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A Free Ranger Recap

Waruu is in the bath and takes a photo of his face. He then thinks back about what happened earlier.


Harry and Waruu go through the prison, filming what they see with head cameras. They enter the section where the Hairies are locked up and the prisoners look out at them. Harry finds Djukara, who says that he knows the code to the door key. Waruu tells Harry to leave it, but Djukara begs Harry to let them out..


A crow flaps against the bathroom window and Waruu looks at it for a moment before sitting back.


Harry finally enters the code Djukara gives him, and Waruu comes over and warns that they can't take the prisoners. Harry insists that they can.


Nerida calls through the door, asking Waruu to let her in.


Djukara looks for Boondee but fails to find him. Waruu goes after him while Harry gets the other three prisoners in the cell out, and Dickson spots Djukara and opens fire. As Waruu moves up, Dickson pins the wounded Djukara to the floor and demands to know how many he's up against.

The next morning, McIntyre arrives at the prison and his 2IC informs him that three escaped. Macintyre tells the 2IC to keep "him" waiting and goes inside. Dickson is dead on the floor, and McIntyre his superior and says that it's good for them. He says that he has his hands full and hangs up, and then starts cutting open Dickson's chest.

Waruu and Harry drive the prisoners to the Zone. The CA guards demand to see Waruu's ID, and he reluctantly hands it over. The other guard looks in the back but there's no one there, and the first guard lets Waruu through. Meanwhile, Harry takes Djukara, Kulya, and Mungo in through a secret back entrance. He turns away as a drone flies over, while the Hairies hide. Once it passes, they join Waruu inside and they take the injured Djukara to the clinic.

Charlotte quickly shuts down a website about conceiving she's reading and tends to Djukara's gunshot wound with Eve's help. Waruu says that they can't take Djukara to a hospital, but Charlotte warns that the Hairies have a different physiology and she's only treated them for cuts. As Charlotte and Eve work, Waruu gets a call but ignores it. Harry offers his blood for a transfusion, even though they don't know if he's a right type, and the doctors prep him.

At the prison, Matthews arrives and is furious that the opposition found out about the clandestine operation. He looks at Dickson's cut-open chest and the hole where his heart was, and tells his men to get the media in.

Koen and Blair take Kora to Blair's apartment, and Koen asks Kora why she called him. She doesn't speak, and Koen takes her hands to get a vision. He sees the stars and an old Indigenous woman, and the shock knocks him back. Ash and Blair try to wake Koen up.

At the CA, Matthews tells McIntyre that he wants the three escapees recovered in time for the 6 o'clock news.

Latani is walking down the street and sees the newscast about Dickson's death and the three escapees. She recognizes her brother Djukara and walks away. A nearby CA guard sees her and calls to her to halt, and Latani runs off. At the CA, the techs pull up an image of the area where Latani was spotted for Matthews and McIntyre. They run facial recognize and McIntyre says that it's a Free Ranger, not one of the escapees.

The CA guard loses Latani in the crowd, and Matthews tells McIntyre it's not good enough.

Koen wakes up abruptly and Ash hits him, furious that she think she was playing dead. When he grabs her hands, Koen gets a vision of her dead, her laying out her Tarot cards, and the two of them kissing. He says that he didn't see anything when he touched Kora, and a furious Ash storms out.

Latani goes to a beauty shop to hide, and the attendant Melissa comes over and greets her. Her co-worker Anton sees Latani's hair-covered leg through a rip in her pants, and knocks Latani out with a small sculpture.

At the Zone, a CA guard Halbeck joins his comrades with beers. As they commiserate over Dickson's death, Nerida arrives and is forced to present her ID. Once they let her through, Halbeck asks why Waruu protects the Hairies. He says that they killed a guard and ripped his heart out, and calls them animals. Nerida says that they used to say the same about her people and walks away. As she does, she leaves a voicemail for Waruu asking him to call her.

At the clinic, Charlotte stitches up Djukara's wound. He starts to wake up and Waruu holds him still. Uncle Max comes in and asks what's going on, and Waruu leads him outside. The older man says that Dickson's death is all over the news and the Hairies are being blamed. Waruu assures him that the CA won't find the escapees there, and says that he knows they didn't kill anyone because he was there. Uncle Max doesn't care and warns that the Hairies don't belong there, but Waruu asks him to get them to the gym because Harry can't. He insists that they can't buy into the government's line, and says that he wants them under their care rather than with Maliyan. Aunty Linda watches as Waruu gives Uncle Max some money, and Uncle Max reluctantly takes it.

Latani wakes up and realizes she's strapped to a beautician's chair. She begs them to let her go, but Anton gags her. Melissa wants to call the CA, but Anton figures that they can make money selling Latani's hair because it's a valuable commodity on the black market.

In the Zone, Uncle Max takes Kulya and Mungo to the gym and into an old train car. He gives them street clothes to change into and shavers. As Mungo shaves, Uncle Max warns that it's not a good idea for them to hang out with the other Hairies in the Zone.

At the beauty shop, Anton takes bids on the Internet for Latani's hair. Meanwhile, Latani manages to cut through the cord with her claws. A CA helicopter flies overhead and Latani hears it.

Matthews has his people continue the search for Latani. They locate the auction and trace the IP.

Frankie comes to see Aruluen and introduces herself. She tells Aruluen to eat, and when the Hairywoman refuses, Frankie tasers her into doing it. The woman insists that she needs Aruluen healthy, and Aruluen reluctantly does so.

Jarrod calls McIntyre to ask if they have any progress on the lab break-in. McIntyre's people have identified Koen from the facial recognition software and confirmed that Koen and Waruu are half-brothers. Jarrod says that he needs to think about what to do with Koen, and tells McIntyre have his people let him into the Zone without a fuss.

