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Shaking the Tree Recap

The news is running sex tapes of Senator Bailey with a girl dressed like Retro Girl, leaving the Powers Reform Act in in legislative limbo. In an isolated cabin, Patrick watches the news about his old teammate as the reporter notes that no one is able to find Bailey.

Christian is driving to the station and finds the paparazzi waiting for him. They want a statement from Christian about the sex tape, and he finally gets out and gets in the face of a particularly offensive paparazzo. The paparazzo keeps taunting him about his relationship with Retro Girl, and Christian swears at him before driving off.

When he arrives at the division, Nicola is waiting with pastries and tries to get an exclusive statement from Christian. Christian isn't interested, takes the pastries, and goes inside.

At the Moody toy company, Calista undergoes body scans for her action figure. Conrad conducts the scans personally and admires her symmetry. Afterward, Conrad takes Calista to his executive penthouse and brings up the scans. He assures her that he has his very best artists working on her face and it will take several months for a working prototype. Conrad gives her an original Action Girl figure and assures Calista that she'll be worth the wait, and asks if she's hungry.

Deena arrives at Powers Division and sees the FBI going through her desk. Meanwhile, in the break room the officers are watching the Bailey video. Kutter sees Deena outside and goes to her, and shows her the earring she left behind at his place. He assures her that with the FBI taking over, no one cares about the two of them, but Deena tells him not to bring their relationship to work.

Christian takes the pastries into the break room and sees Angela in her new office. He goes in and she says that she'll be making assignments shortly. Christian tries to talk about what happened, but Angela refuses and tells him to bring in Professor Clear for his parole hearing. She warns him that the Retro Girl case is officially closed, and reminds Christian to call her Acting Commander Lange. Once he leaves, Angela tells Schlag to keep an eye on Christian.

Deena approaches Christian and says that they have everything they need from the supply closet, and they're getting out of there. Waldo calls and Deena ignores him.

Triphammer meets with Zora at a diner and says that her taking on Wolfe was the bravest thing he's ever seen. He assures her that she's the real thing, and Zora is impressed despite herself. Triphammer wants to remind people that Powers can do good in the world given the current climate, and wants Zora to help him because he's getting too old for the field. He gives her an address and tells her to think about it, and Zora agrees.

At Deena's house, Deena and Christian try to work out Heavy's pattern. Christian checks the files they took from Angela's laptop and discovers that The Lance is one of Angela's informants. Deena figures that Angela knows about THX, The Lance's lieutenant, but Christian points out that they interrogate THX off-site so the FBI may not know about his connection to Heavy. He figures that The Lance is the middleman for the Feds to pay off Heavy, just as there's a knock at the door. It's Waldo, and Christian quickly leaves the room to call Records about The Lance. Waldo sees that they're working the Heavy connection, and tells his daughter to get out of Powers Division. He has a job with Deena with the ATF, and insists that she's off the reservation. Deena doesn't believe him, but Waldo warns that they'll find a way to send Deena and Christian both down. She sends her father out and he tells Christian to tell Deena to get away from Powers. Once they're alone, Christian says that they have something and asks Deena if she wants to take a ride.

Christian and Deena visit The Lance at his legitimate business office, and the officers figure that someone threatened him into releasing the Bailey sex tape from one of his private clubs. They threaten to tell Angela that THX helped Heavy kill Retro Girl, or out him on the street, and they start to go. The Lance starts talking, saying that Bailey was a cheap submissive who didn't pay his bills. However, he says that he didn't release the video for Heavy. Christian realizes that Heavy hacked the Hacks, and The Lance abruptly has his bouncers escort them out. As they leave, Deena figures that Heavy will learn that they met with The Lance, and Christian says that they're going to make it easy for him to find them.

Zora is parked outside Triphammer's house waiting for him. When Martinez arrives, Zora comes over and introduces herself. He abruptly says that he was raised to help people and makes a smart remark about Zora's expensive car, and Zora says that Triphammer asked for her help. She says that she decided to accept and walks away, and Martinez watches her go.

Calista and Conrad are playing video games, and Calista wins. Conrad gets some water and Calista says that she's never played video games before because they barely had enough money to eat. When Conrad assures her that she'll never have to worry about that again, Calista says that she didn't have to even think about it. He says that's because she can fly and is experiencing a level of control she's never had before. When Calista isn't convinced, Conrad tells her to go out and try it.

As they head back, Deena does some digging and learns that Bailey ran a consulting firm that contracted with the FBI. Bailey brought Heavy into the Bureau, and Deena warns that they'll need a judge to get all of Bailey's records, which means they need Angela. Christian admits that he should have told Angela the truth, just as someone throws a bomb through back window. Deena and Christian leap clear as the car explodes.

Christian and Deena storm into Angela's office, and she says that it wasn't them. After a moment, Christian says that they're getting close and whoever hired Heavy knows it. Angela admits that she knows Heavy killed Retro Girl, but says that the case is closed and it's going to stay closed as long as she's in charge. She tells Christian that she'll do whatever she has to, to bring in Heavy... including using Christian. Christian says that he'll make himself a target and goes.

Later, Christian meets with Nicole and agrees to speak with her on-camera.

