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Mano a Mano Recap

The episode opens with Hank walking up to Marissa and Boris who are having tea. Boris inquires whether Hank changed his mind about staying, but Hank replies he is waiting on Evan to return. Hank reiterates his opinion about personal relationships being a conflict of interest in medical treatments.

Switch to the countryside where the old car that abducted Evan comes to a stop honking the horn. They take the hood off Evan and he sees the people who abducted him are the cigar vendor Oscar, the mysterious man, and the bartender, Carmen. Evan is concerned they were unhappy about the phone he traded for the cigars, but it turns out they grabbed the wrong man, they wanted a doctor, Hank. They show him a man with his fingers trapped in some farm machinery. Evan tells them to call for an ambulance, but they can't because “he's already dead”. Carmen drives back to Boris' estate and asks Hank to come help.

In the Hamptons, Divya gets off the phone with Hank learning that they may be delayed. She agrees to call Emily if anything comes up that she can't handle. Jill finds her and asks if she will accompany her to a concert that night to avoid getting hit on by guys, but Divya declines, saying she is on call and that is not her scene. She gets a call and leaves to see a patient, only to find Emily already there. Emily says she understands why Divya doesn't like her, she thinks Divya has no female friends. When Divya disagrees, mentioning Jill is her friend, Emily says she was wrong and that Divya's dislike is personal, and that Divya owes her an apology.

In Cuba, Evan finds out that the cigars he traded for were not authentic, essentially being scammed by Oscar. Carmen and Marcos assure Evan they will pay him back. Oscar and the mysterious man invite Evan to play Dominoes while Hank is seeing to their uncle.

Hank manages to extract the man's fingers from the machinery, and they find out he is Carmen and Oscar's uncle Marcos, who is in trouble with the government for some of his political opinions. Marcos explains that he tried to escape Cuba on a boat that sank, so the government thinks he is dead, and his niece is posting his political writings anonymously. While Hank is examining Marcos' hands, he notices splinter hemorrhages under his fingernails and other signs that lead him to believe Marcos has endocarditis, an infection of the heart, and he needs to go to the hospital. However, he cannot go to a regular hospital but Hank says he has access to a facility which will be discreet.

On the way to Marissa's facility, Evan and Oscar are dropped off to retrieve Evan's phone. The man who Oscar gave the phone to for “health insurance” does not want to return it, but is willing to play Dominoes for it. Oscar and Evan manage to win the phone back, and Evan gives it to Oscar as a present.

In the Hamptons, Divya has changed her mind and goes with Jill to the concert. They run into some of Jill's friends, who immediately want to grill her about her ex-husband, but Divya rescues her. Jill asks about Hank and Divya says she is uncomfortable talking about Hank since he is her boss. Jill says she just wanted to know where he is, and when Divya tells her, she is surprised.

Hank, Carmen and Marcos sneak into Marissa's hospital, with Carmen providing the distraction. Marcos takes the opportunity to mention that Carmen is single, but too busy to find someone. They enter the procedure room, but they need some supplies. Hank leaves to talk with Marissa, and tells Carmen to wear a lab coat and bluff if someone comes while he is away. While looking for Marissa, he finds Boris in a hospital bed, taking the next step in his treatment. Hank tells him about Marcos, and Boris begs him to take the man and the machine he needs to his place in order to protect Marissa. Hank expresses concern about Boris' condition, but he says they are taking good care of him.

They load the equipment in the car and Hank tells them to go to Boris's place and he will meet them. When he goes back into the hospital to check on Boris, he discovers a code blue in progress for Boris. Hank takes charge and gets him conscious. When Marissa comes in, Boris reiterates that Hank is in charge. He tells her that he essentially needs to reboot Boris using some of the leftover stem cells she harvested. The procedure works and Boris recovers.

Hank returns to Boris' house and does the echo-cardiogram on Marcos. The results show that they have caught his condition in time and he just needs antibiotics. Carmen expresses her appreciation and starts to kiss Hank when Marissa arrives. She is furious that Hank stole her medical equipment to help an enemy of the state. She calms down and agrees to get the medicine for Marcos once she finds out that Boris took the risk with having a dissident in his home in order to protect her.

Divya and Emily are having lunch and discussing how they are similar in that they prefer order when a young boy requires medical attention. Divya rushed to his aid, but Emily keeps eating. When Divya returns, Emily explains she has a three second rule, and only responds if no one else does. That helps her avoid unnecessary lawsuits. Divya cannot believe it and reiterates that she simply doesn't like her.

Hank does a final checkup on Boris and declares him recovered. He congratulates Marissa on the progress she is making. Boris tells him he is staying behind, but not for medical reasons. Hank and Evan climb aboard Boris' jet to return to the Hamptons. They toast and talk about their mother. Hank thanks Evan for being able to make their mother laugh, even on her deathbed.

Hank, Evan and Divya are celebrating their return, smoking some Cuban cigars when Emily walks in. She drops the bombshell that she is staying in the Hamptons and setting up her own concierge practice.

Written by pentar on May 21, 2016

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