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Beginning of the End - Part Two Recap

In his cell, Nick looks at the wall and sees a Black Claw logo there. Hank and Wu come in and Nick warns that no one is safe. He tells his friends to get everyone to the bunker and they head out.

Renard goes back to his office and calls Conrad, and tells him that he had Nick arrested for assault. Conrad says that he wants to talk to Nick and will handle it without Renard’s involvement. Once he hangs up, Conrad tells Conlon and Marshall to get Nick transferred to the north precinct.

Hank and Wu go back to the squad room and Renard advises them to stay out of it. He says that there will be some serious changes and hopes that they can work through their differences. Once he leaves, Hank goes to get the others while Wu keeps an eye on Nick.

At home, Monroe makes some tea for an ill Rosalee. She’s in the bathroom looking at a positive pregnancy test. Monroe calls Nick and gets his voicemail, and Rosalee comes out and sees the two Black Claw people outside again. As Rosalee starts to tell him about her pregnancy, they hear someone breaking in. The couple goes to investigate and find Trubel. She tells them what happened and says that Eve is dealing with the men out front.

Eve approaches the truck and woges, and the men try to drive away. Their truck doesn’t start and the doors won’t open, and the two Wesen finally explode. Satisfied, Eve walks away.

Renard sits down on Rachel’s bed and tries to tell her something. He discovers that she’s dead, smothered to death in her sheets,

Everyone gathers at the bunker and Hank tells them that Nick attacked Renard. They figure that they have to get Nick out, and Hank says that he and Wu will handle that. Eve tells Monroe and Rosalee to hide anything valuable out of the spice shop, but they can’t risk moving it because Black Claw will have the place under surveillance. They decide to hide the books and weapons in the old sewer tunnel, and the couple heads out.

Adalind looks at the ring on her finger.

Renard arrives downstairs and tells Conrad that Rachel is dead. He figures that Adalind did it, but Conrad says that she didn’t know about Renard’s relationship with Rachel and doesn’t care enough about him to kill the woman if she did. The Black Claw operative figures that Diana did it and that she’s powerful enough to kill without leaving the house.

At the spice shop basement, Monroe and Rosalee hide the books in the sewer tunnel. Rosalee winces in pain briefly, and then asks what the world will be like if Black Claw succeeds. Monroe insists that they won’t succeed as long as he’s alive.

At the station, Wu and Franco deal with a wave of 911 calls. Franco heads out and Wu hangs behind to call Hank and the others. He warns thatalmost everyone at the station is gone, and Trubel figures that Black Claw is going after Nick. Hank tells Wu to lock the precinct station up.

As Wu heads for the doors, Adalind calls on Nick’s phone. Wu answers it and explains what happened to Nick and HW. Adalind asks him to tell Nick that she’s sorry and that Kelly’s good, and she loves him. Renard comes into Adalind’s room and she quickly hangs up. He tells Adalind that Rachel is dead and says that they need to talk to Diana about killing people. Renard notices the ring and asks who gave it to her, and Adalind says that Conrad is planning a wedding for them. Realizing that they can’t risk endangering Conrad’s plans, Renard says that he’ll stay in the room but sleep in the chair in the next room.

Conlon and Marshall lead their fellow Wesen officers arrive at the station to collect Nick. He lets them handcuff him and lead him out, and Marshall calls Conrad to say that they’ve got Nick. Wu stops them and says that Renard called to order him to put Nick into an interrogation room. The Wesen shove him away and woge, and Wu woges and attacks them. Hank arrives and finds Wu standing over the two dead Wesen. Wu starts to attack hank but then gains control of himself. Eve and Trubel arrive as Hank confirms that the Wesen are from the north precinct and they took Nick there.

Conlon and Marshall take Nick into the north precinct and the onlooking officers woge as they taunt the Grimm. Conrad comes in and says that they want freedom to be who they are. He wants the Grimm book since it documents every Grimm, living or dead. Black Claw needs to know who they are, and Nick says that he’s not going to help. Conrad uses his magic to torture him…

... and Nick wakes up from his nightmare. Adalind asks if he’s all right, and tells Nick to go back to sleep. When Nick goes to the crib, he discovers that Kelly is gone. Conrad is leaving with the baby, and leaves before Nick can stop him. Nick tackles Conrad’s henchman and breaks his neck, and discovers that it’s himself.

