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The Fine Art of Diplomacy Recap

At the Capital Building in Washington, DC, a janitor--Tandy-- cleans the paintings and moves. Once the guard comes by, the “janitor” takes one of the paintings and replaces it with another from his cart. He then goes back to work as the guard comes by and notices nothing amiss.

Later, Tandy drives to the Iberian embassy and meets with Ambassador Diego DeVega. Diego uses his hand print to open the environmentally-controlled vault and they take painting inside to hang next to other stolen classics. Hanging it up, Diego is satisfied that his collection of American paintings is complete. In a matter of weeks, they will extend it for American dollars.

The Westins travel on the Secretary’s private jet and play gin. Walter comes over and tells them that a few weeks ago, a routine examination of the paintings revealed that five of the most important pieces were forgeries. It would be embarrassing for the government if word got out. The trail leads to Diego, but they can’t arrest him without proof. Also, Diego is the youngest brother of Iberia’s dictator, who doesn’t care and who they need to sign a NATO treaty. The embassy is considered foreign soil and thus outside of the U.S.’s jurisdiction, so Daniel needs to go in and get the proof.

The team arrives at the embassy and the Secretary’s security chief, Mr. Wood, greets them. He tells the trio that he’s not used to people overstepping his authority, and Walter reminds him that he heads the team and the secret of the Klae resources isn’t revealed. Mr. Wood takes them to their hotel and shows them photos of Diego and Tandy, an ex-con. There is also information on Victorio Gregorio, who they think is using the embassy parties as a cover for an art ring. Wood agrees to get the Westins into one of the parties, but warns that if they’re caught then they’re on their own.

Later at the hotel, Walter arrives with the equipment and Daniel comes out without his mask on. Walter tells them that Wood has set up Kate with a cover as a photojournalist doing an article on Diego. Wood has provided a miniature camera for Daniel to take in and get the proof.

That night, Kate presents her credentials to the embassy guards and an invisible Daniel sneaks in with her. Diego greets Kate and introduces himself, turning on the charm. She says that she wants to follow him around and take a few photographs, and Diego immediately agrees. Meanwhile, Daniel enters Diego’s office and remains motionless as Tandy comes in and opens the outside door where a guard, Manuel, is on duty at the vault. The scientist follows him in as Tandy takes over guard duty, and studies the environmental controls.

Daniel then joins Kate at the party, and tells her to figure a way to get his camera into Diego’s pocket. He trips a waiter, and Diego comes over. Kate asks him to hold onto his camera and puts it into Diego’s [pocket as he tries to object.

Returning to the vault room, Daniel sets off the sensor plate alarm. Tandy calls for Diego and shuts off the alarm, and Diego comes in to open the main door. They confirm that the paintings are all there, and Daniel secretly takes the camera out of Diego’s pocket. Once he’s alone, Daniel takes photos of the paintings... and the vault door closes behind him. The pumps pull extract the air out, and Daniel starts to collapse.

At the party, Kate is taking photos of Diego and then kisses him.

Daniel manages to pick up a bench.

Gregorio calls Diego over, and Kate takes a photo of the man. Meanwhile, Gregorio insists that Friday is the only day that he can arrange the sale.

Daniel tries to hit the sprinkler nozzle with the bench.

Diego returns to Kate, who says that she recognizes Gregorio by name.

Daniel knocks the sprinkler head off into a painting, setting off the alarm. Diego goes there while the guards keep Kate out. Inside, Diego repressurizes the vault and he and Tandy go in to inspect the room. There’s a scratch where the nozzle head hit the frame. Daniel slips the camera into Diego’s pocket, while Diego finds the nozzle head and confirms it made the scratch on the frame. He tells Tandy that Gregorio wants to fly the paintings out on Friday y helicopter, Tandy doesn’t trust Gregorio, but Diego figures that they have no choice and something doesn’t feel right. They leave and Daniel slips out as well.

As the party ends, Diego apologizes to Kate for his absence and asks her to act as hostess as a party Gregorio is hosting on Thursday. She agrees and they share a drink, and Kate spills her drink on the ambassador. He hands Kate her equipment back, unaware that Daniel’s camera is among them, and they kiss once before she leaves. In the car, Daniel gets dressed and tells Kate and Walter that they failed. By the time the authorities could move in, the paintings will be gone in two days time, on Friday. He says that they play Diego’s game in reverse: take the forgeries in and exchange them for the originals.

