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Wrath of the Villains: Transference Recap

While Harvey's men surround Arkham, Harvey tells them over the radio to go in if they don't see Jim. Before the assault team can blow the gate, Jim--secretly a shapeshifted Basil--comes out and asks for a ride to the station.

In the lab in Arkham, Jim yells in frustration.

In a lower chamber, Hugo sets the bomb and tells Peabody to prepare the patients for transport to the upstate facility. Once they're done with Jim and Bruce, they'll detonate the bomb.

Edward calls to Bruce and Lucius over the loudspeaker and Lucius points out that the police know that they're there. Their captor ignores them and gives them five minutes and one chance to guess who runs Indian Hill.

Hugo returns to the lab and prepares to inject Jim with truth serum. He needs to know what Jim knows and injects the drug into Jim's neck. Hugo then points out that Jim is in a helpless situation, Jim says that he made a plan: if he doesn't check in with the GCPD by noon then they'll come after Hugo. Hugo says that he knows, and tells Jim that he did check in with the GCPD so no one is coming.

At the station, Basil/Jim tells Harvey that his investigation into Hugo was a dead-end because Hugo is connected to people they don’t want to cross. Harvey notices that "Jim" is acting strangely, and Basil/Jim says that he's sick.

Edward tells his prisoners that they have sixty seconds left and repeats his questions. Bruce finally says that Wayne Enterprises is, and Edward says that he's correct. He has one more question: who runs Wayne Enterprises?

The orderlies transfer the prisoners, and Fish reaches out through the food slot in her cell and just misses touching Peabody. Fish says who she is, and Peabody says that she's merely Test Case 13. The prisoner apologizes, saying that it's against her nature, and Peabody moves closer to say that Fish is scientific history. Fish demands that they release her, but fails to touch Peabody's hand when she turns away.

At the manor, Oswald contemplates his mother's severed head while Barbara and Butch look on. The radio announces that reports of an impending raid on Arkham and Hugo were false. Oswald hears it and remembers what Hugo did to him.

Hugo psychoanalyzes Jim about his feelings for his parents. He asks why Jim isn't with Leslie, and Jim says that he's put her through enough pain. Hugo then tells Jim to imagine that he's God, and absolves Jim of his guilt. Jim says that he feels better, and Hugo asks him who controls everything in Gotham behind the scenes. When Jim says that he doesn't know, Hugo asks if he's heard of a secret council. Jim says that he hasn't, and a satisfied Hugo thanks him. Jim says that he should have gone after Leslie, and Hugo agrees. He says that guilt is useless and love is their guide. A timer goes off, and Hugo tells Jim that he only has a few hours, and walks out.

Edward gives Bruce and Lucius thirty seconds. Bruce figures that there's some big secret, and Lucius says the board of directors. Edward tells them that he's incorrect, and refuses to give them the correct answer. He then pumps the poison gas into the chamber and laughs hysterically as the two prisoners collapse.

As he dies, Bruce relies seeing his parents die in the alleyway, and his life since then. He and Lucius wake up, and find themselves in the lab with Jim. Jim explains that Hugo drugged him, and tells Bruce that he should never have sworn to find his parents' killer.

Hugo escorts Edward through Arkham, and says that he'd have to lobotomize him if he told him who runs Wayne Enterprises. He then tells Edward that he'd be a welcome member of his staff if only Edward was sane. The orderlies lock Edward in a cell and Hugo contacts the White-Haired Woman. He tells her that his prisoners don't know the truth and their secret is safe. The Woman tells Hugo to kill them all and then continue evacuating the test subjects. She says that no more of his patients will see the light of day at any cost, and Hugo agrees.

At the station, Basil/Jim tells Harvey that Hugo's connections are powerful. Harvey asks him about the time he called from the hospital with Falcone, and asks Basil/Jim what he said on the phone. As Basil/Jim says that he doesn't remember, Alfred comes in and asks where Bruce and Lucius is. Basil/Jim tells him that they're heading back to Wayne Manor, but Alfred just came from there. The butler demand an explanation, and Basil/Jim says that it's complicated police business and winks at Harvey.

At Arkham, Selena enters the lab with several armed laboratories and orders Bruce to come over. She tells him that they're going to blow Arkham up and move upstate, and Bruce apologizes for leading her into the whole mess. He advises her to get out and call the police, and Selena says that she's controlling him. Amused, she walks out. Bruce tells Jim and Lucius that Selena will do what she likes... and there's a bomb.

The orderlies wheel the prisoners to the trucks, and Peabody enters Fish's cell. She prepares a sedative and orders Fish to give her her right arm, and Fish takes her hand. She takes control of Peabody and tells the woman that if Peabody lets her out then she'll be her friend.