At a warehouse converted to a gym, Triphammer tells Martinez and Zora that they both need to train. Zora wonders how she's supposed to fight a non-Power, and they go at it. Martinez swings at her and she easily ducks, and they continue fighting. Zora finally uses her hard-light powers, and Triphammer tells them both to focus. They continue fighting and Zora takes Martinez down.

Christian says that Retro Girl's killer is still at large. As he explains that Heavy killed Retro Girl, Deena and the other officers at Powers Division watch. Deena pours herself a drink as Christian says that people at the highest level of government don't want Heavy found. Kutter comes over and asks if Deena knew Christian was going to go on the air, and Deena just shrugs. Angela and Schlag go to Angela's office, Angela glaring at Deena, and Deena advises Kutter to keep his distance. Schlag gestures Deena into Angela's office.

Heavy is walking down the street and sees the broadcast. Furious, he crushes a nearby car and storms off.

Angela gets off the phone with her superiors and tells Deena that Christian's performance is going to make things difficult going forward. She advises Deena to take a couple of personal days off, and says that the Bureau picked up Waldo as part of an investigation into city corruption. Deena goes at Angela and Schlag moves into the way, and Angela says that Deena has given her what she needs to suspend her. She tells Deena to hand over her badge and gun, and after a moment Deena does so. Deena smiles and says that if she let the Retro Girl cover-up stand then she'd be as big a piece of crap as Angela. Once Angela and Schlag go back in the office, Kutter asks Deena if she's okay but she just walks away.

Bailey goes to Christian's apartment and insists that the FBI was determined to use Powers in the field. He hoped that the Bureau would provide structure and control, and he funded a juvenile home for troubled Powers. Heavy was one of the juveniles, and Bailey wanted a way to help Heavy become useful. Christian suggests that Bailey hired Heavy to kill Retro Girl, and Bailey insists that he loved her. However, she wasn't as good as the public thought. He warns that Heavy is just the latest in a string of government abominations, and it's bigger than Christian realizes. Christian asks Bailey to help him for Retro Girl's sake, and Bailey says that "they" have destroyed his career. He refuses to say who "they" are and leaves.

When Christian returns to the station, all of the officers applaud him. He goes into Angela's office and hands over his gun and badge, and leaves.

Deena goes to City Hall where Waldo is negotiating with the authorities. He tells his daughter that they want him to make a deal but he's not going to testify against anyone. Waldo wonders why they're dredging it all up now, and admits that he's madea lot of mistakes. However, he tells Deena that he's proud of her, and she knows the job and what they have to do. Waldo asks her to do whatever she can to make things right, but Deena tells him that he brought it on himself and leaves with Christian.

In her office, Angela reviews the FBI file on Heavy. She then looks out the window at Schlag in the bullpen, talking to a man named Edson Fuller.

Zora and Martinez continue sparring and he grabs a metal pole to deflect her hard-light blasts. He finally takes her down and then helps her up. As they relax, Zora says that she's glad they're going to be working together. She figures that it's the first time he's fought a real Power, and Martinez asks her what she knows about the new Retro Girl. Zora figures that she doesn't want to help and walks away.

Conrad sends a package to Calista with a note asking her to meet him for breakfast, and a cell phone. She goes up to her roof, and SuperShock steps out. He says that later the non-Powers will start squabbling, and the night is the only time that provides respite for the next day's brutality. SuperShock says that he's okay for now, and warns Calista that watching over the city is a fool's errand. She wonders if something is about to happen and says that she's ready to help. SuperShock calls her Janice and warns that she has too much faith, and Calista says that she'll fight him like they used to. He says that it's not like it used to be, and Calista insists that they need Unity. SuperShock tells her that he has his own priorities and flies away.

Edson comes to Christian's apartment and says that Schlag sent him. He says that he's analyzed the red object Dr. Death found in Retro Girl's hand, and that it took enormous pressure to create it. Edson explains that it's plastic, and he created a computer model to recreate what it looked like originally. However, it will take another day or two for the recreation to finish. Edson tried to tell Schlag, but he told him to give it all to Christian.

Calista meets with Conrad, who gives her a key card providing her access to every floor of his building... including her own apartment.

Bailey returns to his office and finds Patrick waiting for him. When Bailey insists that he didn't intend to bring any disgrace on Retro Girl, Patrick claims that he has no idea what he's talking about. He tells Bailey that he only came there for a drink. They drink and Bailey says that they've destroyed him just like they've always wanted. Patrick says that he's still there, and Bailey tells him that he sounds just like Retro Girl. He says that he only wanted to honor their agreement, but he's haunted by his own shame. He wishes he had stood up to Retro Girl, and opens a hidden safe as he talks about how Retro Girl was the one who commanded them. Patrick says that Bailey should find his strength like Retro Girl told her to, and Bailey takes a letter out of the safe, and then breaks into tears and says that he tried. As he cries, Patrick holds his head and says that he never saw Retro Girl break and it gives them something to live up to. He tells Bailey to think about it and goes.

Conrad enters his penthouse and has his AI Serena bring up a hologram of Calista from her scan. He then dances with it, saying that she's so beautiful.

In Bailey's office, there are sounds of a struggle. The killer takes the letter and leaves, as Bailey's corpse lies on the floor.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 15, 2016

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