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Sight Unseen Recap

At the Kappas manor, a blind Laurie Kappas is sunning by the pool when two men walk up. She hears them coming and assumes one of them is Lt. Wells, but neither man responds and Laurie realizes that they're not with the police. One man--J.R. Wells--apologizes, saying that they have a gun on him. Then he and the other man--Mannie--grab Laurie and drag her away.

Later, Laurie's father Neroda returns home under the escort of two police officers. He soon realizes that Laurie is gone and goes to the pool with one of the officers. They find a tape recorder and play it. Laurie's voice is on it, saying that they told her to tell Neroda that if testifies before the government committee then they'll kill her.

At Klae, a Federal agent--Griggs--plays the cording for the Westins and Walter. Neroda is scheduled to testify before an organized crime committee as a former crime boss. Now he's refusing as long as Laurie's life is in danger. Kate hears a noise in the background and borrows the recorder from Griggs, and takes it to the lab. Neroda refuses to let the police look into the matter for fear of endangering Laurie, and Griggs wants a circumspect undercover operation: the Klae Resource.

The men go to the lab where Kate is analyzing the tape. She's filter out Laurie's words and they hear someone choking in the background. Griggs has Neroda brought in to see if he can identify it, and he says that it's Mannie Hallman. Mannie works for crime boss Jimmy James in Miami, and Jimmy turned legit to start an interstate trucking company. Neroda tells Griggs that Wells must have been in on it, and insists that he can handle it better than Klae. He tells Walter to stay out of it and leaves with Griggs. Walter tells the Westins that they're sending the new portable computer to the motel room where they're setting up, along with photos of Mannie and Jimmy. He tells Daniel to find out if Laurie is at Jimmy's place and get out, and they'll tell Griggs.

The Westins fly to Miami and set up in the hotel room. They receives the addresses of Jimmy's offices and files on Wells, Jimmy, and Mannie. Daniel says that he's going in as a businessman and drives to Jimmy's office. He presents his card to the gate guard and asks to see Jimmy. When Jimmy lets him in, Daniel makes him an offer from his supposed company. Jimmy wonders where he got the idea his company needs money, and says that Daniel has been misinformed. As Daniel starts to leave, Jimmy calls Mannie in and him hold a gun on Daniel while he checks Daniel out.

Daniel's story checks out and Jimmy calls in the new guard: Wells. Wells doesn't recognize Daniel and Jimmy apologizes for the inconvenience. He has Mannie take Daniel out. Back at the hotel, Daniel tells Kate what happened. They figure that Laurie is inside the trucking company somewhere, and Kate has patched into the Florida business files. The Westins narrow it down to Building A with the executive offices, and they find a detailed alarm system in the upper level. One air conditioning duct faces out on the back, giving Daniel two possibilities.

Kate drops an invisible Daniel off near the trucking company. He slips in through the gate past the guard, knocking his clipboard out of his hands, then goes to the AC duct. The guards are working on a crossword puzzle and don't notice the flashing light when Daniel opens the duct. He then makes his way in, opening a door and setting off an IR alarm. The guards notice and check the area with the wall-mounted cameras, but see nothing. They assume that it's an error and go back to work.

Daniel comes to a locked door just as a guard arrives with a tray of food. The scientist slips in behind the guard and watches as he puts the food in a dumbwaiter. As Daniel opens another door, an alarm goes off. He goes upstairs but guards come at him from both directions. Daniel leaps up to an overhead pipe and the two pairs of guards meet below him. They figure the wires are shorting out due to the recent rain and go back to report to Mannie.

Daniel drops down and follows a guard who goes to the upstairs dumbwaiter door to get the food. Wells is on guard and gives the man the keys, but Mannie arrives and takes the food in. He looks around the room to make sure no one broke in, and confirms that Laurie is still manacled to her chair. Jimmy calls and says that he's nervous with all the apparent "malfunctions," and says that they're moving Laurie out at 1 pm, in forty-five minutes.

Once Mannie leaves, Laurie hears Daniel and figures that it's Mannie trying to trick her. Daniel shuts off the alarms and tells Laurie to keep quiet. She doesn't believe he just walked in past the guards, and he claims that they didn't see him. Laurie says that she thinks Wells has the keys, and Daniel explains that Wells helped kidnap her. She warns that if she escapes then her father will testify, putting his life in danger.

