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Go Directly to Jail Recap

At Klae, cleaning lady Ms. McCallister looks an envelope and continues working.

In the lab, Kate tells Daniel that she's starved, while Daniel works at the typewriter. Ms. McCallister knocks at the door and says that she needs to talk to the Westins. Daniel quickly puts on one of his masks and Kate ushers the cleaning lady in. She breaks into tears and finally says that her son Leland is in jail in Texas. Ms. McCallister's cousin has sent her a letter saying that he is at the Holtsville Prison Farm, and saw Leland there under the name of James Smith. Leland pleaded guilty to possession of drugs, and Leland pretended he didn't know the cousin. Ms. McCallister insists that Leland was framed, and last saw her son two years ago. He works as a salesman and travels a lot, but Ms. McCallister is sure that Leland is innocent. She doesn't have money for a lawyer, and knows that Daniel heads the Klae Resource. Ms. McCallister asks them to help her find out what happened to Leland.

Later, Daniel tells Walter that he and Kate are going to Texas to help Leland. Daniel has confirmed that Leland had a brilliant college career and no criminal record, and he pleaded guilty to the possession charge. Walter advises against it but Daniel insists in using his invisibility to help out the little guy and leaves.

The Westins drive to Texas and Daniel meets with Warden Stone. Stone says that Leland doesn't want to meet with anyone, and Daniel says that he represents Leland's ex-wife in San Francisco. She's charging him with default of alimony payments, and Daniel needs Leland's signature on a waiver. Stone says that Leland has refused to meet with any of the counsellors and the parole board representative, but agrees to tell Leland that Daniel is there.

Daniel gives Leland's real name as his alias and Stone is surprised when Leland agrees to see Daniel. Once Daniel goes, Stone looks out his window at Leland and then has his secretary run a check on Daniel.

In the visitor's room, Leland denies his real name and Daniel explains that Ms. McCallister sent him. Leland insists that there isn't anything to tell, and Daniel explains who he is. The prisoner abruptly drops his amiable prisoner routine and asks Daniel about tele-transportation, and a surprised Daniel explains his own theory. Once Daniel confirms who he is and that he knows about the Klae Resource, Leland tells him to get out and not ever come back. He then goes back to his routine and calls for the guard to take him back.

Back at their motel, Daniel tells Kate that Leland must be working undercover. Daniel calls Walter and asks him to check out who Leland is really working for. Walter warns that Daniel may have blown Leland's cover, and tells Daniel to sit tight. Once Daniel hangs up, he removes his disguise and tells Kate to wait there for Walter's call and then come and ask to see prisoner Harry Wells: Daniel. He's going to break into the prison.

Later, an invisible Daniel sneaks into the prison after burying a plastic bag at the fence containing his disguise. He then goes to the file room and types up an admission form for "Harry Wells," and steals a prisoner's uniform. A guard is sleeping near where Leland is working, and Daniel steals his shoes. He then gets his bag and puts his mask and the stolen clothing on, approaches a prisoner, and says that he's new there and was convicted of fraud. The prisoner advises Daniel to stay away from Connor, the head guard and a friend of Stone's.

Daniel goes to the woodshop where Leland works and holds a piece of board in front of his face to keep the guard from seeing his face. He then approaches Leland and whispers to him.

Walter calls Kate and says that Leland is an agent millions of dollars of heroin are spread through the area. The Feds have traced it to the prison and figure that Stone is in charge.

Leland tells Daniel to get out, insisting that he doesn't want any help from the Klae Resource. The agent insists that he's about ready to bust the case wide open, and then his people will pull him out. He tells Daniel what he's working in return for his promise that he'll go.

Walter tells Kate that Leland doesn't know that a huge drop is taking place the next day at 6 at the same motel the Westins are staying at. After that, the Feds will spring Leland. Until then he's a sitting duck. Walter tells Kate to get to Daniel and tell him to get out, and to be careful of Stone.

Stone calls Connor in and shows him a report from his contacts in DC that Leland McCallister is an agent with the Bureau of Narcotics. They figure that the real Leland is Daniel's inside contact, and Stone figures that they can take care of Leland.

Kate meets with Daniel and tells him what Walter told her. She warns her husband that Stone will eventually see him and will wait for Daniel a quarter-mile down the road.

Connor brings Leland to Stone's office and beats him, and Stone demands to know who Daniel is, still thinking that he's Leland. They don't believe the real Leland's cover story, and Connor takes Leland out. Stone then looks out his window and spots Daniel, and makes a call.

