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We Are the Garrison

Lucien launches one final attack on the Musketeers, and only with love and courage will they stand true... or die.

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By Gadfly on Jun 14, 2016

The Musketeers escort Anne to Treville's funeral. At Athos' command, they take the coffin to the cemetery. That night, the Musketeers drink at Treville's favorite tavern. Porthos says that they knew where they were with Treville, and Constance and Brujon go to the garrison to get more wine. D'Artagnan points out that Athos hasn't touched a drop. Constance stops at Sylvie's table and tells her to tell Athos because they could use some good news. She refuses, saying that it isn't the right t…

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Episode Discussion

Atomika posted 3 years ago

What a beautiful ending to an amazing series (wish it was longer), I'm so happy Athos finally found peace and happiness.

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