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Caracas, 1967 Recap

Mayor Victor Robles holds a press conference to announce that Retro Girl has been murdered.

At the theater, Deena offers Christian her condolences and suggests that they go get a drink and let the other officers handle the investigation. Christian says that he's okay.

Robles says that he's having Emile head up the investigation, and Emile comes to the podium. He announces that they have nothing to say yet until they put together what happened.

Marigold drives through LA at top speed, and tells Krispin that they're late and not stopping for anything. He figures their mystery man has to realize how committed they are after he sees what they've done. Marigold says that the Powers are going down one by one.

Emile says that Kaotic Chic has taken responsibility for Retro Girl's murder, but they have no evidence to support their claim.

Marigold has Krispin check the address of where they're going, and he realizes that it's Powers Division.

Emile promises that they will deploy every resources that Powers Division has.

Deena tells Christian that he doesn't have to work the case.

Emile asks for anyone to come forward with any information that they have.

Chaotic finds a photo of Calista on Krispin's phone and wonders why it's there when he said he would never see Calista again. He grabs it and it flies out the window, and hits the hand brake.

Emile takes a few question, and one reporter asks if they've ruled out suicide. Another asks why Emile thinks Powers Division can handle the investigation after the Wolfe debacle. Emile insists that it wasn't a debacle, and the reporter points out that hundreds died and only Johnny stopped it. The other reporters second the second question, and Emile complains that the press is rake up muck for headlines. He ends the press conference and walks off.

Krispin walks back to get his phone and Marigold goes after him. As they argue, her car blows up and Marigold runs off.

Emile meets with Christian and the other officers and demands answers. Christian figures the Kaotic Chic thing is a smoke screen, and figures that someone staged the whole thing. Deena points out that they should bring Krispin in for questioning, but Christian insists that it would have taken a Power to kill another Power. Kutter disagrees, and Emile wonders who Christian is thinking of. Christian suggests Johnny might have done it, and wants to pay him a visit. Deena agrees, but Emile says that Christian isn't on the case. Christian insists that he's the only one who has the contacts to solve the crime, but Emile tells Deena to take the lead and work with Kutter. The captain tells Christian that he's too close, and Christian walks off. Deena goes after him and Christian figures that it's better because he doesn't have to follow the rules. He tells Deena to do anything Emile tells her to do and she'll be fine. Deena wonders if Christian will be fine, and he admits that he won't but he's not going to let Janice down again.

FBI agents Lange and Schlag approach Emile and explain that the President sent them to investigate Retro Girl's death. They assure Emile that they won't get in his way, and they're not there to take over.

At home, Christian drinks and looks at the photos of himself as Diamond. He smashes them and then tears up his apartment before falling down, sobbing.

Calista crashes down in the desert, and then flies back up into the sky. She quickly crashes back down and keeps trying, soon mastering her new ability. Calista then finds an old truck and practices lifting and throwing it with her super strength.

The next day in LA, Deena calls Christian to see how he's doing. He claims that he's fine and admits that it was probably a good idea that Emile took him off the case. Christian knows Lange and Schlag but doesn't say how he knows them. He refuses to tell Deena what he's up to and hangs up.

Christian arrives at Janice's house and lets himself in past the crime scene tape. Inside, he accesses her computer and finds a reference on her schedule calendar to "D-Day": the day she was murdered. Christian goes out on the patio and remembers waking up in Janice's bed. He suggested that they stay in bed together, and Janice said that there was something she couldn't cancel. After that, she was all his.

A man, Patrick, comes out and asks if Retro Girl is gone. Christian says that she is, and Patrick says that he'd kill all of the non-Powers if he thought it would bring Retro Girl back. However, he admits that it wouldn't. Patrick casually lifts Christian into the air and tells him to find the killer, and then he'll crush his skull. Christian promises that he will, and Patrick gets control of himself. He says that Retro Girl loved Christian, and Christian says that they could use Patrick again as SuperShock. Patrick figures that it's time to let the non-Powers deal with it themselves, but Christian says that if SuperShock came back after 40 years it would make a big statement. His friend says that he's done with it, and he's keeping his promise to never put on the uniform again before flying off.

Krispin runs home and goes in through the back. He grabs some food and then takes out his mother's phone and calls Marigold. Krispin gets her voicemail and tells her to call him.

Deena and Kutter arrive out front and ring the bell. They hear Krispin inside and break in, guns drawn. Kutter spots Krispin running out the back but loses him. He goes back to the car where Deena is waiting, and he tells her who he saw. Kutter figures that Krispin ran because he's guilty, and Deena reluctantly tells him to call in an APB. As they drive off, Krispin hides behind a nearby car.

Christian barges in on Janice's PR agent, Craig Sherman, and yanks the phone out of his hand when he tries to call security. He demands to know if Craig knew anything about D-Day, and he doesn't. The last time Craig saw Janice was at the benefit when Red Hawk attacked, and she never called him back. Craig insists that Janice was his friend , but Christian doesn't buy it and says that he's going to find out what Craig knows and then he'll be back.

At the morgue, Dr. Death tries to cut open Retro Girl's body without success. He tells Deena that the lack of blood at the theater indicates that she wasn't murdered there, and someone put her in her uniform after she was dead. There's a cut on her left thigh but no cut in the uniform, and it was made at the same time that Retro Girl's throat was cut. Finally, Dr. Death points out that she was clutching a red rock-like object in her hand when rigor mortis set in. The coroner doesn't know what it is and is going to send it to Forensics. As they go, Dr. Death says that there's one more thing.

