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Frenemies Recap

The episode opens with Hank at Emily Peck’s home and she shows his advertisement in a magazine and says that people are not going to like to see their doctor in the magazine. Hank sees that Emily has an ad in the same magazine and she says that she is allowed to have it. Early the next morning, Hank, Divya, Evan and Jill are talking about the article and Evan has a complaint about the fact that it is too early for work. Hank tells the group that the article is only bashing on the clinic because they can’t do anything about it in a court of law. They visit with Jim Harper and he thanks Hank for treating him and pays not with money, but with a large fish. Jill tells Jim that they are working with a clinic and that they can look at anything. Jim says that his ankle has been hurting him and Hank looks at it. Jim has an ulcer on his foot. Hank wraps it up and says that he needs to have it on for 10 days. As a thank you, Jim gives Hank another fish.

Hank takes Jill back to Hamptons Heritage and Dr. Blair is there. Jill attempts to hide and Dr. Blair walks over. Dr. Blair says that she saw the article in the magazine and she says that she wants to run the clinic instead of HankMed. Hank meets with Jamie Zimmerman and he is saying that his son, Jake, has been really sick lately and hasn’t been acting himself. Jamie has other errands to attend to on the property and introduces Jake. Hank examines him and asks him questions. Jake says that he has a girlfriend named Olivia. Jake says that he is fine and there are no problems at all. Hank tells Jamie that Jake should get a skin test done for any allergy he might have.

Evan meets with Paige again and she says that instead of telling her parents that she broke up with Evan, they are going to continue the lie. She quizzes Evan about the information and she is shocked when he can remember all the details. She says that Evan is the best fake-boyfriend she has ever had. He meets with Paige’s parents, General William Collins and his wife Ellen. Evan is doing great at remembering everything and William asks Evan what he likes best of Paige. Evan speaks from the heart and the parents love Evan. After lunch, William and Ellen say their goodbyes and Evan mentions he likes hunting after hearing that William loves hunting. Thinking he is off the hook, Evan is surprised to know that they have their own hunting club and William says that they can go hunting next Wednesday.

Evan is in full camouflage gear and he asks if he looks nice. Divya doesn’t like the new outfit and Hank walks in and says that Evan should stick to gathering instead of hunting. Evan says that they have it all worked out and Paige will do the shooting and Evan will take the credit. Hank asks if Paige likes him too and Evan says that making Paige happy makes him happy. Divya tells Hank that Mrs. Zimmerman, Jake’s mom, called and she wants to see him in the morning and wants notes about her son and Hank’s diagnosis. Hank arrives at Mrs. Zimmerman’s and finds out that Mrs. Zimmerman is really Dr. Blair. She says that Blair is her maiden name and professional name. Hank says that he wanted to check up on Jake and she says that her husband is trying to get sole custody of Jake and starts saying that Jake gets sick when he goes over to his father’s house. Hank walks up to Jake and he says that he is feeling great. Later that evening, Hank is in bed and he gets a call from Emily. She asks if Hank can come over because she is lonely. He obliges.

At the Hunting Club, William says that it is the boys versus the girls and Evan and Paige try to stay together but William says that it is a good way to get to know each other. Later, Evan is peeing behind a tree and William tells him to never leave his gun unattended.

Meanwhile, Jake is at Hank’s house and Jake is refusing to take off his shirt. Dr. Blair and her ex-husband start arguing and Divya leads them to the “waiting room”. Hank asks Jake why he doesn’t want to take off his shirt. He takes off the shirt and he has “POO” written on his chest. He says that Olivia, the girl he likes, wrote it on him. He asks Hank for advice and Hank says that he doesn’t even understand women. He performs the skin test and the parents won’t stop getting into the action. Hank says that he is going to send Jake to an allergist.

