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Funeral of the Century Recap

Christian dreams of going to the cemetery where Retro Girl is buried, and seeing her statue bleed as she begs him to help her. He wakes up on his couch as Terrence talks about the upcoming funeral of the century for Retro Girl. Irritated, Christian turns off the TV and then takes a shower, and remembers Janice telling him about her appointment that she couldn't cancel. He gets out and looks at himself in the mirror... and sees Calista behind him, wearing a costume like Retro Girl's original. Calista says that she wanted to show him what she could do and how she could take Janice's place, and Christian angrily says that Janice is gone and nothing Calista can do will bring her back. When he says that Calista doesn't have powers, Calista floats up into the air. Christian tells her that she can't do it now, and she doesn't want to end up like Janice. Ignoring him, Calista flies off.

At Powers Division, the officers, Lange, and Schlag watch the newscasts run information about Krispin as Retro Girl's killer. Retro Girl's funeral will be held later that day. Emile tells his people that they need to be prepared for anything, and the FBI will be staying to help. Kutter asks about one of the gangs, the Quantums, and Emile admits that the Quantums and the Hacks have been in a blood feud. They have low-levels, but as a group they pose problems. Kutter suggests that they go into the gangs' territory and bust some heads, but Emily says that without Retro Girl or Olympia he doesn't know what they will do. Christian comes in and offers to talk to them, and says that he knows their leader Nucleus from when he was a Power. Emile agrees and Deena talks to Christian privately and says that no one expected him to come into work. The two of them go to talk to Nucleus while Emile tells the other officers to be careful.

Zora is at a diner when some teenagers come in and look at video of Wolfe beating her. Her power flares out of control and they realize who she is, and people gather around her. Zora quickly leaves but the people follow her outside just as a truck pulls up with an advertisement for Zora and stool softener on the side. After recovering from her shock, Zora flies away.

Christian and Deena go to Nucleus' turf and Christian says that Retro Girl is everywhere. He insists that it couldn't be Krispin, but Deena says that he's in shock. Christian tells her to be cool and they go inside. The gangers move in the shadows, and a ganger--Laser--comes up behind them and unleashes an energy blast.

When the officers wake up, they find themselves tied to chairs. Deena starts swearing at Laser, but Nucleus comes in and says that she's right and they've tied up cops. He uses his powers to free Christian and tells the others that Diamond is a legend, and then frees Deena when Christian says that she won't take a shot at Nucleus. Another Powers ganger, Laser, comes in and says that he knows who Christian is. Nucleus wonders what he's supposed to do about LA being on edge, and Christian suggests that he and his be cool for him. The gang leader wonders if he went to the Hacks and talked to The Lance, and starts ranting about how they're naturals while the Hacks are using tech to get powers.

Laser apparently loses control and releases an energy blast, killing Nucleus and his men. Christian and Deena grab their guns and phones as they dive for cover. Christian peers up and gets a look at the person who released the blasts, and realizes that he disguised himself as Laser. He goes after the killer and after a moment, Deena runs outside after him. She calls for backup while Christian realizes that they lost the perp.

Zora goes to PAR and confronts Craig, saying she wants her image off the billboards. Craig reminds her that she gave them the power in writing to sell her, and he did. He insists that he's Zora's biggest fan and tells her to go home, and after the funeral they'll talk. An assistant brings commemorative figurines of Retro Girl over, and a disgusted Zora wonders if there's anything Craig won't sell before walking out.

At Powers Division, Christian tells Emile and the others that Nucleus and his top guys are dead. He says that it was a Hack, but Deena isn't convinced. Lange suggests that Emile have the mayor call for a city-wide curfew, warning that things will go down after the funeral. As Emile agrees, there's an EMP pulse and all the power goes out. The Lance and his tech-augmented men come in, and he says that he came there to solve Christian's case. He tells Christian that what happened to the Quantums wasn't them, and he points out that his second-in-command THX has disappeared since Retro Girl's death. Lance figures that THX and Laser have created an alliance because they didn't like the peace between the two gangs because of Retro Girl's presence. Christian asks if he has proof, but Lance just tells him to find THX and Laser. He removes a glove and his hand shapeshifts into a EMP generator, and he restores the power. When Deena and Kutter try to stop him, Lange says that Lance is free to go. Lance says that he's waiting until the truth comes out of Retro Girl, and Lange holds Christian back as the Hacks leave. Emile warns Lange that whatever game she's playing is on her.

