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Keeping the Faith Recap

The episode opens with Donald Green and his agent talking about a new role that he will be doing as “The Garbage Collector”. Donald defers on the role until his sister and adviser Faith can review the script. His agent asks if he can come to her son’s birthday party as “The Garbage Collector” and Donald agrees. As Donald is driving he is pulled over by a police officer for weaving. Upon getting out of the car his size intimidates the officer. The officer asks him to take a field sobriety test. Donald’s legs tighten up and the officer, thinking he is coming at him, tazes Donald and he falls hard to the ground. Hank and Evan happen to be passing by when they notice Donald on the ground barely breathing. Hank convinces the officer that Donald is in trouble and he needs the handcuffs removed so they can get him to his feet. He then treats his abrasions and verifies he is okay.

Hank is talking to Ms. Newberg and she says that she is not going to replace his mother and that his father and her are only dating. She says that Eddie told her about the money issues and that she is not worried about it. Hank leaves to see Boris when his father arrives. At Boris’s home, Hank wants to take a sample to see which direction they should take in the treatment. He states that there are number of places that are doing good work, including Cuba. After Hank leaves, Boris goes over to his cigar case and uncovers letters that he received from the same doctor that Hank was talking about.

Evan is expecting Donald to stop by and upon answering the door, Faith is there first with Donald right behind. Faith starts rattling off his symptoms, then realizes that she should be quiet and let Donald do the talking. Evan takes Faith outside and he finds out that Faith and Donald are brother and sister. He then takes her to a restaurant and she talks about how she is always the one that takes care of things. She takes some vitamins, as she calls them, and leaves when her phone starts ringing. Her increasingly bizarre behavior has Evan thinking that he might need rescued so he calls Hank and asks him to call back in 5 minutes. Faith comes back after the phone call and has forgotten the conversation they just had.

At Donald’s home, Hank follows up and tells Donald that he is a little anemic but normal. However, Donald has his hand under hot steam and doesn’t realize that he is getting burned. Hank then goes to see Jill and asks if they have a big MRI machine for Donald. She knows of one, but it turns out to be used for horses. Back at Boris’s tennis court, Evan and Eddie R. are playing a game and Evan refuses to pick up his phone knowing that it is Faith. A delivery man arrives with medical supplies and Eddie signs for them, thinking they are for Hank. As Evan is carrying boxes in, he finds Faith there, thinking that Donald had an appointment. Faith has completely forgotten the previous day and suddenly realizes today is the day of the birthday party that Donald was supposed to go to.

At the party, Evan talks to Hank about Faith and her constant forgetfulness, but Hank doesn’t care. He meets Donald in the tent and tells him that the kids in the Hamptons have seen it all. Donald however, has a plan. Donald comes out in his “Garbage Collector” costume but the children are unimpressed. Hank plays along and throws a plastic bottle in the garbage can. They role-play which involves Hank being picked up and thrown in the trash. But before Donald can throw Hank in the trash, his legs lock and he falls backwards on Hank, and he can’t feel his legs.

Back at HankMed, Hank is walking around with bags of ice on his sore neck. Evan is making a HankMed travel pack for Faith and says that he is trapped with her. Hank blows him off and finds the boxes of medication from Germany addressed to Boris that Eddie signed for. Boris informs Hank that Eddie has been making himself at home around Boris's place and he is the one who signed for the medicine. Hank apologizes for Eddie and says it won't happen again. After Hank leaves, Boris makes a point with his assistant to find out more about Eddie R. Lawson.

Meanwhile Evan, Hank, and Divya visit Donald and Faith for a barbecue. Faith tells Evan that she has been offered a job working at a law firm. Evan is shocked that she is a lawyer and that she needs to find herself and follow her dreams. She walks away saying that she forgot to take her vitamins. Jill arrives, saying that “Donny”, as he likes to be called, invited her. Hank gets a little jealous and Jill admits that she would be jealous too if he was laughing with another girl. Hank sees that Donald is struggling a bit at the grill and offers to help. Donald asks about Faith and Evan says that she went to take her vitamins. Donald sees her over the railing, collapsed on the floor.

The party rushes to her side and Hank goes into action by unblocking her esophagus by putting a balloon down her throat and pulls out her vitamins in a clump. Hank guesses that she has had gastric bypass surgery and that she has not been following the diet. Faith confirms his suspicions and this explains why she was suffocating on her vitamins. Her memory loss was due to a lack of vitamin B1, and not staying with the recommended diet. Faith asks them not to tell Donald..

Evan enters HankMed playing the air guitar on his tennis racket. Hank says that he needs to stop playing tennis because Boris and him had a run in when Eddie signed for Boris’s packages. Evan says that Hank is only being mean to Eddie R. since he came back and that you don’t bite the goose, you pet the goose, referring to Boris. But, before Hank responds, he gets a call from Jill about Donald. Hank rushes over and finds that Donald uses adhesive cream for his dentures. The brand he uses has high levels of Zinc, explaining the low levels of copper in his system and his other symptoms. Hank prescribes that he use adhesive cream without Zinc and go on trashing the bad guys.

Faith and Donald thank Hank and Evan, telling them that their professional relationship is over and that they are keeping it brother and sister only. Hank meets Eddie R. to talk about their relationship. He thinks that Eddie should leave and Eddie tries to defend himself by telling that he was a good father. Hank responds with the fact that he walked out. But Eddie tells Hank that he is not going anywhere. Hank goes for a run and is almost hit by a car driven by an attractive woman. She tells him she has a meeting with Boris. In the last scene, she is walking with Boris while he looks over her resume. Boris is hiring her as a concierge doctor!

Written by pentar on May 21, 2016

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