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Hell Night Recap

Terrance on The Powers That Be talks on-air about the coming "Hell Night' in the wake of Retro Girl's funeral. People are hoarding or fleeing LA, and downtown merchants are preparing for war between the Quantums and the Hacks.

At Powers Division, Kutter shows Deena an article on the "new" Retro Girl and tells her that Emile wants to see her in his office. He warns that Christian has already been in there for ten minutes and yelling his head off, and figures that their chances of surviving the night are practically zero. Kutter suggests that they just let the gangs kill each other off, but Deena isn't impressed and makes it clear as she heads out.

In Emile's office, Christian complains that Emile won't reopen the case. Emile doesn't want to hear any more, and says that against his better judgment, he's taking Christian's advice and reopening the Retro Girl case. However, it's just Christian and Deena, and no one else is supposed to know what they're doing. The captain also tells them that they're only on-call for Hell Night if Armageddon happens., and tells Christian to do whatever he has to do but to take it out-of-house. As Deena and Christian leave, Deena lies to Kutter and says that the case is still closed.

At KLAH, Nicole is watching an interview with Bailey. The Senator insists that their survival depends on the passing of his anti-Power legislation. Terrance comes over and asks Nicole to find out what she can about the new Retro Girl, and she reminds him that she'll be on the street covering the riot. The newscaster figures that everything is winding down after the funeral riot, and Nicole says that it's their job to whip them back up. She suggests that Terry come out with her, but he refuses to be humiliated on camera by Christian again.

At Triphammer's home, Triphammer and Martinez are getting coffee and listening to THX scream. Triphammer tells Martinez that what he and the others are doing isn't legal and advises him to stay clear, and takes coffee to Christian and Deena in the next room. THX is hooked up to a brain scanner and Christian says that he's looking good for Retro Girl's murder. The ganger insists that isn't on him, but he laughs and says that half the heroes wanted her dead. Christian punches him and demands answers, and THX says that he has no idea who killed her or who bankrolled his disguise tech.

Furious, Christian throws a switch on the panel hooked up to THX. The ganger screams in pain, and Triphammer quickly shuts the machine down. He tells Christian to dial it back, and then he and Deena advise THX to talk while he can. Christian comes over and throws his coffee in THX's face, and Triphammer warns that it will hurt if he downloads the files from the tech built into THX. THX breaks and says that the money for the Drainer was sent to him through a series of proxies, with a text message telling him to leave it for pickup. The mask with Krispin's image came pre-programmed, and THX has no idea who Krispin is. As he gives them the parking garage where he left the Drainer, a failsafe in THX's tech kicks in and blows open his head.

At home, Zora watches Nicole interview citizens about the coming riots.

Deena and Christian drive back into LA and Deena looks for gum in the glove compartment. She finds some taco sauce packets and Christian says that it belonged to his former partner Brian. Christian talks about how he promised Brian that he'd take care of Krispin, and Deena reminds him that Krispin was in way over his head and there was nothing Christian could have done. She admits that she was wrong about figuring Krispin was Retro Girl's killer, and figures whoever did kill her is good at hiding.

At PAR, Craig sits in on a meeting about the coming riots. As they argue about whether Retro Girl's costume is trademarked, Craig gets a text from an unknown sender saying, "I want her." Craig tells the other agents that the look is the people's, not theirs. He says that they should squeeze every dime they can get out of Calista's homage to Retro Girl, and warns that they can't involve the cops. They'll put their people on the streets and try to catch Calista in action and pitch her on the spot.

Christian and Deena go to the parking garage and confirm there are no cameras. As Christian notices a twisted concrete pylon, Emile calls him and says that on the night of the murder, they have a Honda Civic abandoned after an explosion. They processed it after a week and found a bomb in the trunk. Deena and Christian go to Impound, and the forensic tech confirms the bomb was hidden. There were some textbooks and a shirt with Krispin's name on it, and a partial print matched with Krispin. The DMV doesn't have the car registered, and the VIN puts it at a used car lot in Fresno six months ago but they're out of business. The front doors aren't locked and Christian figures that they were open at the time of the blast, meaning Krispin wasn't driving. There's no sign of Krispin's phone, and Deena says that the phone on Krispin's body belonged to his mother.

The officers go to the site of the explosion and start checking the nearby sewer opening. Triphammer calls and says that someone remotely hacked THX through the Cloud. As Triphammer says that he's tracking down the signal's source, Deena finds Krispin's phone.

Zora arranges a meeting with Calista at a diner, saying that she's in danger. When Calista arrives, Zora warns her against the danger of being misrepresented. She suggests that Calista slow down because the media will lock down public opinion and it will ruin Calista's image. Calista insists that Retro Girl's legacy is important, but Zora figures that Calista is piggybacking on a successful brand so she doesn't have to pay her dues. She tells Calista to figure out her real identity, and Calista dismisses Zora as a has-been. Calista says that she doesn't care what Zora or anyone else thinks and walks out.

