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Stop When Red Lights Flash Recap

The Westins are driving and come to the town of Docker Junction. They drive down the main street and come to a school bus parked at the side of the street. There doesn’t seem to be anyone inside, but its emergency lights are flashing. Daniel walks up and confirms that there’s no one inside, and drives around the bus after noticing that other cars are. The town lush, Pop, passes in front of them and they stop to let him pass.

A police car drives after the Westins, sirens flashing, and Daniel pulls over. Deputy Bentley comes over and asks for Daniel’s license and registration. He explains that he’s going to have to cite them for passing a school bus illegally while the red lights are flashing. Daniel points out that other cars were going by, and Bentley tells him that he has to make a court appearance that afternoon.

That afternoon in court, the court reporter, Gert Worokoff, calls the court to order. Judge Armistead Jones comes in and calls Daniel up. Kate pleads guilty but Daniel pleads not guilty without an explanation. He explains that the bus was parked and empty, and other cars were going by Armistead points out that Daniel is guilty as charged and Kate advises Daniel not to fight it. Daniel pleads guilty and Armistead charges him $465. When Kate objects, Daniel changes his plea to not guilty and Armistead sets his trial for the next morning.

Daniel objects and Armistead orders him to stand 20 days in jail for contempt. Kate talks to Daniel privately and draws him aside, where a man named Charles Hooten watches them. They step further away and Kate reminds her husband that they gave their word to Walter that they’d be there that night for a new project. Daniel agrees to pay and Armistead refuses to take a check. He allows them one phone call and Daniel calls Walter while Armistead and Gert smirk at each other.

Bentley brings in a young couple with a suitcase, and Armistead informs them that they broke the same violation. He charges them $235 and the man explains that he doesn’t have that much money and he’s on a honeymoon. Daniel watches as Bentley takes out a notebook and write something down. He then opens the couple’s suitcase and says that he’s looking for contraband.

When Daniel tells Walter what’s going on, Walter figures that the town is running a scam but agrees to wire the money. Meanwhile, Bentley takes out a negligee, embarrassing the bride. Gert sees it and nods to Armistead, while the husband Riley says that he has $200. Armistead agrees to take the negligee along with the negligee for the remaining $35. Daniel says that he’ll pay the difference and Armistead warns him to stay out of it. When Daniel persists, saying that it’s a swindle, Armistead fines him $1,000 for contempt and sentences him to five days in jail. Daniel wonders if there’s a lawyer in Docker Junction, and Charles steps forward and says that he’s a lawyer... and the town controller, and the town treasurer. Concerned about the conflict of interest, Daniel checks with Walter and asks him to come to Docker Junction. He warns that the Klae Resource is going to be in jail for five days, and Walter says that he understands.

Bentley locks up the Westins and leaves. Pop is outside and tells him that he’s off the wagon. As he leaves, Bentley sees the bottle behind his back. The deputy then goes to the Westin’s car and finds a metal cylinder. He opens it and finds one of Daniel’s disguises. He and Armistead confront the Westins with the mask, and Daniel says that it’s his cover. Bentley punches him and Armistead says that the nearby bank was held up that morning. He suggests that Daniel is wearing a mask now, and wonders if Daniel is wearing a mask. Kate puts the mask on and says that it’s a replica mask for her, for a New Year’s Eve party. Armistead says that they’ll check them out and Daniel says that he wants a written receipt for anything they remove.

Once the Westins are alone, Daniel makes up the bed to look like he’s under the blanket. He tells Kate that if they can get hold of Bentley’s notebook then they’ll have evidence of the scam. As Daniel removes his clothing and disguise, he suggests that Kate flirt with Bentley and he’ll come along invisibly. Kate calls Bentley back and says that Daniel is sleeping, and Bentley lets her out. He apologizes for hitting Daniel earlier and Kate accepts, and Deputy offers to make it up to her by buying her lunch.

At the restaurant, Bentley says that he’s single. Daniel whispers to Kate that he’ll get the notebook out of Bentley’s boot. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to the bar to pour more alcohol into Bentley’s drink. Pop sees the bottle floating in mid-air but assumes that he’s hallucinating. Meanwhile, Kate pours her drink in a vase when Bentley isn’t looking, and he calls for another round. Kate keeps Bentley drinking, and Daniel pulls up his pant legs to get at the notebook. Bentley assumes that it’s Kate and she plays along.

Soon, a drunken Bentley takes Kate’s hand and says that he’s not going to be in Docker Junction all his life. He tells her that he’ll be rich, and he and Armistead are partners. They have $2 million and Bentley keeps the records. Kate prods him into saying that he keeps the full record in the courthouse locker room. Armistead comes in and reminds Bentley that he’s on duty, and tells him to go back to the courthouse. Daniel whispers to Kate that he’s going to follow Armistead, and Pop sees the door open and close by itself.

Daniel follows Armistead into his office, and Armistead gives the receipts to Charles to record in the ledger in the safe. As he opens the safe, Daniel notes the combination. Once the two men leave, Daniel opens the safe and checks the records.

