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The Klae Resource Recap

At the Klae Corporation, Daniel and Kate are working in the lab when Walter calls them to the office. Daniel reluctantly agrees, and Walter introduces them to Brian Kelly, head of the U.S. Energy Commission. Walter explains that the Westins are in charge of the “Klae resource,” although he won’t tell Brian what the “resource” is.

In a casino in Las Vegas, James Fielder is told that a call is coming in and goes upstairs to take it.

Walter puts a call through to Las Vegas and says that they’re talking to Lionel Parks, a recluse that no one has seen in ten years. Brian says that Lionel is bypassing the U.S. selling his high-yield energy system to the Middle East oil cartel.

James has the guards shut down the security system and then goes into a computer room.

Brian explains that the high-yield system will triple the amount of fuel refined from crude oil. Lionel has offered it to the highest bidder. James comes on the line and says that Lionel has no interest in changing his mind. Brian informs him that President has given him direct orders to speak to Lionel, and James says that he’s only following orders. He then hooks up the phone to a voice simulation system and fakes a conversation between Lionel and Brian. “Lionel” refuses to meet with anyone, and Brian says that they don’t believe they’re talking to the real Lionel. James has the computer say that the government has 48 hours to make a higher bid and hangs up.

The technical expert monitoring the call says that if it’s an impersonation then he can’t tell how they’re doing it. Brian wants the Klae resource to provide proof that Lionel is alive or dead. If Lionel is dead then the government can arrested James for fraud. Lionel is living in the Paradise Hotel in Las Vegas, one of three that he owns. The security is extensive, and Brian provides blueprints on the building. He lost one man trying to breach the penthouse security, and the other one will contact them and let them know everything he knows.

The Westins arrive in Las Vegas and check in, and Daniel figures that it’s an easy job. The surviving agent, Stern, calls and tells the Westins to meet him at a slot machine in the casino. They come down and introduce themselves, and Stern complains that he’s working with amateurs. He explains that they haven’t made him yet, and admits that his partner had specifics and he’s dead. His partner managed to get up on the 14th floor and figure out their system, and then disappeared. Once Stern leaves, Daniel tells Kate that he’s going to search the 14th floor and she’s going to help her.

A short time later, Kate takes the elevator up to the 14th floor, pretending to be drunk. An invisible Daniel slips off the elevator past them, while Kate goes on her way. Daniel goes to the Lionel’s office and finds James and an assistant, Homer, working. The scientist goes past them to the computer room and discovers that the door is locked. The guards hear him trying the door and they turn off the security system to investigate. One of the guards checks it out but finds nothing, and Daniel slips past him. Inside he finds the voice simulation system and activates it, setting off a heat sensor. After seeing what it can do, Daniel shuts it off and sets off another alarm.

The guards pump gas in and then go to investigate with James and Homer. The gas-masked men find nothing, and James slips past them and heads back to the elevator. The guards check it out when it comes up, but assume it’s a short and find nothing.

Kate calls Walter and tells him what they’ve learned. Daniel says that he saw an elevator door in the computer room that isn’t on the blueprints, Once he hangs up, Daniel tells her that he has a new plan that will force James to give him a face-to-face meeting with Lionel… and Kate is going to do it.

Kate goes to a roulette table and starts betting. A drunk hits on her, inviting her to dinner. An invisible Daniel tips a glass of water into his lap and he quickly leaves. Daniel then goes to the wheel and makes sure that Kate wins big. She wins over $70,000 on three bets, and the hotel manager Forbes calls James in. Meanwhile, Kate doubles again and Daniel makes sure that she wins. James comes over and Forbes explains what’s happening. Forbes closes the table and Kate collects his winnings before moving on to the craps table. Daniel helps her win again while standing on the table, and the croupier tells James that they’ve switched dice three times and Kate has won over $100,000. She finally takes a break on Daniel’s instructions, and James offers to buy Kate a drink. He points out that she won over $200,000, and Kate says that her husband will meet them in the lounge.

Daniel dons his mask and meets Kate in the lounge, and says that his wife was using a system that he devised. He offers to sell it to James, but will only negotiate with Lionel in person. James refuses, and Daniel threatens to break the bank if he doesn’t meet with Lionel. When James refuses to go in, Daniel threatens to reveal the existence of the voice simulator computer, saying that he knows all about it. He merely says that he found out using the same system he used to make the money, and James admits that Lionel is alive but isn’t in the hotel. Daniel demands proof, and James has the limo brought over to take the Westins to the farm.

In the parking garage, James has the limo driver and his man Boone, take the Westins to the “farm.” He then draws a gun and tells Daniel that he’s never going to both him again. Once the Westins get inside, the driver seals the windows and drives off. As the limo heads out into the desert, Daniel starts to undress and then slips down on the floor, feigning car sickness while he finishes the job. The limo arrives at its destination and Boone discovers that Daniel is seemingly gone. Daniel knocks the two men to the ground and Kate grabs the gun. She has them walk into the trees and then drives off with Daniel. He puts his outfit back on and they drive back to Las Vegas to find out if there really is a Lionel Parks. Daniel has Kate drop him off near the hotel and then goes on.

James is soon summoned to the phone, and Daniel is waiting. Daniel claims that he has a gun in his pocket and tells James to take him to his office. They take the elevator up and Daniel has them shut off the computer room sensors. He figures the elevator goesdown to a secret room, and has James open the elevator. Before they go, Daniel says that if Kate hasn’t heard from him in an hour then she’ll call the FBI.

In the secret apartment below, Lionel is sitting in the dark. Daniel reveals that he doesn’t have a gun and James gives him five minutes alone with Lionel. Once he leaves, Lionel assumes that Daniel is there to kill him. He says that Daniel’s curiosity is going to cost him his life, and now James will kill both of them.

Upstairs, James calls Homer and tells him to find Kate.

Lionel says that he spent 20 years building a wall of secrecy, and then James locked him away. Daniel explains that the government sent him, and Lionel insists that he would never sell it to the Arabs. He wonders how he can trust Daniel to get him out, and Daniel asks him to keep his secret. Once Lionel agrees, Daniel removes his mask and his clothing.

Homer tells James that they haven’t found Kate, and the helicopter is almost ready. Daniel calls to say that Lionelhas had a heart attack, and James and Homer go down to find out. Lionel is on the floor and there’s no sign of Daniel. Once James goes to find Daniel, Daniel knocks Homer out from behind and then knocks James out when he comes back. He takes the elevator keys and tells the faking Lionel that it’s time to go. They take the elevator up and Lionel reminds the guard who he works for. The guard obeys and Lionel walks out.

James wakes up and gets the second set of keys from Homer.

Lionel and Daniel go to the main elevator, and the other guard summons it. James and the guard arrive, and Daniel punches the first guard when he tries to stop the elevator. They get to the casino and everyone stares at Lionel in shock. Forbes comes over just as James arrives, and Lionel tells Forbes to call the police and have James arrested. The manager does so and the guards escort James out, while Daniel slips away.

Later, Kate and Daniel cash in the chips. Walter arrives and tells the couple that Lionel has stopped the sale to the Arabs and made a generous contribution to the Klae Corporation. Daniel tells Walter and Kate that they can’t keep the money and bets everything on 13 Black. As they leave, the operator announces that they won.

Written by Gadfly on May 29, 2016

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