Beginning of the End - Part Two

With Nick in custody, Black Claw makes its move and launches attacks on the entire team. Eve is mortally wounded and the cure may be worse than the injury. Meanwhile, Rosalee tries to find the right time to give Monroe some important news.


By Gadfly on May 21, 2016

In his cell, Nick looks at the wall and sees a Black Claw logo there. Hank and Wu come in and Nick warns that no one is safe. He tells his friends to get everyone to the bunker and they head out. Renard goes back to his office and calls Conrad, and tells him that he had Nick arrested for assault. Conrad says that he wants to talk to Nick and will handle it without Renard’s involvement. Once he hangs up, Conrad tells Conlon and Marshall to get Nick transferred to the north precinct. Hank an…

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everdeen posted 3 years ago

Awesome season finale!!

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