Conrad stops his torture and creates a vision of Kelly, and promises that Nick will never see his son unless he hands over the book.

Eve comes into the front desk and asks the officers on duty where Nick is. When the officers claim Nick isn’t there, Eve telekinetically forces them to aim their guns at each other and repeats her question. They say that Nick is upstairs, and the others come in and head up.

Nick warns that Adalind will never give up Kelly, but Conrad says that he’ll deal with her. The others arrive and attack the Wesen officers, and the two sides open fire. Conrad escapes out the back and eve goes after him, and they both woge. The Zauberbiest telekinetically throws a chair at Eve, who ducks and slams him into the ceiling.

Once the team finishes off the Wesen, they go after Eve.

Eve and Conrad fight hand-to-hand, and Eve telekinetically throws Conrad through a window. He telekinetically tosses the shard at her, and one of them hits her in the stomach. The others arrive and Nick and Hank help her and realize that they can’t take her to a hospital. As they head for the loft, Nick tells Trubel and Wu to get Rosalee and Monroe before Black Claw does.

Adalind wakes Renard up and says that Eve is dying, and she can sense it through their bond. Conrad comes in and orders Adalind to tellhim where Nick is. Whenshe refuses to say, Conrad telekinetically chokes her and Renard tells Adalind to talk. She finally chokes out the address and Conrad releases her, and then tells Renard that they all die that night.

Atthe spice shop, Monroe starts to panic until Rosalee calms him down. They hear someone upstairs and one of the Black Claw agents enters the basement... and falls down the stairs, dead. Trubel comes in after him and says that they have to go.

Nick and Hank take Eve to the bunker and tend to her wound. While Hank keeps pressure on the wound, Nick enters the tunnel and gets the stick.

Adalind wakes up Diana and says that she needs her to send a message to Nick and not tell anyone.

Nick puts the stick to Eve’s wound and it heals her. Eve wakes up and says that something is wrong, and then woges, screaming. She falls to the floor, convulsing, and then passes out. Nick gets her back on the bed as Monroe and the others arrive. They explain what happened and the lights flicker. Diana’s image appears and tells Nick that Conrad knows where the bunker is, and then disappears. Monroe and Trubel stand watch while Rosalee tends to Eve and the others start closing the shutters.

Diana tells Adalind that she sent the message, and realizes that someone hurt her mother. Adalind tells her daughter not to worry about it and takes her back to bed.

The Black Claw agents move in on the bunker, and Monroe and Trubel warn the others. The agents get inside and Nick orders everyone into the tunnel, and then picks eve up. She breaks into tears and wonders what’s happening to her, and Nick realizes that the stick has cured Juliette of her Hexenbiest infection.

Once everyone is in the tunnel, Nick stays behind, tells them to keep moving, and closes the door. The elevator comes up but no one is inside. The agents blast their way in through the wall and open fire, and Nick shoots back. As Nick takes them down, Conlon shots him in the back. Crawling, Nick manages to reach a knife and throw it into Conlon’s head. The Grimm then grabs an axe and attacks the other agents as they come in.

In the tunnel, the team finds a door at the end. Trubel wants to go back, but Monroe and Rosalee both tell her that they have to keep moving. Trubel says she’ll stay there with Eve and they’ll cover the others’ escape. Once they’re alone, Juliette says that she feels a lot.

As Nick hacks down several more agents, Marshall opens fire on him and Nick dives for cover. Once he runs out of bullets, Marshall grabs a machete, woges, and attacks Nick. Nick manages to knock him down, but Marshall grabs a discarded gun and shoots Nick several times in the chest. The officer woges back and calls Conrad to say that it’s over... and Nick gets up behind him and kills him as he turns.

The others split up, and Monroe and Rosalee find an opening ahead but there’s a gate barring the way. As they go back to the others, Rosalee tells Monroe that she’s pregnant. Ecstatic, Monroe says that it’s the only thing he wants to hear no matter what’s going on, and hugs his wife.

In the bunker, Nick confirms that the stick is in his pocket. Renard and Conrad come in, and Conrad woges to choke Nick. Renard grabs a machete and kills Conrad... as Diana uses her dolls to force him to do it. Conrad dies, and Nick and Renard both stare at the sword in surprise and then at each other.

Written by Gadfly on May 21, 2016

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