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Nicodemus Recap

James Beales is driving down the road, a potted flower on the seat beside him. He calls Lionel and gets his receptionist, and says that Lionel is expecting him. He yells, saying that he won’t hold and that he got something. James throws the phone away in frustration and hits the accelerator, coming up on Jonathan driving on the road. He finally slams into Jonathan’s truck, screaming at him to get out of the way. James then pulls around and goes off the side of the road. Jonathan runs over and carries James to safety just in time as James’ truck explodes. The flower has landed next to Jonathan, and sprays him in the face before wilting, as Jonathan sneezes and then carries James away.

Dr. Hamilton comes to see Lex at his manor and says that one of Lex’s employees has stolen one of his experiments. It was an extinct flower, the Nicodemus. Lex wonders why Hamilton--a geologist--is focusing on flowers when he was supposed to study meteors. Hamilton explains that he irradiated the dormant seeds with meteor fragments, and insists that it’s vital for him to learn how the meteors function. The scientist gives Lex James’ name and confirms that Jonathan pulled him out of the wreckage.

Clark returns home and finds Jonathan passionately kissing Martha. When Martha gets a moment alone with Clark, she says that Jonathan has been acting strange ever since he got home. Jonathan blows off his chores and invites Clark to watch a football game for him, and breaks off a beer bottle on the counter. Lex comes in and Jonathan accuses him of wanting to sue him. He says that he doesn’t like Lex, Lionel, or Lex’s friendship with Clark. Clark and Martha both tell him it’s enough, and Jonathan walks out.

At school, Clark tells Pete what happened. Chloe comes over and asks them what their deepest desires are. She explains that Kwan wants her to get in touch with the student body so she’s taking a poll. Pete goes after an attractive girl and Lana joins Chloe and Clark. She says that her deepest desire is to climb the windmill and see the Metropolis skyline. Lana goes and Clark looks after her, and Chloe reminds him about the poll. He says that he can’t turn off his feelings for Lana, and Chloe advises him to move on.

Jonathan comes downstairs after his nap and suggests that they go to the bedroom, and she says that she has some work to do. She suggests that he apologize to Lex, but Jonathan says that he just told him the truth. Martha notices that he’s running a fever and then says that she has to go. The bank calls and leaves a message saying that his loan has been denied. Furious, Jonathan picks up the phone and complains that the community has screwed him over repeatedly, and warns the loan officer that he’s coming down and they’ll have to reject the loan in person.

Jonathan drives downtown and Clark sees his father as he screams at the pedestrian. Clark speeds to the bank where Jonathan is going inside with a shotgun. And Jonathan shoots him in the chest as they struggle for the gun. Shocked, Jonathan stares at him and then collapses.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Martha and Clark that Jonathan is suffering from severe anaphylactic shock. However, they can’t find the cause. The doctor says that James Beales showed identical symptoms, and fell into a coma an hour ago.

That night, Chloe takes Lana with her to the crash site. Chloe has heard about the crash and the medical problems with Jonathan and James. As Chloe takes photos, Lana looks around and finds a bobble-head doll from James’ truck. The Nicodemus flower shoots pollen in her face, and Lana shows her the doll when Chloe comes over. Chloe figures that there’s nothing to find and they drive off as Lana sneezes.

Lex visits Hamilton at his barn and says that two men are suffering from the flowers’ effects. He’s done some research and discovers that in 1871, a strange contagion struck the local settlement. Two hundred people died overnight, and a priest reported in a book titled The Nicodemus Diaries that they were acting out of character before they collapsed. When Lex tries to open one of the flower vials, Hamilton stops him and says that some believe the flower’s pollen is toxic but has other applications. Lex warns that if Jonathan dies than Hamilton will have bigger problems on his hands, and tells the scientist to prepare one of the flowers for shipment to Metropolis where he has specialists waiting to examine it and find a cure

At school, Whitney stares as Lana comes in wearing a skimpy dress. As everyone else stares, Lana suggests to Whitney that they blow off class. He says that he’s busy and Lana irritably says that Whitney has been no fun ever since his father got sick. Lana insists that there’s nothing wrong with her and agrees with Whitney that they should break up their relationship.

Clark is in the newspaper office when Lana comes in. He takes in her new look, and she tells him to keep his mind off of his problems by letting his friends be her friends. Clark agrees and Lana leads him to the pool. She then strips down to her underwear, asks if he wants what she wants, and dives into the water. Lana then invites him to come in, climbs out in front of him, and tells him to stop holding back. She starts to kiss him and Clark finally pulls away. He steps back and totters on the edge, and then shoves him into the pool. When Clark comes up, Lana is gone and Kwan is standing there.

Later, Clark tells Chloe what happened and figures that her behavior is related to what happened to Jonathan and James. Chloe points out that she wasn’t affected at the accident site, and Chloe checks her photos. One of them shows a glimpse of Hamilton, and they figure that he’s involved. Chloe goes to see him while Clark goes to check on Lana.

