going to destroy the source of all their problems. Gold comes in and explains that Henry stole the crystal. He warns that if Henry succeeds, he will destroy Storybrooke, and teleports away to deal with Henry's threat. Regina leaves as well and Emma goes after him. She says that they have to be smart about finding Henry, and says that she knows how to find Henry. Regina reluctantly agrees to let her come, and Emma says that she has a GPS app on Henry's phone. He's heading for Boston.

On the streets, Merida and the others find the heroes and ask how they'll get back to the Enchanted Forest if Henry destroys magic. Zelena takes out her wand and she creates a portal door.

In Boston, Emma and Regina discover that Henry hid his phone under one of the seats. Regina tosses the phone in a garbage can and it explodes into flames, and they realize that the magic from the Crystal is spreading into the real world. Emma points out that Gold's magic works as well and they have to find Henry before Gold does.

Henry and Violet get off the bus in New York City.

Merida, the dwarves, and the Merry Men pass through the portal. Little John worries that they're leaving without saying goodbye to Regina, and Zelena assures them that Zelena would want Roland to grow up in Sherwood Forest. Roland gives Zelena a feather from one of Robin's arrows for Regina, and she hugs her aunt before going with the Merry Men. Once everyone is through, Zelena tries to close the portal. It refuses and spreads outward, pulling Zelena, David, Mary Margaret, and Hook in. They find themselves in a forest on the edge of a vast chasm. There's a building on the other side, and they realize that they're no longer in Storybrooke.

Regina tells Emma to give her her hand. She pricks Emma's finger with a needle and uses her blood on a map to cast a spell to show them where Henry is. The blood trails points to New York and the women head out.

Gold arrives at the toll leading into New York. When operator asks for his money, Gold chokes him with a spell, opens the toll gate, and drives in.

After getting hot dogs, Henry shows Violet around. She wonders why they're there, and Henry explains that his father wanted to destroy magic because it tore apart his family. Neal was in New York to find a way to protect himself if his father Gold found him. He died before he could, but kept everything he found in his journal. They go to Neal's apartment to find the book.

In the new land, the group tries to work out where they are. The wand is broken, and Zelena says that she can't fix it without the proper potion. If they don't find the necessary components and Henry destroys magic, they'll be cut off from Storybrooke for good. A Groundsman is tending to the plants, and he tries to run when he sees them. Hook grabs him, and the Groundsman says that he's not supposed to talk to the strangers. He insists that they're not supposed to go there, and has never heard of Storybrooke. The Groundsman says that magic is dangerous, and if he helps them then he'll be punished. An Orderly, Poole, comes out and shocks the heroes unconscious with a blast of power.

Later, the heroes wake up inside a cage in the building. The bars are enchanted against Zelena's magic, and the wand is broken. The Warden comes in and accuses them of attacking the Groundsman, and says that all they need to know is that they will be answering his questions. He asks why they are there, and doesn't believe them when they say that they want to come home. The Warden asks what the Dark One wants, and grabs Hook by the throat when he questions him. David can't break his grip, and Mary Margaret says that Gold is their enemy and tried to take magic to save the woman he loves. The Warden releases Hook, and David insists that they have nothing to do with the grudge the Warden has with Gold. Their captor says that the best way not to worry about something is to lock it into a cage, and walks away.

Emma and Regina go to Robin's apartment, and they realize that Henry and Violet was there. They check the laptop and Emma brings up the search history, while Regina looks around. She finds one of Robin's books, one that she gave to him, and finds a letter inside from Robin to her. Emma says that Regina has to read it, and Regina reluctantly does so. In it Robin says that he's proud of Regina, and knows that she'll always be the heroine no matter what separates them. Emma apologizes about not being there for her at the wake, and Regina says that she got mad because the Evil Queen is inside her always trying to get out. She tells Emma that she doesn't understand because she was pulled back before the darkness consumed her. The darkness consumed Regina and she has to live with every day, and it's exhausting. Her first impulse was to rip Hook's throat out because he survived and Robin didn't. Regina hates every moment of doing good because it always leads to loss for her. Emma points out that she fell in love with Robin and was happy, but Regina notes that it didn't work out.

