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Whole Lotto Love Recap

The episode opens up in North Dakota and Ginnie is feeding her pet parrot when her husband Roy enters and says that they won the lottery. He starts to get shortness of breath and falls to the ground. Worried Ginnie asks what is wrong and Roy laughs. The next scene we see Ginnie and Roy running through a mansion in the Hamptons with Hank and Evan following behind. She says that her husband helped the movers with their things and that they are just getting settled in. She tells Hank that she has a rash and Hank says that it is from the jewelry she thought was real gold. She says that they are renewing their vows and wants everything to be special. Evan is talking with Roy about the lottery money and asks if he put all the money into one bank. He says that he did and Evan says that they need a financial planner right away. As they leave Ginnie invites them to their renewal and says that they invited the entire neighborhood.

Hank and Evan leave and Evan is a little bummed that his father has not wished him a happy birthday or given a present. Hank says that Eddie never remembers and that it is normal to be without him. They enter their home and everyone yells out “Surprise!” It is Eddie and he has remembered Evan’s birthday, three days later. Evan’s party is underway and Jill is there. Hank goes up to her and tries to explain his relationship with Emily and Jill says that everything is fine. Evan is walking around greeting guests and Raj and Divya come and give him a gift. Paige runs up and insists that he open her gift first. It is a watch that the CEO Goldman Sax wore when he testified before Congress. Divya goes up to Jill and asks how it was with Hank. She laughs and says that it was “So fun”. She asks why Raj is there and she says that everything is going well. Evan tells Hank that he is happy that everything is going good for him.

Divya and Hank meet with Tally and she says that she doesn’t need a doctor and says that Adam called them. She says that she has been acting funny because of the stress that everyone is coming in from the family. Adam says that Tally has a kidney transplant and that he wants to make sure that she is fine. Hank asks to speak to Tally’s doctor and video messages her. She asks if Tally is taking it easy and she says that she is. She says that she needs to make sure that she takes care of Adam’s kidney. It was Adam who donated the kidney. Meanwhile, Evan visits Roy to talk about their finances and he has the parrot on his arm. They sit down and Evan says that he has many ways to return on the investment. Roy says that he wishes that he could put it under a mattress and asks if Evan has heard of the lottery curse.

Hank arrives at Eddie’s place and he is very happy that Hank is there. Hank thanks Eddie for the party and Eddie gets a call and tells Hank that he needs to take it. Hank goes upstairs to dump out the scotch and sees that Eddie has Boris’ stationery with Boris’ name signed many times. He leaves without confronting Eddie about it.

Hank goes to see Roy and looks at a wound on his hand. Roy says that they were mobbed by many people in North Dakota that wanted to shake their hand for luck and Hank tells Evan to run home and get the CT Scanner and says that Roy may have a flesh eating bacteria.

Hank and Evan walk up to see Boris returning from Cuba and Hank tells Evan that he saw Boris’ stationery and Eddie trying to copy Boris’ signature. Evan asks if he confronted Eddie with it and he says that he has not but he will soon.

Evan and Hank are at home when Paige arrives. She says that she got them a couples' massage and she says that she wants to hang out with him. But Evan says that he has to work and says that he wants to give the financial plan to Roy and Ginnie as a wedding gift. She insists that he go with her but he says that he really needs to work. She walks away and he says that he will another time.

Divya tells Tally that her kidney function is normal and prescribes medicine for her to take. Divya talks with Adam outside and says that it is amazing that he would donate his kidney to Tally. He says that she has always been close to him growing up, and that when the universe puts it in front of you, it is mandatory.

Evan talks to Roy and he says that he feels a lot better. Roy says that there is no RSVP from the rest of the guests and Hank says that they will be there. Hank hears Walter the parrot and says that he might know what is making Roy sick. Meanwhile, Adam calls Divya back and says that Tally has gotten worse. She asks where the pain is located and she says that it is in her kidney.

Hank and Evan go to Roy and Ginnie’s and says that Roy could possibly have parrot fever and says that if it is, he could recommend a good vet. Hank gets a call from Divya and goes to check on Tally. An ultrasound reveals a lot of inflammation and Hank recommends Tally be admitted into the hospital.

Hank visits Boris and says that his vitals are great. He thanks Hank for giving him some space in Cuba. He says that it was no problem and Hank leaves. Hank stops and looks at the paper that he took from Eddie’s house and overhears Boris yelling at a guy named Marco and tells him to get Marissa on the plane. Hank leaves.

Jill meets with Divya at the hospital and she asks if she wants to join her for drinks and she says that she is visiting a patient. Jill sees the patient is Adam and comments that he is attractive. Divya says that Adam is a documentary director and tells Jill to have fun with her wine and Jill says, “Have fun with your hot documentary director”. Divya walks in and tells Adam that Tally is going to be alright. The next morning Divya comes out of Tally’s room and Jill asks if she wore the same dress she wore yesterday. She wonders what happened and Adam comes out and says that she forgot her scarf. Divya tells Jill that she’s engaged and Jill says that she didn’t ask. Divya tells Jill that she needs to go home and get dressed for the renewal of Ginnie and Roy's vows.

Meanwhile, Hank and Evan arrive at Ginnie and Roy’s home and there are no other guests. Evan says that the neighborhood is on HST (Hamptons Standard Time) and that they will most likely just arrive late. Evan says that he wishes Paige were there to see all this. Roy comes up and shows his swollen hand and he says that if he had a saw he would have cut off his hand already.

Hank immobilizes his wrist and tells Roy to take it easy. He says that he would have splints in both arms before he allows Ginnie to miss out on her special day. At the hospital, Adam gives Divya flowers and says it is a thank you present. Adam asks about Divya’s ring and she says that she is engaged.

Ginnie wants to get started regardless of the amount of guests and Hank says that the only people who matter are there. Jill comes in and Ginnie is excited that she came and says that she needs to meet Hank. Jill and Hank play along and the renewal begins. Divya enters towards the end. At the reception, Hank walks up to Roy and asks how often he eats rich food. Hank walks up to Divya and says that they are going to test Roy’s fluids. Hank says that Roy has Gout. Hank says that he will have to eat what he was eating before. Evan is sad that Paige has not returned his text messages and he sees Paige walk in, not to mention 100 or more guests. She says that she tweeted it. Evan asks why she would go out of her way to help a couple and she says that she didn’t do it for them.

Boris is standing around and Hank runs up to him. Marissa has been arrested and Boris is not flying down to help her because he can’t. He doesn't elaborate.

Hank visits Eddie and he says that he is about to have dinner and asks if Hank can join him. Hank says that he can’t stay and says that he found the paper and the attempts of Boris’ signature. Hank says that Boris operates at a level that is beyond Eddie’s reach and Eddie is happy that Hank cares. He says that he doesn’t want an explanation and Eddie says that he used the stationery for the invitations to Evan's late birthday party.

Hank, Evan, and Divya are playing laser tag and Hank and Evan are moving around like covert spies and get shot by Divya. Eddie walks up to Evan and apologizes for being late on his birthday. Evan forgives him and asks if he wants to play laser tag and be on Divya’s team. He says that he will take a rain check and says that he has a meeting. Evan, Hank, and Divya resume play and Hank and Evan discuss their strategy but when they get done, Divya comes out and shoots them.

Eddie is walking away and Boris drives up. Eddie introduces himself and Boris says that he knows “exactly” who he is. As Boris drives away Eddie says “You don’t know the half of it.

Written by pentar on May 25, 2016

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