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Stealing Fire Recap

The day after the riots, search & rescue search the building that collapsed for Christian and Marigold. Triphammer is there with Emile, and blames himself for sending Christian there. The captain assures Triphammer that he didn't cause the collapse, and insists that they don't need SuperShock to help them. Deena and Kutter come over, and Emile insists that they're not done looking. Angela and Schlag arrive and Angela wants to call in a team. Emile says that they have it, just as a search dog finds something. Everyone runs over and Kutter digs up... a woman's severed arm. Angela spots Marigold's laptop nearby and Emile quickly takes it from the FBI agent. The search dog picks up another scent, and Schlag uses his Powers strength to lift the wall off of the survivor. It's Christian, and the EMT confirms that he's breathing.

The Past

Christian flies Angela to his penthouse apartment after a night of partying at an action figure premiere gala hosted by Conrad Amadeus Moody III. He assures Angela that the dancing wasn't bad, and she says that she's surprised Janice didn't come. They look at the action figure samples they received and then they kiss. After a moment, Christian says that he doesn't know if they should and Angela calls him a liar. She says that she can smell his arousal and they kiss again, and Angela figures that it will end in tears.


At the hospital, Deena is sitting with a sedated Christian when Kutter brings in food. He tells Deena not to blame herself, and she blames them because she was with Kutter when she was supposed to be watching Christian's back. Kutter reminds Deena that Christian took off, and if she had gone with him then they both would have been under a building. Deena tells Kutter to go back to work, and he sets down the food and leaves. She checks on Christian and then sits down, shaking.

At Pop's Diner, Calista is working as a waitress wearing a wig and glasses. She spills food on a woman, who commiserates with her. Powers That Be come on and Terrance talks about SuperShock's surprise appearance to stop the rioters. Calista looks at the TV and the video of herself as the new Retro Girl.

As PTB offers a reward for any information on the new Retro Girl, Todd sees his daughter on the TV and recognizes her.

In the morgue, Dr. Death is taking fingerprints from Marigold's severed arm and tells Emile that he's working on a positive ID. The ME points out that the wristwatch on the arm is spinning backwards, and says that they need an overhead view of the crime scene to spot something he hasn't seen in a long time: gravity waves. Emile, realizing what he means, stares at Dr. Death in shock.

The Past

Christian and Angela have an outdoor meal at Brian's cabin by the lake, and Angela is flattered that Christian invited her. She admits that she missed him and points out that a lot has changed since Christian lost his powers. Christian says that working with cops is the same job, just more paperwork, but finally admits that he misses flying. He talks about how he gets sick and cuts himself, and Angela assures him that he doesn't feel so different. They start to kiss, but then Christian asks Angela if she's okay. He asks if there's anything she wants to tell him, just as Brian comes out.

Christian tells Angela that Brian is his partner, and whispers to Angela that Brian said he wasn't going to be there. Angela looks around and says that she's realized that Christian had her backed up against the water and she hates water. Brian and Christian both draw guns and aim them at Angela, and Christian orders her to turn around. She wonders if it's just the two of them, just as Emile and a group of SWAT officers arrive, guns drawn. Emile puts her under arrest for the possession of over $14 million in illegal contraband and the murder of four DEA agents. Angela says that Emile will be dead before they tag her, and Emile says that's fine as long as they tag her. Christian tells her not to do it, and Brian's corpse appears and says that she can't help but make it worse, and none of the Powers can. The corpses of Brian's wife and son appear and warn that the Powers are going to kill them all...


Christian wakes up and sees Deena nearby, sleeping. She wakes up and comes over to Christian, and explains that Marigold is dead and Christian should be as well. Christian says that he's fine.

At Triphammer's home, Martinez is testing his new legs on a treadmill. As Martinez picks up speed, Emile arrives and points out that the FBI are outside. Triphammer says that the FBI are jamming cellphones as well and introduces Martinez. He says that Marigold was onto something but with the damage to the laptop, it's hard to know what. Emile shows him the collapse pattern of the building and Triphammer realizes that there are concentric rings. There's no such power registered in the database, and Triphammer realizes that the same pattern wiped the hard drive on Marigold's laptop. He realizes that gravity rings caused the pattern and they're dealing with a Power who can manipulate gravity, Level 7 or higher. Emile wants to run it through Triphammer's Black Swan files, the one he's not legally allowed to have. Before Triphammer can answer, Deena comes in and says that Christian is up.

In his office, Craig is staring off into space when his phone goes off. He jumps at the noise, and then checks his text. The same person from earlier asks if he has "her" yet, and Craig starts to lose it. His assistant Betsy comes in and shows him photos of Retro Girl for the new memorial box. Craig says that they have to have the new Retro Girl and starts laughing hysterically. He slams a photo down on his desk and says that it's fantastic, and starts clapping as Betsy leaves.

