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Eyes Only Recap

At the Klae Corporation, Walter calls the Westins in and says that the government has asked for a meeting and requires maximum security. Ken Maynard, Director of the U.S. National Security Agency, arrives with two of his special agents, Kirk with the SIA, and Ross with the DFI. Kirk runs the slides on Paula Simon and Ken explains that is his executive assistant. He believes that she is a traitor to the U.S. running a major espionage penetration. Paula has stolen vital defense information, but they can't arrest her because they have no idea how she's taking out the information or who receives it. Walter figures that they can wrap it up in short order, and Ken explains that an SAI agent was shot down two days ago on the street. He was investigating Paula when he was murdered, and no one knows how.

The Westins set up at a hotel in DC and Daniel explains that Kate will apply to Ken's staff, working as Paula's assistant. Then Daniel will follow an "Eyes Only" document that they will plant on Paula. The maid comes in and Daniel quickly drops the robe he's wearing so that she doesn't see him. Once the maid leaves, Daniel hugs Kate.

Later, Kate arrives at the NSA and the guards let her in. She drops her purse as a distraction while an invisible Daniel slips in. once Kate passes through the security scanner, Daniel joins her as she goes to Paula's office. Paula interviews Kate and Kate says that she is doing it for the prestige, patriotism, and pay. Her new employer doesn't believe her, and wonders why she's leaving the Klae Corporation. She asks about the Klae Resource, and Kate claims that it's above her pay grade. The guards bring in the eyes-only package and Paula terminates the interview. She agrees to see Kate the next day, and Daniel whispers goodbye to her as she goes. Once Kate leaves, Paula reads the eyes-only information while the guards stand watch... and Daniel observes.

That night, Paula goes to a supper club and Daniel follows her. As she listens to singer Tony Bernard, Daniel calls Kate and tells her where he is. He says that Paula read the document and she didn't have a hidden camera. Kate admits that Paula is an attractive woman but understands that Daniel has to stay close to her. Daniel leaves the phone booth as someone comes by to make a call, and holds the door until the would-be caller gets a staff member to open the jammed door.

Tony finishes his set and joins Paula at her table, and she says that two government agents are following her. Daniel listens from nearby as Paula says that she's being blackmailed into sneaking out the information. Tony assures her that he cares more than he expected about her, and doesn't want anything to happen. However, he makes it clear that their contractor expects results. Tony explains that the dead agent saw them together and Tony phones the Contractor, and Tony doesn't know how they killed the man. He warns Paula that there's no way out for either of them, and Tony escorts Paula to her car. Daniel gets in the back seat as the couple drives off, and Ross and Kirk follow them.

Paula turns on the radio to thwart any bugs and tells Tony that she has important information. She insists it is the last information she'll hand over, and Tony agrees. The singer wants documents to show the Contractor if they agree, and Paula says that she'll get them in the morning... and then they'll be together.

When she gets home, Daniel watches as Paula starts to type. He sneezes, having caught a cold from the air conditioning at the club, and Paula look around. She sees her cat and assumes that she heard it sneezing, and then types up the report from memory.

The next day, Daniel tells Walter, Kate, and Ken what he's learned. They figure that they need to catch her in the act, and Daniel looks pleased at the necessity of having to continue follow Paula.

Later at the Washington Star, Tony meets with columnist publisher Jack Pierson. He tells Jack that Paula is going out of business and wants to buy her way out. Tony says what Paula has, and that she'll give it away free in return for a way out. Jack points out that she has nothing to negotiate with, but Tony says that it's over for him and Paula, and tells Jack to tell the Contractor that they're both out. Once Tony leaves, Jack calls the Contractor.

As Tony walks down the street, he stops to window-shop and one of the windows shatters. He clutches at his shoulder and runs. The shooting is soon on the news, and Daniel and the others watch it on TV. Walter figures that Paula and Tony's deal was rejected, and the attempt was a warning. Kate offers to talk to Paula and find out what she's going to do, while Daniel says that he'll try to find a pattern tying it all together. He goes to WNXL to review the outtakes, and notes that there's a demolition crew working down the street. There were also hardhats at the agent's murder, and Daniel spots an orange van in the background that was also at the agent's murder. Finally, he notices a surveyor's mark on the curb and goes to check it out.

