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The Hankover Recap

The episode opens with Hank relaxing on a cot with Emily Peck. On a beach, Divya and Jill wake up in the back of a car and Divya realizes she has a tattoo, and Jill has an identical one. Back at the Hamptons, Evan wakes up and finds people passed out on the lawn and looks over the balcony and sees Raj’s body on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Evan runs over to Hank on the cot and says that he needs to talk to him. He says that the stripper possibly stole his van and that he might have killed Raj.

Flashback 24 hours earlier and Hank and Evan drive up to a home at the same time as Divya. Evan says that he has doubts about Divya and Raj and that he should say something. Hank tells Evan to go home and that he needs to get to work. They enter the home of Ken Keller and Hank recognizes the name. Ken complains of sinus problems and that it hurts to bend over. Hank makes him bend over and Divya realizes that Hank is messing with Ken on purpose and tells Ken to stand up and take his medicine and that they will check on him later. As Hank and Divya leave, Hank says that Ken is a junior high school bully that used to pick on him and he has always wanted to pay him back.

Jill visits and Evan teases her and says that they have Mary Kaye already. Jill says that they have an official client for the clinic and Evan says that he needs certain specs and plans. Hank says that Evan can go with them. They visit a girl that dislocated her shoulder working out at the gym. Hank relocates it for her and Evan asks her if she would use clinic care all the time or as needed. She says as needed. Evan notices a stripper pole in the middle of the house and the girl says that her roommate is a stripper and that she has her own portable pole. Evan gets the stripper's business card for later use at the bachelor party he is planning. Divya shows up and Jill reminds her that they have tea with her family and then her bachelorette party. Evan says that he has an idea for Raj and he says that Karma the stripper would be the perfect choice.

Jill and Divya are at the tea party with her mother and sister. Divya’s mother realizes that Divya is not wearing stockings and that she needs to try to keep her legs under the table. A phone rings and her mother blames her again but Saya, Divya’s sister, received a call and says that she has to go pick up her husband from the airport. Divya asks her mother if she could leave and go spend time with her sister. She allows it and Divya goes out to the parking lot to find that Saya lied to their mother and that she is meeting a client for a possible investment for the company. She leaves to meet her “colleague” and Jill says that the night is not over.

Back in the Hamptons, Hank is on the phone with Ken and Evan interrupts saying that he realizes that the girl with the dislocated shoulder is actually Karma the stripper. She comes in and says that she is going to have to charge extra if she is dancing in front of all the people out there. Evan tells Hank that he told Raj to bring a few friends. But upon looking a few turned out to be a lot.

Divya and Jill are enjoying their time and their cab driver Aristotle is willing to show them to the hottest clubs. Divya gets a call from her sister and she is panicking about something. Divya says that she is coming right over and asks Aristotle to drive them to the Trump Towers. Saya’s colleague can’t breathe and Divya gets her Epi Pen from her purse. Divya smells coconut and asks if he used any coconut and he has. Divya gives Saya a hug and notices that she smells like coconut too. She says that her colleague borrowed her lotion. But Divya notices that Saya’s stockings are off.

At the bachelor party, Boris’s assistant says that he went and supplemented the guest list and Boris told them to have a good time. Evan walks up with Ken and says that they need to catch up and get shots together. Hank asks why Ken is there because he is sick and shouldn’t be out. But Ken ignores Hank and continues with the partying.

Outside Trump Tower, Saya and Divya are talking and she says that she and her husband have never lived together but have kept that from their mother. She tells Divya that it will be the same with her and Raj but Divya doesn’t respond.

Back at the party, Evan is talking to Raj and asks if he likes the party and Hank goes up to Emily Peck and says that the bachelor party got a little out of hand. Karma goes up to Raj and says that it is time for his “private dance” and Evan tells Hank that he set up Raj with the stripper to test him. Divya calls Raj and Evan has his phone. He ignores the call and Karma emerges from the private dance with Raj saying that she had an experience she never had before. Karma next performs on the stage/pole and Emily asks if Hank is enjoying it. He says that he relocated her shoulder and wants to make sure that she doesn’t hurt herself. Ken walks up and tries to give her a dollar and gets kicked in the face and she breaks his nose by accident. Hank springs into action and says that they have to reset it now and Emily says that maybe it is a bad idea. Hank resets it quickly and Ken can breathe again.

Aristotle stops by a clothing shop so that Divya and Jill can get a makeover and party for the club. In sexy numbers, they enjoy their night out. Aristotle rushes to the bathroom a lot during the night too. Divya says that she thinks that Aristotle has something other than acid reflux. Divya tells Aristotle that he is diabetic and that he needs to watch his diet.

Back at the party, Hank is getting drunker and drunker and he is upset that Ken didn’t remember him. Emily laughs that Hank waited 20 years to get payback. Hank says that she is cute and Emily asks if he is going to kiss her or is he going to wait 20 years.

Back to the present time, Ken comes by and says that his nose won’t stop bleeding to a cozy Hank and Emily. She and Hank talk and Hank is ignoring Ken. Hank does a ring test on the blood and he finds that he is leaking spinal fluid. Evan runs up and says that he needs to talk to him. Meanwhile in the cab, Jill and Divya attempt to wake Aristotle but he is unresponsive, in a diabetic coma. They pull into the hospital and get Aristotle inside. Back at the Hamptons, Evan tells Hank that he thinks that he killed Raj because he saw him with Karma. Hank says that it is not blood, but Bloody Mary. Raj wakes up and says that Evan attempted to talk to him but Evan fell before he could and they helped him to a chair. Evan asks where Karma is and he doesn’t remember. Hank puts Ken through the CT scan and asks Ken if he got into fights with knights and pirates. He says that a toy sword stabbed him in the eye and they lost it. But it is in his sinus. Emily says that if someone would have broken Ken’s nose years ago, they would have found the problem sooner.

Aristotle is in the hospital and Divya and Jill tell him to get better. They run into Hank, Evan, Raj and Ken. Evan asks about their outfits and Raj says that he remembers that he took a liberty. Divya wants to know about the “liberty” and Raj says that he let Karma borrow the mini-van. Divya wants to know who Karma is and Raj says that it was the woman they hired to dance for his bachelor party. Hank says that they all need a nap and to relax before talking about the night before. Divya is scared that her “doomed” marriage is starting already like Saya said. Ken comes up to Hank and says that he is sorry for picking on him back in the day and Hank says that he forgot about it. Cleaning up at the Hamptons and Evan thinks that Raj crossed the line. Evan says that Boris has a surveillance system in the room that Raj was in and Hank says that people should be able to have their secrets. Evan says that Emily is dangerous and that Hank needs to watch out. Divya finds the video of Raj. The video is Raj telling that he is in the hotel business and that he is looking for fitness instructors and he is not interested in anything personal with Karma. Karma says that his bride is lucky and Raj says that she could say that something obscene happened to protect his image with Evan and Hank. The video continues and it is Evan drunk on stage dancing with the pole. Evan watches himself dance and says that he is pretty good.

Written by pentar on May 25, 2016

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