Outside, Wells hears Laurie and Daniel talking over the intercom. Daniel warns that Jimmy will have Laurie killed even if Neroda does testify. Wells sounds the alarm and goes in with Mannie and the guards. They don't see a second person in the room, and Laurie addresses Wells by name. Wells says that he heard a man, but Mannie checks the intercom and figures the wiring has gone bad.

Once the men leave, Daniel disables the intercom mike. Laurie wonders how they failed to see Daniel, and he says that he's good at hiding. He says that Neroda is under protective guard and safe, and Jimmy and his men will go to prison if Neroda testifies. When Daniel says that there's nothing in it for him, Laurie tells him that no one has ever done anything for her for nothing except her father. She wants to see Daniel, and he lets her feel his face. Satisfied, Laurie says that she trust Daniel, and he tells her that he has just over 30 minutes to get the manacle off of her foot. As he works, he asks Laurie about the routine.

Walter calls Kate and tells her that Neroda slipped his guards. They figure he's heading to the trucking company since that's the only place he has to look. Walter tells Kate to sit tight and he's sending two men to guard her.

Daniel knocks on the door to summon Wells. When Wells comes in, he doesn't see anyone at the door and confirms that Laurie is still manacled. He tells her to sit quietly and goes, and Laurie realizes that Daniel has left.

In the hallway, Daniel shoves by the guards and goes to a tool room. He grabs a pair of bolt cutters and knocks a wrench off the bench. The guards hear the clatter and come to investigate, but find nothing. Once they leave, Daniel grabs a screwdriver and leaves. He turns to Laurie's room and knocks on the door. When Wells opens it to investigate and finds nothing, Daniel knocks him out with the cutters. He cuts through the manacle and leads her out.

At the hotel, Neroda breaks in on Kate with a gun. He warns that Daniel is committing suicide and taking Laurie along with him, and insists on taking Kate with him. She has no choice but to agree. They arrive at the gate and Neroda draws his gun on the guard and orders him to take them to Jimmy.

Daniel leads Laurie to the air duct and he uses the screwdriver to unscrew the grille.

Neroda and Kate barge into Jimmy's office, and Jimmy agrees to get Laurie. Jimmy calls Wells but gets no response from the unconscious turncoat. Neroda tells him to send the guards, and Jimmy sets off the alarms and sends them to search. One of them finds Laurie and Daniel knocks him down and leads Laurie off.

Walter arrives at the hotel but finds no sign of Kate.

Daniel gets Laurie into a boiler room and bolts the door just in time. He looks around for anything he can use.

Walter, Griggs, and the police head for the trucking company

In Jimmy's office, Jimmy warns that the whole organization is after him. Mannie comes in and Neroda forces him to drop his gun and close the door. Once he's disarmed, Mannie says that Laurie somehow escaped and knocked out a guard, and says that she's in the boiler room. The gate guard jumps the distracted Neroda and disarms him, and Neroda tells them to kill him as long as they let Laurie go. Jimmy tells Mannie to get Laurie and bring her there.

Jimmy tells Laurie over the loudspeaker that they have her father and Kate hostage. Daniel asks Laurie to trust him, and promises that they won't kill Neroda. Jimmy realizes that it's Daniel when he identifies Kate, and Daniel tells Laurie to let them take her to Neroda. She agrees and Daniel unbolts the door. When Mannie and the guards run in, they search the room for Daniel but find nothing. Daniel climbs into an air vent and closes it behind him.

Mannie takes Laurie to Jimmy's office, and Jimmy asks where Daniel is. Kate assures Laurie that Daniel would want her to tell the truth, and Laurie says that she doesn't know where he is. Mannie assures his boss that Daniel wasn't in the boiler room. Daniel makes his way to the office and knocks that the door. When Mannie opens it, Daniel slips in and whispers to Kate that he's going behind the armed Jimmy.

As Mannie takes Laurie and Neroda out, Kate says that Daniel is hiding in the room. Daniel tells Jimmy that he's behind him, but Mannie sees no one. The scientist then grabs Jimmy's gun and tosses it to Kate, and Mannie runs for the door. She fires a warning shot just as the police surround the company. Kate escorts the crooks out at gunpoint while Daniel gets his clothes from the trunk of Kate's car, gets in the front seat. Neroda wants to thank Daniel in person and say that he'll testify in DC as promised.

Daniel finishes putting on his disguise and gets out of the car. Laurie hugs him and thanks him for his help, and realizes that his face has changed because he's wearing his mask. Daniel claims that he's aged in the last few hours, and Laurie says that she understands.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 13, 2016

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