Soon, Connor tosses Daniel into Leland's cell and handcuffs him to Leland, who is manacled to the bunk. Leland doesn't want to talk to him, and Daniel admits that he doesn't have a clue what to do next.

Kate waits at the rendezvous but Daniel doesn't show.

Connor shows Stone Leland's fingerprints and points out that they match the report from the Bureau insider. He's run Daniel's prints and confirmed that he works at Klae and has top security clearance. Connor wonders if they're in too deep, and Stone says that he's arranged to meet his contact Senor Robles that day. He takes out the drugs and has Connor pack them in his suitcase.

In their cell, Leland explains that illegal aliens are held at the prison. The bus picks up the drugs after it takes the illegals back across the border, and comes back without having to clear Customs. Stone comes in and says that he's had Daniel checked out. He explains that he's going to make the transfer a day earlier, kill Leland trying to escape, and make Daniel disappear. As he leaves, Stone tells the guard to stand watch right at the door.

Inside the cell, Daniel suggests that they try to escape. He swears Daniel to secrecy and then removes his mask. Leland works out what the Klae Resource is, and Daniel removes the rest of his disguise.

At 4:30, Stone prepares to drive to the motel, make the switch at 6, and be back at 7:30. Then he and Connor will catch a private plane to Mexico City and then South America. Stone drives to the motel, passing Kate, and she follows the warden.

Leland yells for the guard that Daniel is gone, and Daniel knocks the man out when he comes in. The scientist then uses the guard's keys to free Leland, but Connor has the keys to the handcuffs. Daniel rips Leland's pants and puts his hand and Leland's in Leland's pocket, and they walk away. A prisoner brushing the walk notices Daniel's footprints in the dirt.

Daniel and Leland enter the administration building and they both slip on the floor an inmate is mopping. They move on and then Daniel has Leland turn to face the wall when Connor comes by. Connor sees Leland's face anyway and orders Leland to raise his hands. Daniel knocks Connor unconscious and the two men drag the head guard into a closet, free themselves, and lock the door.

At the motel, Kate pulls in across from Stone and watches the warden go into a room.

Leland and Daniel steal a car and drive casually through the gate.

Kate tries to call Walter.

As Leland drives back to town, a cop pulls the car over. He sees Leland's prison uniform, draws his gun, and orders him out. Leland tries to explain that he's an undercover agent but the cop isn't interested, and Daniel punches the cop but he doesn't have any effect. The cop assumes that Leland hit him, handcuffs him, and puts him the back of his car. He drives off and Daniel gets back into the prison car and drives after him.

Senor Robles arrives at the motel and goes into Stone's room. Kate watches him go in and realizes the drop is occurring a day early, and makes a call.

Daniel drives down the road and is forced to stop when a farmer leads his cows across. The farmer wonders who is honking the horn when no driver is visible. Daniel drives on and the farmer commiserates with his cow.

Kate reaches Walter and tells her what is happening. He tells her to stall them until the police arrive, and Kate goes over.

At the Holtsville station, the cop makes a call and then laughs at the thought of Leland being a Federal agent.

Kate goes to Stone's door and knocks on the door, yelling for "Murray." Robles comes out and insists that there's no Murray there, and invites her to come in and look for herself. Kate makes a show of checking every inch of the room, and Robles claims that they're traveling salesmen. He escorts her out and outside, an invisible Daniel congratulates Kate. Daniel tells his wife to get them to open the door again and then go back to her room.

The Bureau finally calls the station and tells the cop that Leland is with them. Leland tells him to come with him because they have a bust to make.

Kate goes back to Stone's room and motions Robles out. She apologizes and claims that "Murray" is cheating on her, and Robles irritably goes back inside. Once she leaves, Robles and Stone start to make the exchange. Daniel sits on the suitcase, preventing the men from opening it. When Robles starts to go, Daniel opens the suitcase. Robles tests the merchandise and satisfied, tries to open the suitcase with the money. Daniel holds it shut until Stone tries, and then lets the warden open it. Robles stars to leave and Daniel opens his suitcase. The heroin spills out and the two men try to pick up the powder.

Leland and the cop arrive at the motel and Kate points out where Stone and Robles are. The two men pound on the door, and Daniel knocks them down when they try to run out the back. Leland and the cop break in and arrest the two men. Leland sees the heroin and congratulates his "partner," and the cop assumes that he's talking to him.

Later, Leland visits Klae and is reunited with his mother. She thanks Walter, Daniel, and Kate for their help, and Leland tells his mother that he's a federal health inspector. He whispers to the others to keep his secret and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 8, 2016

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