Lex is at The Talon when Lana comes in. A waitress reminds her that she’s the assistant manager, but Lana says that she’s closing early and coffee is on the house. Curious, Lex leaves his keys on the table and goes over to ask what his partner is doing. She figures that he only invested in The Talon because she asked him to, and strokes his chest. Lex removes her hand and asks if she’s feeling okay, and Lana keeps flirting with him. He asks where she’s been in the last 24 hours, and Lana shoves him and says that for once she’s not scared of life. She grabs Lex’s car keys, gets into his car, and drives away. Clark is on the street and sees her go, and speeds off after her.

Chloe arrives at Hamilton’s barn and asks why he was out in the woods. He says that he was looking for meteor fragments and insists that he wasn’t there investigating the accident scene. Chloe sees the copy of The Nicodemus Diaries that Lex left their earlier, tells Hamilton that she was in the woods partying with her friends, and leaves.

Lana drives to the windmill and gets out as Clark runs out. She says that she’s self-confident and free, and tells Clark to tell her how he really feels. She asks if he’s in love with her, but when he can’t answer, she starts climbing and tells him to come get her if he wants her. Lana gets near the top and then passes out, and Clark catches her.

The EMTs take Lana to the hospital and Clark tells Martha that she has the same symptoms. Martha says that Jonathan slipped into a coma, and Lex comes over. He assures Martha that his doctors will do everything that they can for her husband. He then apologizes to Clark, who says that it isn’t his fault.

At the school, Chloe tells Clark and Pete what she’s learned about the Nicodemus flower. The cavalry torched the settlement after the breakout, and it hasn’t been seen in a hundred years. Chloe has found one of Hamilton’s research papers where he suggests that meteor rocks can be used to irradiate dormant plant cells. She’s learned that Lex checked out The Nicodemus Diary, and Pete insists that Lex is bad news.

That night, Clark finds Lex on the street and asks if the Nicodemus Flower is involved. Lex explains that his property is built on the site of the original settlement, and denies knowing Hamilton. Clark grabs him by the arm and Lex insists that all he did was check out the library. He says that he’s doing everything in his power to fix it.

Chloe and Pete go to Hamilton’s barn and they split up to search the place. Chloe hears something break and looks for Pete, and finds the broken flower container on the floor. Pete comes up behind her and she realizes that he’s infected. When she tries to get him to the hospital, Pete says that Chloe ignores him because she only has eyes for Clark. He’s angry and jealous that Clark is hanging out with Lex, and finds Hamilton’s gun. Pete then threatens Chloe with the gun unless she gives him her car keys so he can go after Lex.

At the hospital, Martha tells Clark that James died 30 minutes ago. Clark bemoans the fact that there’s nothing he can do despite all of his abilities, and Martha talks about the first time she saw Jonathan when he was taking financial courses. Chloe arrives and talks to Clark in the hallway, telling him about Pete’s infection.

At the manor, Hamilton is showing Lex an old journal that holds a Native American cure to the infection. Pete comes in and shoots a flower vase, and says that he knows Lex was behind it all along. Hamilton tries to run and Pete shoots him. The journal falls into the fireplace, and Lex warns that if the flames reach it then Pete, Chloe, and Jonathan will all die. Pete figures that Lex is dying, and Lex tells Pete to shoot him but he’s getting the book. Hamilton knocks the gun out of Pete’s hands with a poker and Lex throws the book to the scientist.

Pete recovers the gun and shoots at Hamilton, but he runs out. Clark arrives and tells Pete to stop, but Pete insists that the world is a better place without Lex. He says that Hamilton was there, and Clark tells Pete that he was right all along. He grabs Lex and slams him against the wall, knocking him out. However, Clark then knocks the gun out of Pete’s hands at superspeed and knocks him out. Lex wakes up and realizes that it was all an act. When Clark asks if Hamilton was really there, Lex merely asks what he thinks.

The next day, Clark is at Jonathan’s bedside when his father wakes up. Martha comes in and says that the doctors recreated the cure from the journal, and Pete and Lana are already recovering. Jonathan doesn’t remember anything because of the fever. Lex watches them unseen from the doorway, and turns to go.

Chloe goes back to the barn and discovers that Hamilton and all of his equipment is gone.

Hamilton goes to the manor and Lex admits that he destroyed all of his research. Lex says that Hamilton will have closer supervision, and is going to hide him out at a research facility near Metropolis. He offers his hand, and Hamilton reluctantly shakes it.

Clark takes Lana to the top of the windmill and they look at the Metro0ppolis skyline together. She says that she’s spent the entire day apologizing to everyone, and Clark admits that he kinda liked what she was wearing. Lana wonders if she embarrassed him when she was infected, and Clark assures her that she didn’t. She asks him what it feels like to be on top of Smallville, and Clark says that he feels free.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 13, 2015

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