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We Are the Garrison Recap

The Musketeers escort Anne to Treville's funeral. At Athos' command, they take the coffin to the cemetery.

That night, the Musketeers drink at Treville's favorite tavern. Porthos says that they knew where they were with Treville, and Constance and Brujon go to the garrison to get more wine. D'Artagnan points out that Athos hasn't touched a drop.

Constance stops at Sylvie's table and tells her to tell Athos because they could use some good news. She refuses, saying that it isn't the right time or place.

Porthos finally offers a toast to Treville, saying that he gave his life for France and believed in all of them. As the men toast Treville's memories, someone throws two bombs through the windows. The Musketeers take cover as the bombs explode, destroying the tavern. The Musketeers stagger out, guns drawn, but see no one. They figure that Lucien and Marcheaux were responsible, just as an explosion rocks the nearby garrison. The Musketeers run there and find the main building in flames.

D'Artagnan searches for Constance and Porthos holds him back from running into the burning wreckage. He breaks free and goes in, and his comrades chase after him but an explosion throws the three men back. They assume that D'Artagnan is dead, and Athos looks up to see Lucien on a nearby roof, watching. Lucien disappears in the smoke, and Athos goes to help his friends dig out two surviving cadets. Sylvie and the refugees arrive to help, and Athos finds Cadet Clairmont in the wreckage. Clairmont says that they were overwhelmed, and Athos assures him that he's not to blame. He realizes that the three men they found are the only survivors, just as D'Artagnan emerges with an unconscious Constance. He tells them that Brujon is still down there, and Athos and Porthos goes to get him while Aramis helps D'Artagnan. Constance revives, gasping, while Athos and Porthos get Bruton out. He says that he managed to drag them under the cellar door when the explosion brought down the roof, and they can only watch as the rest of the garrison collapses.

Lucien meets with Marcheaux and the surviving Red Guards, and says that only D'Artagnan is dead. Marcheaux insists that the survivors have nothing and can't protect Anne, and they have all of the garrison powder that they took. He says that they've risked enough already, and Lucien grabs him and slams him against the wall, and says that they finish the Musketeers.

The next day, the Musketeers comb through the wreckage. They realize that Lucien took at least some of the gunpowder, and there are only two wagons and no medical supplies or weapons. Athos says that they'll take the wounded to Christoph's tavern. When Brujon wonders how they can leave the garrison, Athos tells him that it's just a place. Wherever they stand and fight, that is the garrison. Aramis prepares to leave for the palace to get provisions while the others load the remaining wagons.

As Sylvie goes through the refugee camp gathering helps, she stops and gasps for breath. However, she refuses to rest while her friends suffer. Marcheaux and two of her men are waiting at Sylvie's apartment, and Lucien kills a refugee who tries to flee. He asks if Athos will come for Sylvie, and Sylvie says that Athos doesn't care about her. Lucien promises that she and Athos will both be dead soon, and Sylvie spits in his face. An old woman, Madame Rastoil, goes to help her. He has his men take her and the others away, and then has Marcheaux bring Rastoil to him.

At the garrison, the Musketeers send the wounded to the tavern. A Red Guard rides up, drops off Rastoil's corpse, and rides away before the Musketeers can stop him. There is a note on her in Sylvie's hand, saying that if the Musketeers don't go to the refugee camp by noon then Lucien will kill the refugees one at a time starting with Sylvie. Porthos points out that the note is addressed to three of them, and figures that they have the advantage because Lucien believes that D'Artagnan is dead.

Sylvie wonders what made Lucien so cruel, and he wonders why she would bring a child into the world. She wonders that he doesn't know who the father is.

D'Artagnan's comrades tell him to take out as many as possible, as quietly as possible. Constance calls Aramis over to operate on Clairmont. Meanwhile, Athos asks D'Artagnan if changes things to risk his life when his life is no longer his own. D'Artagnan says that it's the greatest cause of one's life, to fight for a loved one.

Elodie arrives with her daughter and Porthos goes to greet her. She says that the war found them, and Porthos leads her out. Elodie says that she hasn't decided what to name the baby yet, and she came to Paris because Porthos is there. She turns to see D'Artagnan and Constance kissing before D'Artagnan heads to the camp, and Porthos asks Constance to give Elodie a place to stay.