After putting on a sling and neck brace, Todd calls in Nicole and her producer from PTB and says that he feels there's some things the world should know about the new Retro Girl. He has photos of a younger Calista and insists that it's the new Power, and warns that she isn't right in the head and never has been. Todd claims that he's worried that Calista will come back to finish the job, and says that he has her Social Security number to help them track her down. Once they have it, Nicole and the producer leave, and Nicole tells the man to call Legal. As she goes on, the producer calls an unlisted number and says that he has something for them.

At the hospital, Deena, Emile, and Triphammer show Christian the overhead shot of the collapse site and explain that there are rare Powers--Lifters--who can break the laws of gravity. There have only been two in the last 50 years, and one of them is Derek Warner, aka Heavy. Christian doesn't recognize him, and they don't know where he is. Deena is surprised when Christian figures that Heavy killed Krispin as well as Marigold, and suggests that he framed both of them for Retro Girl's murder. Emile warns there isn't even circumstantial evidence to support Christian's theory, and Christian explains that Marigold said that "he" was there right before the building collapsed. Triphammer explains that Marigold hacked into PAR's database and had all of their information on Retro Girl. The last Marigold did before she was killed was try to hack into an FBI laptop belonging to Angela. Christian says that he needs to reconnect with Angela, alone, but Deena and Kutter need to be nearby.

At the collapse site, Christian looks at the spot where he was buried.

That night at Pop's, Craig comes in and gives his card to Calista. He addresses her by name and says that he believes in her, and says that she's the next Retro Girl. As Craig offers to help her handle everything, Nicole and her cameraman come in and tell her about Todd's accusations. Calista takes off her wig and flies through the roof.

At the Kingsmith Restaurant, Schlag is renewing his energy by gorging on salad as Angela looks on. Christian comes over and thanks Schlag for saving his life, and then talks to Angela at the bar. He explains that Marigold worked with Krispin, and realizes that Angela already knew about Marigold. Christian says that he isn't there to talk about the investigation, and apologizes for bringing her in. Angela dismisses it as ancient history, but Christian insists that he had to do it. She says that it worked out for the best because the Feds recruited her out of prison and made her an agent, and she says that she's glad Christian wasn't crushed and admits that they never had the chance. Angela then swears Christian to secrecy and tells him that she's still bad.

Christian and Angela go to Angela's hotel room. As they go in, Christian steals her key card and tosses it on the floor. Deena and Kutter pick it up and wait. Inside, Christian sees Angela's laptop on the counter and carries her into the bedroom, closing the door behind them. Deena and Kutter hear the door slam and, recognizing their cue, Deena opens the door and goes in.

In the bedroom, Angela slams Christian against the wall and rips his shirt off. He takes off her blouse and slip, and she tells him to dig his nails into her back, hard, and her eyes turn feral. He grabs her tail and slams it against the wall, and Angela throws him across the room. Meanwhile, Deena uses Triphammer's device to hack Angela's laptop and tries not to listen as Christian screams when Angela bites him on the neck. He tells her to stop biting and grabs her by the hair, and pins her down so that they can have sex.

Angela smells Christian's sweat and realizes that he's hiding something, and she hears the sound from Triphammer's device. She kicks him through the door, and disarms Deena with her tail when Deena goes for her gun. When Christian grabs Angela, she slashes him across the stomach. Kutter runs in and Angela stuns him with a thrown platter, and then digs her claws into Christian's chest. Christian says that they know about Heavy, and explains that SuperShock didn't bring down the building. Angela has no idea what they're talking about, and Christian warns her that the people she's working for are evil. The agent insists that they saved her life, while the device finishes hacking the laptop. Christian asks Angela to come with them so that they can find out what's going on, and after a moment she tells him to get out. Christian quickly leaves with Deena, Kutter, and the device.

The next day in his office, Craig and Betsy watch Nicole's broadcast of Calista. Calista comes in and tells Craig to talk to her.

At Emile's office, Christian and Deena show Emile the information on Heavy. He was a deep cover black ops agent working for the government who quit and vanished. They figure that Heavy killed Retro Girl and framed Krispin and Marigold for the murder. The FBI SWAT team break in and order everyone down, and Angela and Schlag arrive. Angela informs the officers that the precinct is now under Federal control. Christian asks Angela if that's how she wants to play it, and she says that it's the only hand she has. She promises that they'll open fire if anyone resists, and Emile orders his officers to stand down. Christian and Deena are the last to do so, and Emile takes their guns. When he hesitates, Angela invites him to resist. Once he hands the guns over, Angela announces that by Presidential order, the FBI are dissolving Powers Division and requisition all personnel and equipment. She then turns to Christian and says that she isn't quite done.

Craig takes Calista to a test center where Conrad is playing with children with his action figures. He comes out and eagerly looks at Calista, admiring her symmetry. Conrad assures Calista that he's a big fan and takes her into the kids. He says that they have their new Retro Girl, and the children run over to hug Calista as Calista tries to take it all in.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 8, 2016

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