In the clinic, Waruu is watching the newscast when Charlotte talks to him privately. She tells him that the escapees can't stay there, and Waruu insists that they're not murderers. He figures that it's a set-up, but Charlotte warns that the clinic could still get dragged into it. Djukara goes into convulsions and Eve calls Charlotte back to help deal with the Hairy.

A man is tagging the Zone wall, and Halbeck and his friends watch. Despite his friends' warning, Halbeck goes over and confronts and attacks the tagger, Jake, assuming he's a shaved Hairy. Jarrod drives up and tells Halbeck to stop, and Halbeck finally walks away. As the other Zone residents run up, Jarrod says that they need to get Jake to the clinic. As he comes in, Waruu, Charlotte, and Eve try to hold Djukara down. Jarrod asks what clan Djukara is from, and Harry identifies it as the same one Maliyan is from.

The CA guards break into the beauty shop and order Melissa and Anton down. However, they discover that Latani has escaped and slipped out the back.

Frankie and her beautician Rowena make up Aruluen, and Aruluen finally gives her name. Rowena warns that they don't use their real names, and Frankie says that they're all friends now.

Once they transfer blood from Maliyan, Djukara stabilizes. She and Waruu thank Maliyan for his help, and he says that he didn't do it for them. Charlotte then goes to stitch up Jake and Jarrod looks on. Meanwhile, Djukara wakes up and Waruu tells him not to say anything about what happened.

Jarrod calls McIntyre and tells him that they need to send a clear message that behavior like Halbeck's won't be tolerated. He hangs up and Waruu comes out and congratulates Jarrod on realizing the clan blood was the issue. He warns that none of what is going on is Jarrod's business, and wonders why he was at Jimmy's funeral. Jarrod says that they were friends through the art scene, but Waruu doesn't believe him. The magnate says that Jimmy opened up to him and together they learned things, and tells Waruu to be smart and consider what it would mean to combine ancient teachings with knowledge of the future. Waruu wonders what Jarrod and Jimmy did together, and warns that Jimmy wasn't perfect: Jarrod realizes that Waruu thinks Jimmy chose the wrong Cleverman, and Waruu walks away without responding.

At the bar, Ash is reading her Tarot cards. She asks Koen why Jimmy gave him the club, and figures that it's all connected. Koen says that it was meant to be Waruu, who has been training to be the Cleverman since he was 2. Ash figures that he saw something when he touched her, and demands to know what it is. Koen takes her hands and has the same vision as before, and describes how he hears an alarm and sees the bar, and sees Ash and blood. After a moment, Ash suggests that Jimmy did get the wrong guy and goes back to work.

Once she's dressed and made-up, Aruluen sends a video of her to Matthews. Frankie assures him that Aruluen is a real Hairy.

At the Zone, a shaved Mungo and Kulya comes over. Jake blames them for the attack on him, and Alinta takes them in to see Djukara. They explain that Waruu made them shave and planned the whole escape, and Alinta says that Waruu is her father.

At Jarrod's manor, Charlotte asks Jarrod if he's okay about her refusing to try and have a child. He assures her that he's okay. As night falls, Jarrod says that he has to head back to his network. Once he leaves, Charlotte brings up the website from earlier.

At the bar, Jarrod approaches Koen and offers his condolences on Jimmy's death. He says that his mismatched eyes are like Jimmy's, and says that he and Jimmy worked together. It was lucrative for Jimmy, and Jarrod wants to offer Koen the same opportunity. When Koen points out that he has his bar, Jarrod says that Koen has worlds at his feet and doesn't even know it. Koen offers his hand and they shake, and Jarrod says that he might be back.

Outside the Zone, Latani nerves herself to try to get past the checkpoint using her fake ID. Alinta finds her and says that she knows a back way in, and Latani agrees. They go to the gym and Djukara goes to his sister. She asks about their parents and wonders why Djukara attacked the CA when Boondee told him not to. Djukara figures that she blames him for Jyra's death, and points out that keeping their heads down hasn't been working. Furious, Latani storms off.

Rowena checks on Aruluen in her room, and says through the door that Frankie is happy so Aruluen must have done well. The beautician says that she's sorry about what happened to Jyra. Aruluen asks if she has family, and Rowena says that she does. However, she warns Aruluen that she can't help her escape and walks away as Aruluen breaks into tears.

In Koen's apartment, Kora wakes Koen up and strokes his face. She still doesn't say anything, and when Koen grabs her hands he gets another vision of the old woman and shoves Kora away. The voices whisper in Koen's head for a moment and then fade away.

At the Zone, Linda watches a newscast about how Dickson's murder matches the pattern of the other two deaths. When they show a photo of Jimmy, Linda wonders what he was wrapped up in. Nerida comes in with Linda's supper. They both say that they're fine, and Linda points out that they're both lying. Nerida wants her to get a second opinion about her cancer, but Linda insists that it's karma and she can't fight it. She thanks Nerida for always looking after her, and Nerida says that she loves her before leaving.

Linda goes out on the step to smoke some marijuana to ease the pain. Waruu walks past his mother without a word, and goes into his apartment. Nerida is waiting and says that she's been trying to reach him all day. She asks if there's anything she needs to know, and Waruu ignores her and goes into the bathroom.


Nerida calls through the door, asking Waruu to let her in. Waruu goes to the window as the video he took at the prison plays. It shows him struggling with Dickson and finally breaking his neck. The crow flutters at the window and Waruu pounds on the glass.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 16, 2016

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