The three Musketeers go to the camp directly and vow that this time they will end Lucien, with no honor and no rules. They go inside and Marcheaux and his men come out with Sylvie. Lucien steps into view with them and has Marcheaux threaten Sylvie unless the Musketeers disarm. Once they do so, Porthos dares the Red Guard who set the fire to fight him man-to-man. Lucien stops the man and tells him to execute Porthos and Aramis, and bring Athos to him.

As Marcheaux manacles Athos, Sylvie tells him that he shouldn't have come. Lucien says that he wants Athos to watch as he kills her unborn child first.

The Red Guard march Porthos and Aramis into an alley. Aramis asks for a last meal, and D'Artagnan jumps down and attacks the distracted men. His comrades join in and they make short work of their captors. Aramis then fires two shots to make it seem that they've been executed, while D'Artagnan attacks more Red Guards. Athos knocks Marcheaux's gun out of the way as he aims at D'Artagnan, while D'Artagnan attacks Lucien. The Musketeer manages to stab Lucien in the leg and then goes to fight Marcheaux, but Marcheaux manages to break away and runs.

Porthos comes running and Lucien shoots him in the shoulder. He continues running and Athos goes after him.

The refugees surround Marcheaux, pitchforks ready. D'Artagnan arrives and orders Marcheaux to surrender, and the former captain refuses. He tries to fight but D'Artagnan easily blocks his blows and stabs him. Once he's disarmed Marcheaux, D'Artagnan tosses away his own sword and throws Marcheaux to the ground. He whips Marcheaux with a chain... for Sylvie, and then for the cadets, and finally kicks Marcheaux onto a farming implement and says that's for him.

Athos loses Lucien in the streets and finds D'Artagnan. When they return to the camp, Sylvie tells Athos that she's pregnant with his son. Athos' comrades assures him that he will be a great father and they will be great uncles. Sylvie goes to get the supplies to Constance and D'Artagnan goes with her. Athos thanks Porthos for his plan, which saved their lives.

Lucien hides beneath an old boat and passes out, D'Artagnan's broken-off blade still in his chest.

Later, Athos meets with Anne and recommends Porthos for promotion. She readily agrees, and then says that there will be a blessing ceremony for her son and those who died protecting him. Anne says that all of the people will be invited, and Athos is satisfied that Treville's legacy is that he left the world a more just place. The Queen asks if Athos would become her new Minister, and Athos says that Aramis would be far better suited because of his... ecclesial background as well as his charm. Anne smilingly concedes the point and thanks him for his advice.

Porthos watches the men clear away the debris of the garrison and Elodie joins him with tools. She insists that she can help rebuild the garrison. Porthos warns her that he can never give up soldiering, and Elodie assures him that she would never ask him to because France needs him.

Clairmont asks Brujon if they won, and Brujon assures him that they did. When Clairmont says that now they can wear the uniform, Brujon says that one day they will. Clairmont dies and Constance comes over. When Brujon tells her that he thought Clairmont was getting stronger, Constance tells him that he was the one who has gotten stronger. Once she leaves the room, Constance breaks into tears. Lucien emerges from the shadows and Constance, who has never seen him, wonders if he was injured in the attack. When she says that he doesn't have to suffer, Lucien says that suffering makes them strong. Lucien tells her to remove the blade tip, and Constance does so. She then tells Lucien to stay there with them, and Lucien swears that he will never lie down. Constance tells him that it's a new beginning and there's hope for them all, no matter how bad things stay. When she turns back, she discovers that her patient has slipped away.

Anne tends to the Dauphin and says that without the love of the people, the King is nothing. They take a carriage to the cathedral and the people cheer. Aramis helps them out and escorts them inside, and Elodie and Constance watch from the crowd. Elodie warns that few in the country speak well of Anne, and Constance says that many things will soon change. As the Musketeers join the progression, Elodie sees Lucien moving through the crowd and points him out to Constance. She recognizes him from the tavern, and Elodie explains that the Musketeers came to her home looking for them.

Lucien slips into the cathedral and prepares to set a fuse to the remaining gunpowder from the garrison.

