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Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles Recap

Firefly tries to hit Selena, who ducks between the obstacles in the testing room. Hugo watches from the observation booth and tells Firefly to enjoy herself, and then leaves with Peabody. Selena tries to stay one step ahead of her former friend, and Firefly insists that Selena is a sacrifice to the Goddess of Fire. As she looks around, Selena drops down behind her and knocks her out.

Bruce goes to the rooftop where Selena takes care of Bridgit's birds. Ivy comes up and says that she hasn't seen Selena, and Bruce tells her that Selena is in trouble and it's her fault. With that, he takes off to find her.

At the station, Harvey tells the press that Azrael was blown up by a person or persons unknown at Wayne Manor. He admits that identification is difficult, and says that he's only acting captain until someone wants the job. Harvey feigns ignorance as to who killed Azrael, and then goes to the captain's office. Jim is there and tells him that he has to bring in Hugo. Harvey points out that he has no charge to press against Hugo, and his hands are tied. Jim says that his aren't and walks out.

Bruce enters the station and tells Jim that Hugo has Selena.

A white-haired woman sees a newscast about Azrael's death and makes a call. She says that Hugo is losing control and they need to gather the Court.

At Arkham, Hugo and Peabody monitor the resurrection of another prisoner. The subject, Basil, wakes up but has no idea who he is. Basil realizes that his skin is stretchable, and Hugo is satisfied that the octopod DNA they introduced is working as intended. He leaves with Peabody, who notes that Hugo has woken up seven subjects in the last 12 hours. Hugo isn't worried, and Peabody warns him that their employers are going to shut them down. None of them have returned with their memories intact, and Hugo figures that it's better that the subjects have personas that they design and control. Peabody warns that their employers don't care, but Hugo says that it's time to resurrect Subject 13: Fish Mooney.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce, Alfred, and Jim meet with Lucius. Alfred complains that Bruce involved Selena and put her in danger as a result. Bruce insists that Selena is still in Arkham, and Lucius figures that she's in the lab where Hugo created Azrael. They figure the lab is beneath Arkham and Lucius figures that Hugo is using plutonium isotopes. He's developed a miniature Geiger counter and if he can get into Arkham, then he can find the entrance. Bruce says that he'll ask for a tour from Hugo, figuring that Hugo won't see him and Lucius as threats. Alfred refuses, but Bruce insists that it's his responsibility to save Selena. Lucius promises to protect Bruce, and they'll call Jim. He'll have Harvey come in with his men and Jim will use the distraction to find Selena. Lucius says that he can get Jim inside the gate, and Jim says that he'll get into Arkham from there.

Hugo and Peabody prepare to inject cuttlefish DNA into Fish, and boost the electrical charge to her brain. Once Hugo leaves, the two scientists go to work.

In Arkham, Edward is locked up with a cannibal, Stirk, who is chained to the opposite wall. Peabody stops by and warns Edward that Stirk has been known to eat people but has promised to stop. Edward begs her to let him out, and Peabody says that he should have considered that before he tried to escape. As she goes, Edward asks how she's going to stop Jim. He says that Jim and the GCPD know that they're making monsters in the basement, and tells Peabody to tell Hugo that if he wants to stop Jim then he'll need Edward's help. Smiling, Peabody walks away.

In the underground facility, Fish comes back to life. She wakes up and the scientists send for Hugo.

As Bruce prepares to leave, Alfred tells him that he's going to go to Harvey if he doesn't hear back from Bruce in an hour. Bruce insists that he has to do it, and Alfred says that he could fly Bruce away but he won't. However, he won't. He says that Bruce is no longer the boy that Thomas left behind two years ago, and says that Thomas took responsibility for his actions. Alfred won't stop Bruce from doing the same. He steps aside and tells Bruce to go, and Bruce joins the others.

Hugo greets Fish, who says nothing. When he tries to tell her that she's a war goddess, Andraste, Fish says that her name is Fish Mooney and demands to know what is going on.

Later, Hugo and Peabody lock Fish up and watch her on the monitors. She says that they're making a mistake keeping her imprisoned, but the two scientists just laugh. Hugo doesn't know why Fish kept her memories, and figures that their masters will be pleased because they've created the first true reanimant. As for Edward, Hugo agrees to let him go to stop Jim. The guards call to say that Bruce and Lucius are at the gate asking for Hugo. Intrigued, Hugo goes to see them.

The guards let Bruce and Lucius in, and Hugo greets them. He says that Thomas was very dear to him, and offers his condolences. Hugo offers his hand, and after a moment Bruce shakes it. Bruce believes that it is his duty to make sure his parents' money is spent, and Hugo agrees to let Lucius look around while Bruce talks to him. The scientist says that Peabody will escort Lucius around and then escorts Bruce to his office. Lucius opens the car's trunk where Jim is hiding, says that he'll mark anything that he finds, and tells Jim that he's clear.

Jim goes in dressed as a guard using his old badge. He bluffs his way and the guard lets him pass without incident.

Peabody shows Lucius the rec room and he uses the miniature Geiger counter to scan for the isotopes.