Bentley is in the courtroom recovering from a hangover when the cook, Ethel, comes in with food for Daniel. Daniel comes in behind her and follows Bentley into the cell. As Bentley prepares to wake Daniel up, Kate comes in and Daniel uses the distraction to get into the bed and put on his disguise. He then feigns waking up and Bentley leaves the couple to eat. Daniel tells Kate what he’s learned, including the fact that Armistead claimed that he and Charles were 50/50 partners. Since Bentley made the same claim, they figure that Armistead is playing the two men against each other. Kate has discovered that there’s a roadhouse outside of town, and Gert runs it. Daniel figures that she may be a 50/50 partner as well, and tells Kate to check it out but to meet him at the newspaper office at 9 that night.

Walter arrives in Docker Junction and comes up behind the same empty school bus. Soon, Bentley brings Walter into Daniel’s cell. Daniel reminds him of the Jimson case, and asks Walter to call his friends Montgomery Craig and Joe Benoit. He wants them there for the trial, and then sets up the bunk again so he can invisibly sneak out and put an ad in the newspaper.

Kate goes to the newspaper office and tells Daniel that Gert is also Armistead’s partner. She goes instead and asks the employees Joe and the commpositor about the rates. They say that they can’t run her ad for the next day and offer to escort her to the hotel. Once they go, Daniel starts up the presses.

Bentley goes to the cell to have Daniel sign a release form, and Walter claims that Daniel is sleeping. The deputy insists that Daniel sign them now and opens the cell door, and Daniel slips into the cell and twists Bentley’s arm. Walter says that he’s using the power of the Inner Eye to cloud his mind. Daniel happily moves Bentley’s body in response to Walter’s commands, and then gets into bed. He then calls out, wondering what’s going on, and Bentley quickly leaves.

The next day, the townspeople come to the courthouse with newspapers. The headline says that there will be dividends for all. In his office, Armistead tells Charles that the headline is a practical joke. He figures that the townspeople are just jabbering, but Charles warns that they haven’t turned over a tenth of what they’ve collected. Armistead insists that no one will take their money away, and tells Charles to prepare to prosecute Daniel for a three-month sentence. Bentley comes in and asks what’s going on, and Armistead tells him to get Daniel.

In the jail, Daniel confirms that Kate and Walter know what to do. When Bentley comes in, Daniel fakes illness. Walter covers him over and Daniel sets up the bed. Bentley takes Walter instead and they go to the courtroom. He then goes to the locker room and Daniel follows him in and gets the larger record book. He takes the book outside and rides off on a nearby bicycle. Popp sees him go by and pours out his drink.

Armistead enters the court room and Joe asks what they’re going to get from him. Armistead orders him to sit down and Bentley explains that Walter is next on the docket. Walter represents himself and asks for a bench trial, and calls his first witness. Kate, acting as his associate, calls Gert to the stand.

Benoit and Craig arrive at the courthouse.

Kate asks Gert about the negligee she received as a present, and when Gert refuses says that Walter’s argument that a contemptible court can’t hold someone in contempt. With Walter’s help she cites precedent. Craig and Benoit come in and Craig confirms that there are other precedents. When Armistead wonders who he is, Craig identifies himself with the Federal Special Prosecutor. Armistead has no choice but to let Kate proceed. Gert says that Armistead gave her the negligee, and Kate points out that it was part of the fine. Joe speaks up, wondering where all the fines have gone, and Charles asks to approach the bench.

Daniel rides back to the courthouse and Pop watches as he goes in with several notebooks.

Charles tells Armistead that Kate is turning the trial around on Armistead, and if she subpoenas the notebook then it’s in Charles’ handwriting. Charles warns that Armistead’s protection in the state capital won’t protect him from the Federal people. He promises that he’ll take Armistead down with him, and the judge says that he’ll handle it. Meanwhile, Daniel tells Kate that the notebooks are outside.

Kate returns with the books, and Armistead says that he’s going to dismiss the case. Walter and Kate both object, and Armistead realizes that she has the notebooks. Meanwhile, Kate insists that they want complete exoneration so Armistead doesn’t reopen the case down the road. The townspeople cheer and Charles seeshis notebook. Gert and Bentley both come over to get their books, and they realize that Armistead has been conning all of them. Armistead runs into his office, locking the door behind him, and the townspeople go after him./

Armistead has a bag packed and prepares to open the safe. Daniel speaks up, saying that he’s the spirit of 3,000 motorists, and Armistead tosses the $2 million into the bag. Daniel grabs the bag and struggles with Armistead, and Armistead smashes through a glass office door and runs. Outside, Pop is coming up the courthouse stares when Armistead runs out. Daniel trips him and yanks his robes off, and then grabs Armistead until the others arrive. Benoit introduces himself as an IRS agent and asks to see Armistead’s tax returns.

Later, the school bus is towed away while Pop asks the bicycle to take off on its own again. Daniel, Kate, and Walter leave and Walter reminds the Westins about the project. After he leaves, Kate reminds Daniel of their honeymoon and points out that the inn they stayed at is only a f few miles away. Daniel flips a coin to see which “development” they go to. It comes up for the project, but they both agree to two out of three.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 11, 2016

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