That night, Nicole and her cameraman are forced to pull over with a flat tire when they swerve to avoid a barricade. She spots the Colossal Fun toy company nearby and remembers that they make all the Powers action figures. Nicole tells her cameraman to help break the front windows open and calls some pedestrians to help. One of them comes over and helps her break in, and the security guard runs as the other pedestrians run in, cheering. Terrance is soon covering the looting and warns that Hell Night is just beginning.

Christian and Deena arrive at the Brixton Hotel and ask the manager if he recognizes Krispin from a photo after they traced his phone to that area. The manager finally says that Krispin stayed a couple of days and was with someone, and Christian asks for his video files.

Triphammer suits up and tell Martinez to go protect his family. The trace goes through and Triphammer confirms where it came from. He calls Christian , who confirms that Krispin was at the Brixton with a girlfriend. Triphammer says that the man who killed THX is in LA, but his computer isn't online... yet. When it is, he can tell Christian where to get him.

Riots break out throughout the city and Nicole's cameraman has enough. He gives her the camera and runs off.

Triphammer confirms the laptop was purchased eight months ago in Santa Monica, and Martinez sends Christian and Deena a photo of the buyer from her driver's license. It's Marigold Weigert, the same girl who was with Krispin in the hotel video. She has no criminal record and is deep into the anti-Powers movement. Triphammer confirms that Marigold hasn't been online since THX was killed. Once Triphammer hangs up, he tells Martinez that he should be out on the streets. He says that Triphammer is as dead as Retro Girl, and Martinez reminds him that there's a new Retro Girl. Martinez suggests that he be the new "Flyhammer" and picks up the armor.

Zora finds Calista standing on her rooftop, and asks her to stay. She says that she wants to be sure that Calista is okay, and suggests that they work together. Calista wonders if Zora is doing it to improve her own tarnished image, and Zora warns her that she's a rookie. She wonders if Calista knows what her limitations are, and points out that Retro Girl died. Calista figures she can do it on her own and flies off.

At Powers Division, Kutter tells Emile that three LAPD unis got hit by a group of Lightning Spitters. Emile tells him to go there and wait for backup, but admits that there's no one else close. Kutter suggests that he send Christian and Deena there so the three of them can hold the line, and Emile tells him that the other officers are working a lead. He tells Kutter that it isn't his problem, and Kutter realizes that they reopened the case. Kutter figures that Christian won't be watching Deena's back like he should, but Emile says that Deena can handle herself and after a moment, Kutter heads out.

Craig arrives at the police line as the rioters advance, and two Lightning Spitters tell him to hand over his car. Christian and Deena arrive and spray them with a firehose, shorting them out. As Christian gets Craig into his car, Triphammer calls and says that Marigold is online. Christian commandeers Craig's car and tells Deena to get rid of the agent, and Deena tells Craig to go home before running off after some looters. One looter is a Power and tries to freeze Deena, and Kutter arrives just in time to tackle her. As the rioters advance, Kutter says that they should get away. After a moment, Deena tells Kutter to get off of her and he does so before they both run off.

Christian drives through LA.

Triphammer watches the news.

As the two sides approach each other, Zora steps out between them and tries to control her powers. Deena and Kutter, watching from nearby, realize that Dora is badly out numbered. Kutter reluctantly follows Deena as she runs over and tells Zora to go, and says that Christian is busy.

Christian arrives at Marigold's address.

Nicole pushes through the crowd, broadcasting, as Calista flies down to join Zora, Deena, and Kutter. She says that she's there to help.

Christian enters the tenement building through the basement.

Zora blasts one of the rioters back.

Christian hears someone ahead typing on a laptop. It's Marigold, and he tells her to surrender. She says that it isn't what he thinks, and insists that she didn't kill RetroGirl and Krispin. Christian doesn't believe her, and Marigold insists that they want her dead, too. She says that "he" is coming, and has no idea how THX died. Marigold says that she and Krispin were both played.

SuperShock flies down out of the sky, slamming his fist down and knocking the rioters back.

As the building shakes, Marigold grabs the laptop and says that they have to go.

SuperShock calls out that the rioting must stop, or they'll make it all stop. He greets Calista and says that it's good to see her again, and helps her up. SuperShock then flies off.

The building above Christian and Marigold starts to collapse. Christian demands to know who is coming, and Marigold says that they were just trying to get people to wake up. The ceiling comes down on them as the tenement and the buildings surround it collapse. Outside, a man in a suit watches, smiling. He takes a bow and notices one lamp post still standing, and collapses it with a touch. The man then dances off, clicking his heels.

Deena and Kutter go back to their car, and Deena says that SuperShock is sheer power. Kutter wonders if it makes her hot, and Deena tells him to shut up. They get into the car and Kutter complains about Deena staring at SuperShock's package. He says that as his partner, he has to keep her safe, and Deena insists that she wasn't in danger. Kutter wonders where Christian was, and says that he was the one there covering her back and doing his job. After a moment, Deena thanks him and then jumps him as they kiss and have sex.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 3, 2016

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