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An Attempt to Save Face Recap

At the Klepner Clinic in Chicago, Dr. Nick Maggio is called in on short notice. Security chief Vasil Brovnick greets him, asks for his credentials, and has a man check his bag. Once he’s satisfied, Vasil takes Nick to a hospital room where Chairman Sasha Rojin of the Eastern Bloc Alliance is behind a curtain. Rojin orders Vasil out and then asks Nick to sit down.

At Klae, the Westins are working when Walter comes in. He shows them a telegram that they received from Nick, requesting medical assistant from Dr. Westin and Nurse Kate. Walter has checked the clinic and determined that it’s highly experimental, and Daniel figures that Nick is in trouble. He insists that they go help Nick, pointing out that he knows about Daniel’s invisibility and could put the Klae Resource at risk. Walter gives in but warns that he’ll have to stay behind to deal with his workload.

The Westins arrive in Chicago and go to the clinic. They present themselves to Vasil with fake credentials provided by Walter. Petra Kolchak and Dr. Katrina Storoff are there as well, and Vasil tells them that Nick called them in to aid with their surgery. Katrina says that she’ll be with her patient if Vasil needs her, and Vasil searches the Westins. As he does, he explains that Katrina is the patient’s personal physician. Vasil refuses to identify the patient, and leads the Westins to a room where Nick is waiting. Nick whispers that he thinks he’s doing the most important thing in his life, but he is suspicious that something else is going on. The plastic surgeon describes what happened later when he met with Rojin.

Rojin tells Nick that they are all there under assumed names, and not even the Secret Service knows he’s in the States. In his country, the operation he needs doesn’t exist and his superiors don’t want him to become too likeable. Rojin insists that he has to be popular to hold power, and he wants to look younger to appear younger and resist the young military officers trying to force him out of office. They are spreading rumors that Rojin is going senile, and Rojin wants to put an end to them. Nick wonders why he should help keep a dictator in power, and Rojin insists that he’s a benevolent dictator. If he loses his grip then the U.S. will lose a valuable ally. Nick agrees if Rojin increases his country’s contribution to the UN, stop shipping arms to the Middle East, and free his political prisoners. Rojin has no choice but to agree, and Nick says that he needs the help of two specialists in California.

After Nick gives Rojin a pre-op tranquilizer, Katrina comes in and complains that Rojin left the country without telling her. As the tranquilizer kicks in, Nick explains what he did and says that Rojin doesn’t want anyone to know why he’s there. Katrina says that she’ll talk to Rojin when he wakes up in five hours, and has the guards lock Nick in a waiting room.

Nick says that it’s been almost five hours, and the official story is that Rojin is having a sinus transplant. Kate suggests that Nick just walk out, but Nick insists that he will keep his promise to perform the exercise. The Westins agree to help him and Daniel removes his disguise to do some recon.

Rojin wakes up and wonders why Katrina is there. He says that he didn’t tell her he was leaving because she would have forbid him from doing it, and admits that Nick is going to do a facelift. Katrina warns against it, insisting that it’s counter-revolutionary. Rojin explains about the rumors of his senility, but Katrina points out that no one knows who he is and he only has a fraction of his security with him. Rojin says that his two most trusted men are with him, but Katrina says that she must take him home and gives him a tranquilizer. She then tells the guards that Rojin is seriously ill and they must head home.

Daniel returns to the waiting room and tells Nick and Kate that Katrina is having Rojin flown out.

Katrina summons Vasil and Petra, and tells them that Rojin is ill and must return to their country. Katrina reminds them that she has the final authority concerning Rojin’s health and leaves. Petra tells Vasil that they’ll have to make their move earlier than anticipated. Rojin must die in the clinic hospital and look like it is the American’s fault.

Daniel suggests that Nick make a dermaplex mask of Rojin. Nick says that there’s an experimental lab for anesthetics, and tells Daniel to look for sodium phenal pentothal 10. An invisible Daniel goes to the lab and brings the canister down once no one is looking. He knocks over an ashtray canister to distract the guards.