Jill bumps into Emily and she says that she could use another doctor in her clinic and gives Jill her card. She says that she read the article and the only reason why they are attacking the clinic is because they could never win in a court of law. Hearing that before from Hank, Jill asks if it is a famous quote and Emily says that it is from an old boyfriend of hers.

In the woods, William is giving signs to Evan to stay back but he doesn’t understand. William is about to kill a quail and Evan steps on a twig and scares it away. William walks off and there is a thud. Thinking something is wrong, Evan walks towards William. Paige and Ellen are talking about Evan and she says that they should find them. They hear a gun shot and someone's scream.

Hank visits Jamie and Dr. Blair and they are arguing again about Jake. Jamie says that Jake is sick in his room and that he is not going anywhere. Hank goes upstairs and sees to Jake. He is lying on the bed and tells Hank that he is alright and pukes on Hank’s shoes. He tells Jake that he is going to have to tell his parents when he is sick regardless if they are going to argue. Hank sits down with Dr. Blair and her ex-husband Jamie and theorize that Jake is possibly getting sick from the stress of their divorce. He tells them they need to watch what they say around Jake. Dr. Blair says that it makes her seem like a bad mother and doctor. Hank doesn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Evan is lying on the ground and William says that it is only a flesh wound. Evan got shot in the butt by William. He says that Evan needs to stop seeing Paige because he is too wimpy for her and that he will make it worth his while. Paige comes up and Evan says that it is only a flesh wound.

Back at HankMed, Evan is getting his butt stitched up by Divya and Hank walks in laughing. Evan says that his gun fell when he was taking a leak and it shot him in the butt. Hank meets up with Emily Peck and he says that it is a perfect night for a walk on the beach. They start kissing and Hank’s phone rings. Emily says to allow his service pick it up. Hank says that he is waiting for test results. It is the results from Jake's test and there was no allergic reaction. They continue to kiss and his phone rings again. It’s Jake and he is scared. He tells Hank that both parents are on the floor unconscious. Hank tells Emily to call 9-1-1 and tells Jake to stay on the phone with him. Hank and Emily arrive and realize that the unconscious parents need oxygen. Emily has some in her bag and they put masks on them. Hank says that the reason why was because of carbon monoxide poisoning and that if Jake hadn’t slept with his door open, he would have died.

Evan says goodbye to Paige’s parents and William tries to give a check to Evan to “cover the medical expenses”. But Evan says that he got treated for free and doesn’t take his money.

Hank and Divya follow-up on Jake and he says that “POO” means “Property of Olivia”. Jake asks for a marker and Dr. Blair gives him a washable one. Dr. Blair gives Hank tomatoes from her garden and tells Hank that she intends to run the clinic instead of Hank. He is upset and it shows. Evan walks in and tells Hank that he didn’t shoot himself and that Emily faxed over a request for Jake’s records and is now the Zimmerman’s primary care physician. Hank goes over to Emily’s and he is upset that Emily stole Zimmerman. She says that she is competitive and she starts to undress and says that Zimmerman feels that Hank is too tight with his ex-wife. She tells him to stop fighting.

Paige stops by and gives Evan his money and he says he can’t take her money anymore. She asks if he would like to go out and he says that he is not on her payroll. But she says that she wants to go on a date with him and make him buy dinner. He agrees. She asks Evan how much of what he said about her when meeting her parents did he mean, and he says that he meant all of it.

At the marina, Jill, Hank and Divya follow-up with Jim. Jill says that they should just move forward with the clinic and help people. She mentions that Emily Peck offered her services as a doctor too if they need her. Hank takes off the bandages that he put on Jim and the ulcer is gone and Jim is shocked. Hank says that Jim’s test results came back and that the medicine that he has been taking has been working. Mimi, Jim’s daughter, comes up and tells Hank that he is a very good doctor. They walk away and Divya sees that Hank has “POE” written on his neck. Divya thinks that it means “Property of Evan”, to which Hank agrees. But Jill knows the real meaning of it.

Written by pentar on May 25, 2016

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