The next night, Kate prepares to go back to the embassy for Diego’s party. Walter provides Daniel with the drug he had the corporation manufacture, and it will keep the subject unconscious for 20 minutes. As Daniel leaves with Walter and Wood, Kate tells her husband to be careful.

Daniel drives into the embassy posing as a caterer, and Walter and Wood stand watch outside. Kate arrives and is ushered in, and she and Diego spend time together. She goes to get a refill where Daniel is working, and he says that it’s time. He drugs the glass of champagne and she takes it back to Diego. Meanwhile Daniel goes to the kitchen and removes his mask and disguise.

Diego soon passes out, and an invisible Daniel catches him and whispers to Kate that he’s there. She helps her husband get Daniel into the library past Tandy, Daniel pushing Diego’s legs to make it look like he’s walking on his own. Daniel tells Kate to kiss Diego to make it look convincing, and then makes Diego wave to Tandy that he and Kate are going into the library.

Inside, Kate gets into a chair with Diego as Tandy brings in Daniel’s cart of champagne at her request. When he sees Kate with Diego, he quickly leaves. The Westins put Diego’s hand on the plate to open the outer door, and Kate laughs until Manuel comes out, gun drawn. Daniel has Diego wave and nod to indicate that the guard should leave,. Once Manuel goes, the Westins use Diego’s handprint to pressurize the vault and open the door.

Outside the library, Tandy says that someone should be inside the vault. Manuel advises against it.

The Westins bring Diego back and then take Daniel’s cart into the vault. The forgeries are hidden inside, and they switch the fakes for the originals. Daniel realizes that the scratched original doesn’t match the fake, and uses Diego’s keys to scratch the fake frame. Kate puts the keys back and the couple rests everything. As the party breaks up, Daniel slips out of the library and puts his mask and disguise back on. He goes to the library and asks for his cart, and Kate comes out and tells Tandy that Diego passed out on him. Tandy goes in to get the cart and Daniel tells Kate to get out.

Diego wakes up and calls for Kate.

Daniel drives out in the fake catering van.

Kate tries to leave, but Tandy insists on calling the embassy limo. Diego comes out, realizing that he’s been tricked, and insists that she stay.

Daniel meets with Walter and Wood, and realizes that Kate didn’t get out.

Kate claims that Diego opened the outer door to show her, and Manuel confirms that Diego told him to leave. Diego remembers none of it, and Kate says that she never went inside. Tandy says that the cart was taken out, and Diego and Tandy go into the vault to check the paintings. They’re all there, and the scratched painting still apparently has the scratch on it. Relived, Diego assumes that they’re the originals, but Tandy finds Kate’s earrings on the floor. They bring her in and demand to know who is behind it. Kate says that she’s the only one, but Diego doesn’t believe her. She tells him that she works for Gregorio, and Diego sends Manuel to bring the art dealer in.

Daniel figures that something is wrong and prepares to go in. Wood refuses to let him ruin the operation and Walter agrees, but Daniel come sin anyway.

Manuel brings Gregorio in, and he also assumes the fakes are the originals. Diego wonders where he planned to sell them, and Gregorio has no idea what he’s talking about. Tandy gut-punches Gregorio and the art dealer goes down.

An invisible Daniel enters the embassy.

Diego tells Kate that he’ll have to kill her to make sure word of his crimes never get out. He tells Tandy that they’ll dump the bodies into the ocean when they move the paintings.

Daniel rings the doorbell and slips past the guards when they come out to investigate. He enters the vault as Diego and Manuel come out, and knocks out Tandy. They take Gregorio out, and he says that an angel from Heaven saved them. Daniel returns in his disguise and Kate runs over to kiss him.

On the plane back to LA, the Secretary calls to tell Walter that Diego’s helicopter left on schedule with the forgeries. Once they sign the NATO lease, they’ll inform Diego’s brother of what happened. Daniel wins another round of gin, and leads her off to the bedroom.

Written by Gadfly on May 29, 2016

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