As everyone goes back to work, Christian admits to Deena that Lance coming in is a first. He admits that he believes Lance, and Deena points out that Laser has a record. Later, they go to an expensive apartment and gag at the smell inside. The officers find a rotting Laser, his chest blasted open. Deena points out that Lance was wrong, and suggests that THX was making moves by himself. She tells Christian that they're late for the funeral and calls in the body.

Calista flies above the city and watches a newscast about how LA is no longer safe. Terrance says that the world needs another Retro Girl and wonders who will rise to the occasion. He figures that it will be a longer time until they see anyone who comes close to Retro Girl, and by that time it will be too late.

At Unity Hall, people gather for Retro Girl's funeral, including protestors demanding an end to Powers. Deena and Christian arrive and join Triphammer, and Bailey gets out of his limo. He approaches Christian and offers his condolences, and then goes inside. Emile orders his officers in and Christian tells them to go on ahead. He goes over to Calista, who is standing in the crowd and says that she's paying her respect. Terrance approaches Christian and starts peppering him with questions, and Christian takes the microphone... and starts beating Terrance with it. Deena and Triphammer pull Christian away, and they both admit that they're jealous.

As they reach the church door, Christian tells the others to go on ahead while he calms down. Inside, Bailey pays his respects at Janice's coffin and then goes to the podium.

Calista makes her way through the crowd.

Bailey delivers the eulogy, and says that Retro Girl drew a line in the sand between good and bad.

Two Powers start attacking the crowd, and Christian, Kutter, and Calista see them.

Bailey says that Retro Girl always wanted to know what was next after she won.

The people outside riot and one of them kicks Kutter over. Christian goes to his fellow officer's assistance.

Bailey tells the funeral attendees that Retro Girl wanted more from them, and it takes accountability as well as power to be a hero.

SWAT reinforcements arrive and try to disperse the crowd. Calista removes her coat to reveal her costume.

Bailey wonders what happens next without accountability.

Calista flies into the air and then soars down and knocks one Power away. Meanwhile, Christian spots the man who impersonated Laser, and the imposter runs off into the crowd. Christian goes after him, and Deena, trying to subdue the other Power. When she calls to her partner, the Power knocks her off and runs away.

At home, Zora practices with her power and watches the newscast on the funeral. She sees the "new" Retro Girl.

Lance stares in shock at his TV as they show Calista.

Christian chases the imposter through the streets, and the imposter runs to a door and knocks. A bouncer lets him in, and Christian arrives and draws a gun on the bouncer. He goes into the sex club and sees strippers dressed as Retro Girl and Zora. Christian finally spots the imposter and tackles him, and yanks off the hoodie. He realizes that it's Krispin, and starts beating him as he demands to know what he's doing. The tech providing the disguise finally gives out, revealing THX. Christian rips the tech off his chest and THX spasms in pain.

At Unity Hall, Calista drops his prisoner down at Deena's squad car. Deena recognizes her, and Christian arrives with THX and tosses him into the squad car. He then tells THX that he's under arrest for the murder of Retro Girl.

On the news, Terrance talks about the rioting and the new Retro Girl.

Calista meets Christian on their rooftop and confirms that he's okay. He tells her that Krispin didn't kill Retro Girl, and they're booking THX for her murder. Calista offers to help, and Christian insists that they have to do it by the book. She doesn't believe it, and Christian insists that great responsibility comes with great power. He warns that people will see her as a symbol, not a person, and Calista has stepped into the shoes of one of the greatest heroes. Christian tells her to learn from his mistakes and offers to help her. Calista reminds him that the last time they were there, Christian jumped off the roof to save her even though he had no powers, and she admired it. She says that she's working as a waitress, and Christian says that she should come down to the station so they can determine what level of power she is. He has her determine if she has any vision powers and they activate.

Later, Sgt. Tiberio Martinez--a paraplegic--is racing in the park. Triphammer times him and then goes over to Tiberio and says that he has a proposition for him.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 2, 2016

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