Christian goes to the station and meets with Lange and Schlag, and Lange says that Christian shouldn't be there. Emile, Deena, and Kutter arrive and Lange informs Christian that he's been suspended since he became a suspect. Deena tells Christian that Dr. Death found a semen sample in Retro Girl and it matches Christian's DNA. Christian says that they had sex that afternoon, and Lange suggests that it was a lover's quarrel gone bad. He tries to hit her and Schlag grabs his hand, and a satisfied Lange says that's the Christian she used to know.

Emile orders Christian and Deena into his office and reminds them that he's under pressure to find the killer. He tells Christian if there's anything else he should know before he suspends him, and Christian insists that there's nothing. Emile has received a call from Craig about Christian's assault, and reminds Christian that he's not on the case. The captain yells at him that there's nothing he can do that won't screw up the investigation, and Christian says that he can't do nothing. Emile says that he has to, just as an officer comes in to announce that Triphammer is there and its urgent.

In the squad room, Triphammer tells everyone that someone bypassed his security, broke into his workshop, and stole the Drainer. Lange points out that the government is financing his work, and reminds him that he answers to Homeland Security. She figures that Krispin stole it, but Christian doesn't buy it. Deena suggests that they had help and glares at Triphammer, who angrily storms out at the accusation. Emile refuses to hold him, and Lange points out that Triphammer is a person of interest in the investigation. She threatens to report it to her superiors, and warns Emile that he has to see the global implications of the investigation. The President won't be happy if he has to tell world leaders that Drainer technology is for sale on the black market. Once she and Schlag leave, Emile insists that Krispin is their likely suspect and tells Christian to go home.

At the hospital, Zora lies in bed recovering from her injuries. A Retro Girl tribute comes on and the commentator wonders if they can get by without her. He talks about how Retro Girl teamed up with SuperShock and Cobalt Knight to become Unity, and they received worldwide praise after helping with the earthquake in Caracas in 1967. Cobalt Knight, now Senator Bailey Brown, comes on to offer some words in honor of Retro Girl. Bailey also talks about his bill to make the use of powers a federal crime.

The commentator, Terry Pelham, meets with reporter Nicole Glantz, who is complaining about the amount of coverage. She warns that Powers Division won't be able to protect the public from what comes next. Nicole pitches her story, that in the wake of Retro Girl's murder, the city isn't safe and no one can be trusted. Terry tells her to get a source and they'll run with it as their lead.

Todd Secor finishes a set at a bar and goes backstage, and is surprised to find his daughter Calista waiting for him. She points out that they haven't seen each other in ten years, and Todd reminds her that it was his wife who ran off with Calista. Calista tells him that her mother died of brain cancer, and she still remembers the screams from when Todd beat her. Todd wonders why she's there, and Calista hoists him up into the air, carries him outside, and flies off.

Waldo visits Deena at home and warns her that the Feds are going to leave Powers Division out to hang for Retro Girl's murder. He advises Deena to get out of Powers Division because he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Deena tells Waldo to leave and figures that he doesn't want to be embarrassed or have any of his skeletons come out. Waldo tells his daughter that she has him wrong and leaves.

Deena goes to see Christian and tells him what Waldo said. Christian admits that it's likely, and figures that they have to find the killer. He's sure that it isn't Krispin, and tells Deena about the D-Day appointment. Christian figures that Craig knows something about it and he's going to find out. Krispin calls Christian and says that it's all bad, and he was trying to make a statement when things got out of hand. He tells Christian that he's at the lake house, and Christian tells him to stay put until he gets there and then they'll get it all straightened out. As Christian goes, he tells Deena to give him a half-hour head start.

Lange and Schlag have tapped Christian's apartment and heard the whole thing. Lange has Schlag order up a helicopter.

Calista drops Todd in the forest and beats him with her super-strength. Todd says that Calista doesn't know the other side of what happened, and then figures that he might deserve to death. However, he warns Calista that she doesn't want to live with having murdered a man in cold blood. Calista insists that she won't have any regrets, and Todd says that she's just like her mother and can fix the whole world. Furious, Calista punches him unconscious.

Terry runs with Nicole's piece on the news.

Calista takes the unconscious Todd to the ER and says that she found him on the side of the road. The nurse goes to get an orderly, and Calista tells Todd that the father she's angry at left long ago. Todd is just a pitiful old man that's going to die alone and miserable, says goodbye, and walks out.

Terry reports that they've received a tip that the authorities are closing in on the prime suspect in the Retro Girl murder. However, there are still rumors that it's a conspiracy.

At the hospital, Zora's monitor goes off. The nurse runs in as Zora leaps out the window and uses her powers to fly off.

As Christian drives to the lake house, Deena calls him and says that the Feds are tapping their phones and following them with a helicopter.

Calista lands near a screen running a piece on Krispin being Retro Girl's suspected murderer. She screams in fury and the screen explodes.

As the sun rises, Christian at the lake house and calls to Krispin. Deena and Kutter arrive, and Lange and Schlag land nearby. Christian enters the house and finds a note taped to the stolen Drainer. As the others run in, Christian finds Krispin dead, hanging from the ceiling by a noose.

Callista goes to Retro Girl's home and opens the closet containing the heroine's original costume.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 1, 2016

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