At the NSA, Kate meets with Paula and Kate asks if something is wrong. She says that Paula seems jumpy, and Paula figures that Kate is with the Klae Resource. Paula then says that a friend was shot at that morning and she's in over her head with espionage. She doesn't know who she sold the secrets to, and Tony called to tell her that he went into hiding. Paula wants protection in return for her testimony, and Kate tells her that Paula needs to talk to Ken and he already knows what she's doing.

Later, Paula meets Ken, Kate, and Walter at the hotel and confesses. Ken wonders why she did it, and Paula explains that eight years ago she took drugs to try and stay focused. Three years ago she broke the addiction, but the Contractor found out and blackmailed her into doing it. Walter says that they'll help her but she'll have to help them find out who the Contractor is by feeding information to them. Paula doesn't know who to contact now that Tony is gone, but Walter says that they'll contact her.

Daniel goes to the construction site and puts on a hardhat to pose as an inspector. He searches the office and hears the owners, Nick and Joe Palanzi, coming, and hides in a locker. The brothers check their silenced gun, disguised as a piece of surveying equipment. Joey opens the locker to get some cartridges, and notices clothing piled in the bottom. The brothers go to the garage to test the sights, and an invisible Daniel leaves the locker and goes out. He follows the Palanzis to the garage where they're testing the gun.

Jack meets with Paula at a hotel restaurant and says that he wants tips for his column. He finally says that the Contractor doesn't want her out, and Paula says that she'll stay on. Jack demands proof, and arranges a meeting with him to hand off the info at the Columbia Building at 3 that day, in plain view. She points out two men at a table and says that she's under surveillance, and arranges the switch.

Jack calls the Palanzis and says that Ken's personal bodyguards are following Paula, and figures that she must be cooperating. Nick assures Jack that they'll take care of Paula. Once he hangs up, Nick has his workers prepare the site for the hit. Meanwhile, a guard comes by with his dog and the dog smells Daniel. It starts barking and Daniel backs up against a nail, cutting himself. As he jumps up to grab a pipe, the guard apologizes to the brothers, saying that the workers leave scraps. The Palanzis drive away and Daniel goes back to the office and calls Walter. As he starts to warn his boss, the guard puts his partner's phone into the office jack, cutting the line. The guard then locks the office, trapping Daniel inside.

Daniel tries to trip the lock. When that fails, he catches the dog's attention. The guard opens the door to investigate and Daniel runs out. The dog tries to go after him, but the guard drags it inside to check out the office and finds nothing except Daniel's clothing. The gate is locked and Daniel can't get out, and the guards sport his blood on the floor. The dog gets free and leaps at Daniel, and the guards pull it back. Daniel finds a first aid kit and cleans his wound, and then goes back into the office and puts on his disguise. When he hears a worker leaving out the gate, Daniel takes off his disguise and slips out with the man past the barking dog. He invisibly hails a taxi and gets in when the driver pulls over, grabs the man from behind, and tells him not to look. Daniel then tells the cabbie to drive to the Columbia Building.

The workers set up near the Columbia Building at five minutes to 3.

Walter, Ken, Kirk, and Ross arrive at the Columbia Building and check out the area while Kate and Paula wait in their car. Nearby, Jack checks the time.

Kate and Paula get out of the car, and Jack comes over. As the Palanzis target Paula, the cab pulls up and blocks the laser sight. An invisible Daniel gets out and yells a warning to Kate, who gets Paula to cover. He then attacks the Palanzis, turning the gun on them and forcing them to surrender. Ross grabs Jack while the others arrest the workers.

Late at Klae, Daniel and Kate meet with Walter. Walter passes on Ken's congratulations, but Ken doesn't see what the Resource had to do with the final capture. Daniel jokingly removes his dermaplex glove and agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 5, 2016

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