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Power Play Recap

At Klae, the Westins check in with Walter. He reads them a letter of congratulations from the board on the Klae Resource completing its most recent mission. However, Walter warns them that they have over a dozen assignments pending and says that he'll evaluate them while they work on their current project. Once he leaves, security control calls Walter and says that they're testing the emergency system and he should disregard any alarms. Security control also says they're sending a man up to check the electric eye circuits.

The man, Pike, comes in and immediately draws a gun on Walter. Pike knows all about Walter's hidden alarm system and introduces himself. Walter asks what he wants, and Pike demands the Klae Resource. He knows it's not an object or a formula, and tells Walter to hand it over. Walter claims that they don't tell him what the Resource is, but Pike knows he's one of four people that does know. The director admits that he knows what it is but not how it functions. Pike shoots out a lamp with his silenced gun and repeats his request, and Walter says that it's in the secret files behind a wall panel. The intruder knows about it but Walter says that it's in a classified computer bank.

Pike takes Walter to the computer terminal and has him bring it up. Walter says that he's bringing up case demonstrations so that Pike can see the Resource in action.

In their lab, Daniel and Kate try to restore Daniel to visibility without success. Their computer activates, showing Walter accessing his computer, and the Westins see what he's programming. They discover that it's footage of their missions in Sweden, Las Vegas, Washington, and Docker Junction. Pike realizes that an invisible man is responsible for all of the activities.

Daniel wonders why Walter is reviewing those missions, and Kate points out that they're the ones that he observed. The Westins figure that Walter is planning a special mission and Daniel gives him a call. Pike tells him to answer it, and Daniel asks what is going on. Walter says that he'll call him back and Daniel agrees. Pike doesn't believe what he saw, and Walter insists that he's telling the truth. He asks Pike where he's getting his information so that he doesn't trigger anything accidentally. Pike demands proof and Walter describes dermaplex to him. Once he's satisfied, Pike says that he escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. His cellmate, Morgan Klae, told him how he tried to take over the company. Pike set out to get control of the Resource, letting him walk into any bank or kill anyone, anytime.

Pike assumes that Walter is invisible and tells him to take off his mask and gloves, and Walter says that he needs the Westins to use radiation to loosen the bond. He promises that if Pike takes him to the Westins' lab then he'll be face -to-face with the invisible man.

In the lab, the Westins are aligning their power supply when Walter knocks at their door. They let him and Pike in, and Pike draws his gun. He says that he'll use it if they don't do what he tells them, and Walter says that he's been forced to reveal the secret of the Resource. He tells the Westins that Pike knows that he's the invisible man, and explains that Pike wants him to remove his mask and gloves using radiation. Walter warns that Pike knows all of their security measures, and Daniel says that they'll cooperate fully.

Pike asks about the lasers and Daniel explains, saying they use a portable setup in the field. Walter steps in and says that he slips out of the dermaplex and it stays there like an image of his body while he moves around visibly. Pike doesn't believe him, and Daniel says that he has to go in to the next room to operate the controls. After a moment, Pike goes into the room with Daniel to take a look, threatening to shoot him if any alarm goes off.

In the control room, Daniel shows Pike around. Pike says that he's going to let him operate the controls, but will shoot Kate if anything goes wrong. Daniel grabs four sets of protective earphones and they all coordinate their channel. Walter steps between the lasers, and Pike shoots a framed certificate to prove he's serious. In the control room, Daniel removes his disguise and switches to an alternate channel to bypass Pike's headset. He tells Walter to distract Pike while he comes in, and then switches back.

Kate says that they need an alignment and Daniel agrees, and Pike tells her to go ahead. Meanwhile, an invisible Daniel enters the main room and Walter enters the field. Daniel grabs Pike's arm and wrestles for the gun, but Pike throws him off and shoots. He hits a computer and yells at his attacker to reveal their location, and fires wildly, hitting Daniel. Kate sees the blood and tells Pike to stop. Walter surrenders, saying that it was him, and reminds him of what he said earlier about the dermaplex issue staying in the field.