She made a choice years ago when she refused to forgive Snow, and the unspeakable things she did will always hang over her. Emma assures her that she's been a hero, but Regina says that it doesn't matter because she's cursed with knowing the difference between good and evil. If she reverts, she loses everyone she loves. If she tries to be good, then she has to live with her past darkness and its well-deserved consequences. Emma says that she believes in Regina, and Regina says that's because she's good. However, she'd rather suffer then see the pain on her friends, and she's trapped as a result.

The search history comes up, showing that Henry went to the Midtown Library. As they discuss why Henry went there, Gold listens at the door.

Henry and Violet arrive at the library and the librarian takes them to the research area. Neal's journal said that he had an appointment they go through the books, Henry finds multiple copies of the Storybook. He goes through them and finds stories he's never seen before. Violet suggests that all of the stories are real.

David confirms that Hook is all right, and David breaks a bench to get a piece of wood. The Groundsman comes in and says that he's there to help them. He says that Poole has the keys, but he can get the magic they need if they promise to take him with them. The Groundsman says that he was a doctor before the Warden took control and made him a prisoner. He can't take anything from the hospital lab and asks for the wand pieces. David grabs him and Mary Margaret asks the Groundsman why they should trust him. The Groundsman says that he wants to get away from the Warden as much as they do, and Mary Margaret figures that it's the only plan they have. Zelena hands over the wand pieces and the Groundsman leaves.

At the library, Henry finds nothing about destroying magic. Violet takes his hand and assures him that it wasn't for nothing, and assures Henry that she'll figure it out. She sees a case of relics and tells Henry that Neal never finished his quest because he never visited Camelot. Violet's tutor taught her that the Holy Grail is the source of all magic, and it looks like one of the relics in the case. Henry breaks the case open and sets the Grail near the Crystal, and it starts to glow and tremble. He picks up the items and goes to the door, only to find Gold waiting. Gold puts them both to sleep with magic and takes the Crystal.

The Groundsman sneaks into the lab and goes to work mixing a potion. He then electrifies it and reassembles the wand, just as Poole comes in. The Groundsman claims that the Warden wanted him to fix it, but Poole doesn't believe him and easily subdues him. He feeds the Groundsman a potion and says that it's time to see the Warden. The Groundsman screams in pain and transforms into the Warden. Poole says that the Groundsman got the wand from the prisoners. The Warden realizes that Poole injured the Groundsman, and says that he knows the rules: no one hurts Dr. Jekyll except him. Hyde wonders why Jekyll was brave enough to come there and picks up the wand. He figures that Storybrooke may be the answer that they're looking for, and it's time to escape and find themselves a home. Hyde decides to let Jekyll continue with his plan, but figures that they will all go with him.

Emma and Regina arrive at the library and wake Henry and Violet up. Henry explains that Gold has the Crystal, and tells Regina that magic took away her chance to be happy. Regina assures him that the evil Queen is never coming back, and Henry accuses Emma if not believing in Regina. Every time that it looks like they could be happy, magic wrecks it. He refuses to let magic take either of his mothers, and he came to the library to follow Neal's trail. Henry claims that they didn't find anything, and they figure that they have to find Gold. Regina uses the blood spell but it doesn't work. They realize that Gold did something to the crystal.

Gold goes to a hotel suite and lets himself in.

Hyde uses the wand to summon a portal, and tells Poole that he's taking something that will give them the power they need.

In the hotel suite, Gold takes out Pandora's Box and says that everything he's done is for Belle and their child. Then he will show her the world. The building shakes and a portal opens. Gold grabs the Crystal but the portal opens, swallowing up Pandora's Box.

The Box drops into Hyde's hands, and he says that who is inside the Box is their leverage to force Gold to do whatever he says.

Written by Gadfly on May 16, 2016

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