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House of Memories Recap

Wynonna and Willa question Whiskey Jim and demand to know if Bob was responsible for the attack on the homestead. When Wynonna mentions Willa’s name, the revenant says that a couple of years before Wynonna came to town, all of the revenants felt a surge in the Ghost River Triangle. Since the Heir was dead, they didn’t think anything of it. Whe4n the revenant mocks them, Willa grabs him and says that no one is going to stop her. She takes the peacemaker from Wynonna from and sends the revenant back to Hell. Wynonna grabs the Peacemaker back and says that Whiskey Jack was Xavier’s prisoner, but Willa says that Xavier has nothing to do with the curse and warns that she doesn’t like Wynonna. She admits that she panicked when she stopped Wynonna from shooting Bobo, but figures that they need to keep him alive to get answers from him.

Later at the sheriff’s station, Xavier hypnotizes Willa to find out what she remembers. She describes the Seven taking her and watching Wynonna kill Ward by accident. Willa tells them that Malcolm told her that they’d come back for Wynonna and Waverly, but then refuses to remember any more and leaves.

At the homestead, Nicole is tending to Waverly’s wound when Willa comes in and abruptly says that she’ll do it. Waverly suggests that Nicole come back later, and one she leaves Willa apologizes for being rude again. Waverly assures her sister that she has her.

At the station, Wynonna finally asks Xavier who tried to assassinate him. She suggests that Doc set it up, but Xavier doesn’t believe it. He figures that Wynonna is concerned about where Doc went to, and Wynonna insists that she doesn’t care. Xavier found a photo of an Army Rangers tattoo on one of the mercenaries, and points out that their group has a chapter in Purgatory. Neadley comes in and gives Xavier a file, and says that he got it this morning. Xavier tells him that he’ll deal with it, and when Neadley leaves Xavier heads to the chapterhouse with Wynonna.

At the bar, Bobo is getting shave and assures hi minions that everything is in place and they’ll cross over. He then asks Cryderman, also getting a shave, if everything is in place and they have the Wainwright for the Poker Spectacular. When the judge wonders why Bobo wants the old hotel, Bobo abruptly grabs him and Cryderman insists that it’s all exactly like Bobo wants it. A woman screams and Bobo goes over to applaud the revenant makes he3r pull off her own face. Once she collapses, the Revenant torturing her—Big Bubba-- drags her away while Bobo licks up the blood and says that it’s a happy day.

Xavier and Wynonna arrive at the chapterhouse and approach a biker Revenant on guard. When he refuses to let them in, Xavier punches him in the chest and they walk inside.

At the homestead, Waverly meets Nicole in the bar and admits that she’s exhausted. Nicole kisses her and after a moment, Waverly kisses her back. They start to undress, just as Willa comes in. She’s surprised that Wynonna hasn’t said something about Waverly being gay, and then realizes that Waverly hasn’t told Wynonna. Nicole leaves and Willa figures Wynonna would be pissed if she learned Waverly hadn’t told her the truth. Waverly remembers Willa telling Ward something a secret when she was 4, and storms out.

At the chapterhouse, Wynonna and Xavier take out two bikers. She tries to shoot one of them with Peacemaker but it doesn’t work. Xavier questions the other one at gunpoint, and he says that Cryderman hired them to kill Xavier. The biker doesn’t know why Cryderman wants Xavier dead or where he is, and Xavier tells him to hand over the money. Once he gets it, he and Wynonna go outside and Xavier says that they’re giving the money to charity. Wynonna brings up how Peacemaker misfired, but Xavier assures her that she did well. He says that he wouldn’t want to fight with anyone else at his side, and then tells Wynonna that he has to show her something.

Xavier drives to an impound lot and explains that a deputy found Doc’s burnt car on the edge of the Triangle. It was pointed back toward Purgatory but there was no body. He assures Wynonna that Doc would have gotten out alive and hugs her.

Willa goes to a nearby field and looks at an origami swan on the fence marking the boundary. Bobo is on the other side, and Willa says that he’s already hurt her. She promises that one day she’ll remember how and comes for her. Waverly arrives and tells Bobo to back off or she’ll shoot him, and Bobo leaves. She runs over and hugs Willa, and they apologize to each other. Willa doesn’t know what the swan means, but Waverly says that she does.

In a basement, Bubba tells a chained up Doc that he’s a fan. Bubba wonders who he’s working for, and Bubba admits that Bobo hired him. The revenant refuses to answer any other questions, grabs a knife, and uses Doc for target practice. Doc asks for a drink and Bubba obliges, and says that he has orders to keep Doc there until everyone is gone.

Xavier and Wynonna approach Shorty’s, and Wynonna insists on going in to find out who took Doc. She pauses at the door and tell Xavier that Cryderman is about to kill himself, and goes inside. Cryderman is preparing to hang himself and Wynonna gets him down and says that he has to answer their questions first. The judge tells them that Bobo forced his hand, reducing him something. Wynonna isn’t sympathetic, and Cryderman says that Bobo is throwing a party at the Wainwright. All he knows is that Bobo is obsessed with some thing, but has no idea where or what it is. Xavier figures that the item is at the Wainwright, which houses antiques. He tells Wynonna that the whole town is invited, but it’s black-tie and no guns. Cryderman refuses to go with them, insisting that they can’t protect themselves. As they leave, Cryderman takes out a gun and kills himself.