Constance finds D'Artagnan and tells her husband that Lucien is inside. Athos tells Aramis to take Anne away, and the others to get the crowd back to safety.

Lucien lights the fuse.

D'Artagnan and the others tell the people to leave the cathedral.

Aramis picks up the Dauphin and introduces himself, and tells Anne to remain calm for her people's sake.

Athos and D'Artagnan reach the cathedral basement and find the fuses. They pull them out just in time, and Lucien realizes that he's failed. The Musketeers search for him, splitting up, and Lucien attacks D'Artagnan. They fight and Lucien cuts D'Artagnan's cheek. Athos arrives and opens fire, forcing Lucien to retreat into the shadows. He tells D'Artagnan to stay behind, insisting that he needs to do it alone. After a moment D'Artagnan agrees but warns that he will not raise Athos' child.

As Athos searches for Lucien, Lucien calls that Athos won't survive him and that love has made Athos weak. He lunges out of the shadows and stabs Athos in the side, and Athos stabs him in the chest. The Musketeer says that a man doesn't to live alone even if he dies alone, and Lucien continues his attack. They fight and Athos finally runs Lucien through and then holds him under the water until he's sure that his opponent is dead. D'Artagnan arrives and Athos tells him that it's done.

Later once the cathedral is secured, Anne tells the people that her faith was reward and it is time to restore the people's faith. She says that they will always find justice, and now she is disbanding her Musketeers and reforming them as the people's Musketeers, replenished from the people. As they leave, Aramis picks up the Dauphin and puts him in his carriage. Anne tells Porthos that he will return to the front as General du Vallon and show the soldiers that any man of any standing can rise on his own merits. Porthos bows to her, and Anne tells Athos to rebuild the garrison. As she gets into the carriage, Anne asks Aramis to take Treville's place as First Minister. He advises against it, and Anne asks him to take time and consider.

Later, Porthos walks with Elodie and says that he would also like to be there for her and her daughter. He says that if anything happens to him then his pension will go to her. Elodie points out that she's not his wife, and Porthos tells her that she'd better marry him before he goes and kisses her. He then says that they should name their daughter Marie-Cessette, and Elodie agrees.

In Athos' office, Athos assures Aramis that he'll always be a Musketeer. But if he accepts Anne's offer then he can watch over his son for the rest of his life.

Anne meets with Milady and gives her a name. She says that from now on Milady reports to her alone. As Milady goes, she warns Anne that cruel makes a cruel companion... and now Anne is alone.

Gaston is returning to his quarters when Milady confronts him and asks if he would prefer to die by the bullet or the blade. When Gaston draws his sword, Milady casually aims her gun at him and he tries to run. She throws her knife into his back and he goes down. As Gaston tries to crawl away, he says that he will give Milady anything. Milady aims her gun and says that he already has, says who she is, and shoots him dead.

At the garrison, Porthos tells Brujon to come to the front with him. When Brujon points out that he's not a musketeer, D'Artagnan gives him the uniform. He goes to change, and Porthos tells his friends that's it. Aramis assures him that he'll be back and hugs his comrade. Porthos asks Sylvie to look after Athos, and tells D'Artagnan to only recruit the best. They hug and Porthos leaves with Elodie. D'Artagnan wonders what Porthos meant, and Aramis tells him that he will be in charge of recruiting and training the new musketeers... as captain. Athos asks if D'Artagnan is refusing his last offer, and Sylvie says that Athos is taking a leave of absence to fulfill a mission of great importance. D'Artagnan says that they'll discuss it when Athos returns, and Athos doesn't doubt it. He leaves with Sylvie, and Constance tells her husband that they have some work to do.

Later, Athos and Sylvie ride out of Paris. She wonders what lies ahead of them, and Athos says that it doesn't matter as long as they face the future with challenge.

D'Artagnan finds a note in the captain's hat that Athos left him. It says, "All for one." Smiling, D'Artagnan puts the hat on.

Porthos kisses Elodie before riding off to war.

Aramis watches his son playing and turns to find Anne waiting for him. After a moment they kiss.

Sylvie asks about love, and Athos tells her that matters above all else as they kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 14, 2016

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