In Hugo's office, Hugo asks Bruce what the real reason for his visit is. He points out that Jim asked about his work with Thomas a decade ago, and Bruce explains that Jim doesn't share everything with him. Bruce apologizes if Jim overstepped his boundaries, and Hugo figures that Bruce wants someone to blame for his parents' death. They agree that there is someone to blame, and Hugo offers Bruce tea.

Peabody takes Lucius into the lower levels, and she notices the Geiger counter. Lucius claims that it monitors air quality, and Peabody keeps going. The device registers radiation in the hallway with the hidden elevator, and Lucius marks the floor with chalk before moving on.

Hugo tells Bruce that he reminds him of Thomas because of his certainty. He explains that Thomas had morals, and asks if Bruce ever imagined the life he could have had if Thomas had listened and was still alive. Hugo asks if Bruce would trade everything he believed for one more day with his parents, and Bruce asks if he admits what he did. The scientist says that he was Thomas' friend, and he pleaded with Thomas to turn back. He pleads with Bruce to make the choice that Thomas didn't.

Jim goes to the lower levels and finds Lucius' chalk mark.

Hugo says that Thomas orphaned Bruce because of his actions. He knew what he was doing and did it anyway, and Hugo begs Bruce not to follow Thomas' path. Bruce says that he wishes his parents were alive and he'd give anything to have them back. However, he insists that Thomas fought and died for what he believed in, and so will he. Hugo goes to the intercom and tells the guards to take them. The orderlies immediately capture Lucius and Jim, and men come to take Bruce away as he demands to know where Selena is.

In the test area, Selena tries to burn through the door with Firefly's flamethrower. Firefly wakes up and spots a spare flamethrower nearby.

A guard brings Fish lunch, and slips the tray through the window. Fish comes over and grabs his hand, and tells him to make her a grilled cheese sandwich. Her hand glows and the guard walks off, entranced.

As Hugo watches the three prisoners in their separate cells, Peabody warns that someone will come looking for Bruce. She figures that Hugo likes Bruce, and Hugo admits that the boy reminds him of Thomas. The White-Haired Woman appears on a monitor, wearing a mask, and tells Hugo that they need to talk. Peabody leaves, and Hugo insists that everything is under control. The Woman doesn't believe him and says that he has failed at his core objective. Hugo says that he has succeeded in bringing someone back with their memories intact, and he tells the Woman that he can repeat the process given time. The Woman tells Hugo to find out what his captives know, moving everything to the upstate facility, and blow up Indian Hills.

The guard enters Fish's cell with a grilled cheese sandwich, and she realizes that the man is under her control. He walks out, locking the door behind him, and Fish looks thoughtfully at her hand.

As Selena tries and fails to get through the door, Firefly grabs the flamethrower and prepares to kill Selena. She insists that goddesses don’t have friends, and Hugo told her who she is. Selena reminds her friend that they used to feed the pigeons together, and Firefly hesitates. She remembers killing her brothers, and promises that Selena will burn bright. Selena has no choice but to fire the flamethrower, but Firefly's suit protects her. Surprised, Selena offers herself as a servant and says that it's part of the story. Firefly finally agrees and walks away.

At the station, Alfred visits Harvey and says that Bruce and the others are in trouble. Harvey figures that Jim is forcing his hand, and says that the acting captain can do a little better. He has his officers arm themselves and orders them to go in and get their guys.

In his cell, Bruce paces until Lucius is shoved in. The boy apologizes for getting Lucius into trouble, and says that he doesn't mind dying. He's worried that he got Jim and Lucius involved, and Lucius says that they chose. Unsatisfied, Bruce blames himself for doing the same thing his father did. Lucius says that Thomas had the courage of his conviction, and as long as there's life, there's hope. Edward addresses them over the loudspeaker and says that Jim has his own problems.

The guards drag Jim to the lab and Hugo says that Bruce is alive for now. Jim warns that people are on their way to stop Hugo, and Hugo says that a solution has presented itself. The orderlies put a helmet on Jim's head and then pour a solution in the top.

Edwards tells the captives that Hugo has ordered him find out what they know and who they've told. If they don't tell him then poison gas will fill the cell and they will both die painfully. Lucius recognizes Edward's voice and says that Edward framed Jim. Edward gives them five minutes to talk and sets a timer.

The orderlies open the helmet and Jim sees Basil sitting across from him. Hugo says that Basil is a gifted performer, and tells Jim that he was pushing the boundaries of science while Jim and his people are stuck in the past. The orderlies put the helmet on Basil and activate it, and Basil convulses.

The GCPD officers drive to Arkham.

Lucius pounds on the door of the cell while Bruce looks up at the ceiling.

Firefly has Selena give her the flamethrower, and then she blasts the door open.

Fish looks at her hands and contemplates her new power.

The orderlies remove the helmet, revealing that Basil's face has shifted to look like Jim. Hugo laughs and puts a wig on Basil, and Basil says that he's Jim Gordon.

Written by Gadfly on May 17, 2016

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