In the basement, Bubba is manufacturing powder and admits that it’s imperative to Bobo’s plan. Doc says that he mixed his own gunpowder and feigns disinterest in Bubba’s powder. Miffed, Bubba pumps the powder into a glass box holding a prisoner. He finally stabs himself with a knife to end the pain.

Waverly takes Willa to Swan Reservoir and asks if she recognizes anything. It’s a protected bird sanctuary, and Waverly figures that’s where the Seven imprisoned Willa. They come to a tree house and Willa says that’s where they kept her. The two women go inside and Willa finds another origami swan. She remembers Constance there with her and that she had a pink car.

Clarence wipes Willa’s memories with a spell and releases her.

Willa says that her memories are coming back and finds moiré swans. She remembers hanging them up, and Bobo watching her. Willa then tells Waverly that there’s so much to do and leaves. Xavier calls Waverly and asks what her dress size is.

At the station, Xavier gives Wynonna a dress for the party and tells her that there’s nothing special about it. She goes over the blueprints of the Wainwright but finds nothing that indicates what Bobo is looking for. Waverly and Willa arrive and Willa says that they found the place where she was kept. She says that Constance rescued her but wiped her memories, and says that she also remembered Ward meeting with Bobo at the tree house and making a deal to get Bobo the Lead. She figures that Bobo had the Lead but lost it, and Xavier says that it’s probably at the Wainwright, Wynonna figures that it’s a trap, but Xavier points out that Bobo doesn’t know that they know about the Lead. He figures that they need all hands on deck and Wynonna agrees, but says that they need to stick to the plan.

Bubba continues throwing knives at Doc, and a revenant comes in to pick the powder. While Bubba talks to him, Doc uses the knife Bubba threw to cut through his bonds. Once the revenant leaves, Doc throws the knife into Bubba’s head, recovers his hat, and goes.

That night at the Wainwright Xavier, Willa, and Waverly arrive. While Xavier meets with Neadley and Nicole, Willa and Waverly go upstairs.

At the homestead, Wynonna waits in the barn and remembers her and Willa overhearing the conversation between Ward and Bobo. Ward promises that Bobo will be able to walk across the line as long as his daughters are spared. She remembers where she hid the letter and removes it from a rafter. Opening it, Wynonna reads it and realizes that it’s the Lead.

Waverly comes back downstairs and Nicole tells her that she’s a vision. She tells Nicole to stay by the exits, and Willa motions Waverly back upstairs. Hardy comes over and tells Nicole that her and Waverly being together is disgusting.

Waverly and Willa walk around the room and Waverly says that there are thirteen vents in the room. Willa insists that it’s harmless and suggests that they celebrate being out. She doesn’t feel safe without Peacemaker, and they go to a window to help Wynonna slip in. Willa says that she can sense that Bobo will show up, and Wynonna tells her to shoot to kill. She then shows Waverly the letter. Waverly and Willa read it, surprised.

Wynonna puts on her dress and goes down to the party. She shows Xavier the letter and explains that the letter belonged to Wyatt. He confided to his friend Robert that the revenants can leave the Triangle if they go with the Heir on the Winter Solstice, and if the Heir goes willingly. The attack on the homestead was a ruse, and it went wrong because Bobo reneged. They took Willa as insurance but Wynonna got Peacemaker.

Waverly figures that Bobo will try again, and Wynonna points out that Willa must be the Lead. He lost her to Constance, and he’s been obsessed with Willa ever since she arrived in Purgatory. Wynonna points out that she’s not the true Heir and they have to get Willa out. Willa refuses and takes another flute of champagne. She says that they drink and wait and goes off to mingle, and Xavier reluctantly agrees with her.

A drunken Hardy continues harassing Nicole about stealing Waverly from him, and Waverly, Neadley, and Chrissy overhear them. Hardy tells Neadley that Nicole is gay and dating Waverly, but the sheriff doesn’t care. Hardy suddenly starts choking at the mouth and goes for Waverly. Nicole knocks him down and handcuffs him.

Xavier gets Wynonna some champagne, and he tries to reassure Wynonna. She tells him about how Peacemaker misfired in her hand, and figures the gun has made its choice. Wynonna admits that she never wanted to be the Heir, but eventually she felt that it was meant to be. Xavier assures her that she’s not just some girl, and that she’s one hell of a deputy. When he says that he needs her, Wynonna kisses him. As they pull back, Doc arrives and sees them. He takes a flute of champagne, smells the powder, and asks if they drank any of it. They confirm that they didn’t, and Doc tells them that they have to stop everyone from drinking the champagne.

Bobo comes in and says that the good news is that there is an antidote. The bad news is all of the champagne has been poisoned and they’ll go crazy like Hardy. Bobo goes over to Hardy and says that they’ll all end up like him... except for the person who brings him Wynonna, dead or alive. The guests close in on her, and Wynonna tells Waverly to get Willa out. Waverly asks Nicole to come with her, but Nicole says that they have to contain the situation. They kiss and Waverly realizes that Willa has slipped away.

In the street, Bobo meets with Willa. She says that she remembers Bobo--Robert--and offers her hand. Bobo kisses it and they walk away together.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 18, 2016

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