As Hugo packs his files, an alarm goes off. Fish leads Peabody and two orderlies out, and Peabody admits that she doesn't know why she's doing what Fish says. Hugo figures that Fish emits some kind of psychotropic drug, He warns that if she appeared in public then it would cause an apocalypse and he can't let her go. Hugo promises to kill her as she advances on him, and then runs as she tries to touch him. Fish sends her three new minions to bring him back.

Hugo runs to the bomb and sets it for 30 minutes. Peabody grabs him and Hugo knocks her out, and finishes arming the bomb. He then hits the lockdown code to cover his escape. The doors close before Fish can escape.

At the station, Alfred tells Harvey that there's no one at the manor. Basil/Jim insists that Hugo is clean, but Harvey considers sending the strike force back into Arkham. When Basil/Jim talks him out of it, Alfred stares at Basil/Jim in confusion. Barbara comes in and asks to speak to Basil/Jim in private. He readily follows her and she asks what's going on at Arkham. Barbara explains that a friend of hers wants to know, and is surprised that he likes her again. She soon realizes that he's not Jim and slaps him, and Harvey and Alfred stares at Basil's fate... which is now distorted by the slap.

Hugo finds Mr. Freeze, Firefly, and Selena in the common room, and tells Freeze to kill the captives. When Selena objects, Hugo tells Freeze to kill her and Selena begs Firefly for help. She and Freeze open fire on each other. Selena slips out and releases Bruce and the others from the lab. As they go back through the common room, Firefly and Freeze are still at a stalemate. The loudspeaker announces that there are 15 minutes until detonation, and both combatants hesitate. Hugo tries to run, and they both open fire. He collapses and Jim goes to Hugo and tries to wake him.

Harvey orders the assault squads out, while Barbara calls Oswald and tells him that Hugo won't run because of her. Oswald thanks her and tells Butch that it's time to catch an old friend.

Jim slaps Hugo awake and tells him to take them to his secret lab. Hugo explains that he set a bomb and they have to get out, and admits that he didn't get the radioactive material out in time. He is confident that the chances of a radioactive cloud are fairly lower, and that price is better than what would be released. Jim orders him to show him the bomb and how to shut it off or he'll batter him to death, and Hugo says that he'll just have to die. Selena says that Edward knows a way down there, and Jim tells Bruce and Selena to get as far away as possible. He then goes with Lucius to find Edward.

The men release Edward and confirm he knows how to get to the basement. He deactivates the security system, opening the doors, and Fish runs out.

Jim and Lucius take the elevator down.

Fish starts up a bus and drives up the ramp.

The two men find the bomb and discover they have just over a minute left.

The strike team arrives at Arkham, while Fish drives out.

Jim removes the timer and suggests that they pull out everything. Lucius points out that's a bad idea, but Jim starts to do it because they're out of options. Peabody wakes up and says that she needs water.

In his cell, Edward asks what's going on.

Hugo waits in the common room for the end.

Jim fills a cup with water and pours it into the bomb. It shorts out and the timer stops with a second to spare. Peabody repeats her request for water, and they realize she wasn't talking about the bomb.

The police drive after Fish.

Edward yells for anyone to tell him what's going on.

The police take Hugo away, and he insists that they have to find his people. Jim comes out and says that whatever was there isn't in Indian Hill anymore. When Harvey tells him about the bus, Jim says that it can't get away.

Fish continue driving through Gotham, and a car pulls out in front of her. She slams the bus into it, knocking it outside and blocking the police car behind her. The other cars move to intercept.

Jim tells Harvey that monsters are on the bus, and Harvey sends all units to intercept. A car blocks Fish, and she revs the engine and speeds forward. The police car drives toward her... and Butch opens fire on the street in front of the police car with a machine gun, sending it off the road. Butch then opens fire on the bus and it crashes. Oswald is with Butch, and he and his men go to the bus and call Hugo out. Fish comes up behind Oswald and he gasps in shock. She touches him on the cheek and Oswald passes out. Fish turns to Butch and his men, and they run off in terror.

As Harvey coordinates the search efforts, Jim goes over to Bruce, Alfred, and Selena. He tells the boy he has to go and he might not see him for a while. Bruce wonders where he's going, and Jim says that he has to find Leslie. He and Bruce shake and Jim start to walks off, and Selena suggests that he try chocolates. Alfred asks Bruce if he's learned his lesson, and Bruce says that there's a secret council that wanted him dead. Exasperated, Alfred finally agrees to help.

Harvey spots Jim going and runs after him. Jim says that he'll find the monsters, and tells his friend that he's the boss now. He suggests that Harvey get a haircut and drives off... in Harvey's car.

A homeless woman comes to the bus and hears someone calling for help from the back of the bus. She opens the rear door and then stares at horror at what's inside. They walk past her, laughing and cackling, and a woman turns back and thanks the homeless woman for releasing them before joining the others.

Written by Gadfly on May 24, 2016

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