Daniel returns to the control room and puts his disguise on. He says that everything is under control, and Pike orders him to come out. He wonders what's going on, and Walter says that he can feel cuts and bruises beneath his "mask". Pike still doesn't believe him and insists that he's in charge, and says that he wants to see it in action and have it obey his orders. Walter gives his word and Pike insists on going into the control room with Daniel. Once Walter turns invisible, Pike will order him to do what he wants for proof or he'll kill Kate and then Daniel and then Walter.

Pike directs everyone to their positions and Daniel says that he can't make it work. He collapses from blood loss and says that a ricochet hit him. Kate warns that Daniel needs a doctor, but Pike tells Walter to bring the first aid kit over. Meanwhile, Daniel whispers to Kate to pretend his injury is worse than it is. He says that he'll catch Pike off-guard.

As Walter boils some water, he sees a fire alarm nearby. Meanwhile, Pike tells Daniel and Kate to stop whispering. Walter comes over with the hot water and Pike has him set it down so that he can pick it up. Before Walter can trigger the alarm, the phone rings. Pike has Kate answer it, and she says that she hasn't seen anyone. She tells the guard that he can search the lab after they're done with their experiment. Once she hangs up, Kate says that security found an unconscious guard in the maintenance room. Pike knows Walter was going to trigger the alarm, and lets Kate take the water to Daniel.

Once they're all in the control room, Pike realizes that Kate is trying to hide what she's doing and orders her away. He wonders how Daniel was hit inside the control room, and orders Kate away. He pulls away the shirt and realizes that Daniel is invisible, and Walter says that he mislead Pike to protect the secret. Daniel claims that he used the personal set-up to loosen his dermaplex, but Pike realizes that he's lying about the last part.

A guard knocks on the door and Pike tells Kate to send him away. The guard asks if he can look around, and Kate says that they're using photographic emulsion and can't let him in and expose the emulsion to the light. She assures him that everything is okay and the experiment will take 45 minutes to finish. Once the guard leaves, Kate says that she wants them all to live. Pike rants about having the power to protect himself from everyone else, and dismisses humanity as animals. He insists that he's given years of thoughts to the world's problems, and has given up on humanity. Now Pike hopes to use invisibility to rule the world.

Pike orders Daniel up and figures he'll cooperate because he will kill someone. Daniel says that it's time to stand up to Pike, and promises that if Pike kills Kate then he'll have to kill him as well. He agrees to stand up for Walter as well, and Walter and Kate says that it's the same for them. Pike still believes Daniel is planning something, and Walter points out that Pike has seen the computer tapes. The madman demands to see the original video of Daniel becoming invisible. They run it for him and Daniel explains that he wrecked the equipment to keep it from being misused.

The phone rings again and Pike has Kate answer it. She tells the guard that they still need 15 more minutes and will call him when they're through. Pike lights a burner and threatens to use it to torture Kate rather than kill her. Daniel and Walter apparently concede, and Kate angrily insists that Pike picked her as a hostage because she's a woman. Pike sends her into the control room to run the lasers, and Daniel uses the headset to tell Kate to overload the system before Pike puts on his headset.

Kate switches on the system and calls off the readings. Daniel claims that the dermaplex is loosening and takes off his mask and gloves. Pike orders him to take off his clothing, demanding total invisibility, and has him pick up a rack of chemicals to show where he is. As Daniel does so, the laser generators overheat. They explode and Daniel uses the distraction to knock Pike out.

Later, Daniel, Kate, and Walter go back to Walter's office. Walter confirms that Daniel was sent back to the hospital, and Daniel asks for a six-week vacation. The director points out that Daniel destroyed another set of lasers and tells him that he can pay it off with additional missions. The Westins are less than amused.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 17, 2016

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