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Spasticity Recap

The episode begins with a quick recap of last season's finale where HankMed was left bankrupt due to Hank and Evan's father (Eddie) stealing money from the company. Divya Katdare meets with Boris and tries to call Hank to let him know of the meeting, but he ignores the call. Apologizing to Boris for Hank’s unavailability, Divya leaves and attends another patient, Spencer. Spencer’s arm is acting up and it is tense. After the examination, she prescribes Ativan to him. Spencer wants to know if there is a Hank in HankMed and realizes that he is “playing hookie” too.

Hank tries to call Evan but it goes to straight to voicemail. Later, Evan says that their father is going to the bank to give back the money that he took, but that was 2 hours ago. Hank doesn’t want to believe it and calls Evan a sucker. Hank questions Divya about the location of a a green folder and she jokes about him not calling to let her know that he was not going to show up for Boris nor Spencer. Divya says that she worries about Hank but not so much about Evan. Hank wants to know how broke they are after their recent loss of money. She tells him that if they don’t get some money fast, then they are in trouble. Divya blames Evan because of her paycheck bouncing. Divya doesn’t want to talk with Hank about her engagement and they leave.

Evan is asleep on the couch at the hotel when Divya calls. She calls to let him know that she can’t understand his handwriting and that he needs to return. She also tells him that she went through with her engagement after all. Hank meets with Boris and tells him that he had issues with family and that he lost his file. He apologizes that he missed the appointment but Boris is not really interested until Hank reads the file. At Hampton’s Heritage Hospital, Dr. Blair is attending to a patient when Jill Casey enters. They talk about how the patients might be happy with the changes and help that they are getting, but the doctors are not. Dr. Blair tells Jill that something has to be done about Jill sleeping with doctors and making them leave.

Hank asks Divya what they are going to do about their financial situation. A rejuvenated Evan appears and says that they don’t need to worry about numbers because that is his area, and he has a plan. The first step is to face reality. Spencer Fisher calls and tells them he has had an accident. They rush over to see what is going on. Evan shows up in a “hey check me out” car and Hank is disgusted. We find out that Spencer is an infomercial guy called “Spencer Spazz” and that he is the one that promotes products on television. They enter his home but Spencer is nowhere to be found. Spencer yells “Follow the lights!” and floor lights illuminate, making a path leading to Spencer, who is trapped.

Spencer is freed from his predicament only to discover that he has thrown out his back. They lower him onto the ground and Hank gives condolences for his father. Evan compliments Spencer on all the products that were created and Spencer says that they’re his dad’s and that he only marketed them. Hank runs some tests on Spencer and finds out that he only had a back spasm. Evan pushes a button and they get sealed in the room. Hank and Divya stare sternly at Evan and he says that the buttons were just begging to be pushed. Spencer speaks into a controller and the doors open again. Hank gives Spencer his diagnosis and tells him that he needs to take it easy. Evan shows Hank a huge medical supply room and we find out that Spencer was trying to dismantle the panic room that his father spent so much time in because it serves no purpose. Spencer tells Hank and Evan to take the medical supplies but they don’t need them, but they might know of someone who did. Back at the Hampton’s Heritage Hospital, Dr. Blair is enjoying her lunch break when Jill walks in. She accuses Dr. Blair of filing a formal complaint against her. She says that she used to turn to Dr. Blair for help in times like this. Jill says that Charles quit but Dr. Blair says he left because she slept with him. Dr. Blair continues to go on about her fling with Hank as a case of “bad judgment”. Jill says that her judgment served the hospital well and that the relationship between her and Hank is over. But a nurse walks up and says that Hank is in Jill’s office.

Jill returns to her office and tells Hank that their best surgeon, Dr. Blair, hates her and that she is “ruining the place” according to Dr. Blair. Hank says that his meeting is strictly business. Jill tells him that Charlie is gone and the divorce is final. Meanwhile, back at HankMed, Evan is making calls to secure some clients and is not having any luck. Hank and Jill are on their way to Spencer’s house to look at the medical supplies. While speaking with Spencer on the phone, Hank hears him operating power tools, something that he was instructed not to do. Upon entering Spencer’s house, they find him against the wall, with a nail through the edge of his hand. Hank gives him Lidocaine and pulls the nail out quickly. Jill is overwhelmed with the quantity of medical supplies and Hank tells Spencer not to worry about the room right now. Spencer talks about how his dad had two sides to his personality, the bright side and the paranoid side. Spencer is worried that he is going to go crazy, just like his father. Hank tells him that he just needs to stay away from the room.

Evan is still trying to make HankMed money and wants to pitch his next idea, but Hank is not interested. Divya tells Evan that he needs to let the dream go and face reality. She tells Hank that she has to go to London for her engagement. Hank visits Boris and tells him that he reviewed the file and he is ready to help, but the question is how. Boris tells Hank that he has been to many doctors with no results. Hank proposes being Boris’s primary care physician, or “quarterback”. He is going to start at the beginning to get to the root of the problem.

Evan and Divya go to Spencer’s home again on another call and they discuss her engagement on the way. They find Spencer trapped again, this time halfway in the panic room and halfway out, with the door literally crushing him. Hank rushes over and they find out that Spencer is bleeding internally as well as externally. Their plan is to quickly release the pressure from the door and then rush him to the hospital. Divya tells Hank that it is impossible to do but he disagrees. Meanwhile Jill meets with Dr. Blair to respond to the formal complaint. She says that Charles left on his own and that she didn’t fire him. Dr. Blair however, wants more then that. Jill receives a call from Hank but she ignores it. He calls again and this time texts “911”. Jill excuses herself and Dr. Blair complains by saying “What could be more important then saving her job?” Hank asks Jill to locate a M.A.S.T box, which are inflatable trousers he needs to help Spencer.

Back at Spencer's house, Evan is elected to crawl through the narrow opening and find the door release, a plan he is not happy with. After the door is released, they get Spencer out and put a bandage on the gash that is on Spencer’s side. With the inflatable pants, Spencer’s vital signs stabilize and they rush him into the ambulance. Jill has rounded up an escort to minimize the travel time to the hospital. At the hospital, an annoyed Dr. Blair states that because of the doctor shortage, she is acting chief of Emergency Services. She tells Hank that it is best for him to go with them based on all the information he gave.

Divya compliments Evan on his part in Spencer's rescue. They speak about his father, with Evan stating that he always felt under appreciated. He feels good that he gets this off his chest. Hank figures out that Mercury poisoning is the reason why Spencer’s father was paranoid and experienced liver failure. Spencer is going to be fine and doesn’t have to worry about mental illness. Later, Boris gives Hank a business card for Dr. Marisa Casseras of Cuba. Before he leaves, he gives Hank a football as a sign that he can be his “quarterback”. Evan is dropped off in his car that he just sold. He says that he is in mourning because he sold the car. They throw the pigskin around, happy that Spencer will be okay. Walking into their home, they see that they have a guest. It is Eddie R, Lawson, their father. He gives them the check that they have been waiting for and Hank punches him in the face.

Written by pentar on May 17, 2016

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