Nick calls to arrange an operating room, and Daniel comes in. He blocks the door with his pants and tells Kate and Nick that the hallway is filling with the anesthesia. They find an orderly’s uniform that will fit Rojin, wait until the guard passes out, hold their breaths, and run to Rojin’s room. Nick makes a mask of Rojin’s face and Kate hears the elevator arrive.

Vasil finds the unconscious guard and realizes that something is wrong. Kate puts the orderly’s uniform on Rojin, and Nick realizes that he doesn’t have time to create the mask. Daniel puts his mask on Rojin.

Petrashuts off the gas and pounds on the door of Rojin’s room. Nick has Daniel get into the bed and tells Kate that he’ll improvise as far as Daniel’s invisible head. Vasil joins Petra and they break the door down, and draw their guns on Nick. Nick has bandaged Daniel’s face and explains that it’s part of the pre-op for the sinus transplant. Kate chips in an improvised explanation, and says that they drugged the guards so that they could properly prepare Rojin. Nick says that “Daniel” caught some of the gas and will be out for a while. The guards arrive and Petra has them take Kate, Nick, and “Daniel” to the waiting room. Once they’re alone, Petra tells Vasil that after the incident with the anesthesia, it will be easy to convince their countrymen that the Americans killed Rojin. He takes out a drug and prepares to inject it, but pauses to talk about how he is making history.

Before Petra can make the injection, Petra comes in and asks what’s going on. Vasil explains about the supposed reason for the bandages, and Katrina insists that Rojin is not going to be operated on. She tells them to leave the bandages on as a disguise, and tells the two men that she wants nothing to happen to “Rojin.”

In the waiting room, Nick says that they will have to stall because Rojin has to be in surgery in five minutes.

The guards put Daniel on a gurney, and Katrina notices Petra smoking Rojin’s cigarettes. Petra says that the chairman won’t mind, and Katrina gives “Rojin” a glass of relaxant that works like alcohol. Rojin’s team go to the elevator and Petra secretly prepares to inject the drug. Daniel, seeing him, gets off the gurney and staggers away, sits in a wheelchair, and takes off. Woozy from the relaxant, Daniel slams into the dead-end at the corridor.

Vasil and Petra tell Katrina to stay where they are while they get “Rojin.”

Daniel takes off his bandages and disappears. Petra and Vasil arrive and discover that their target is gone, and Petra tells Vasil to distract Katrina so that they find the chairman first.

Nick manages to convince the doctor in the OR to wait for them for 15 more minutes..

Daniel gets back in the wheelchair and heads back. He arrives at the main desk where Petra is sending his men to search for the chairman. Petra sends Katrina to the front desk to alert the staff, while Daniel wheels past them and goes to the waiting room. He explains about the relaxant they gave him, and Nick tries to sober him up. Daniel dozes off instead, and they wake him up and get him moving. He explains that Petra tried to kill him, and goes outside to knock out the guard. Once he does, they get Daniel into the wheelchair with Rojin and they take the elevator to the OR just as Katrina returns. The nurse tells her that they went to surgery, and Katrina has her page Petra to meet her there.

In the OR, Nick tells the anesthesiologist that they’re operating on Rojin. Katrina barges in and Nick tells her to get out, and she trips over Daniel. Petra and Vasil come in and Nick explains that he promised Rojin to perform the surgery. The guards grab Nick and Katrina objects, while Daniel tells Kate that Petra tried to kill Rojin. Kate announces what Petra did, using the syringe in his pocket, and Katrina finds it. She confirms that it’s a lethal dose of atropine, and asks Vasil to back up his story. Vasil denies everything and has his men seize Petra. Petra draws his gun and prepares to shoot Rojin. Daniel grabs him and Vasil and his people soon subdue Petra. Nick asks Katrina if they can proceed, and she admits that Rojin was right. She agrees to let Nick perform the operation, and Nick tells everyone that doesn’t belong there to get out. A drunken Daniel staggers out last.

Later back at Klae, Walter and the Westins are reading about the new younger Rojin. Rojin has kept his promise to Nick, while Petra and Vasil are being tried for assassination. Walter wonders if he could user a little plastic surgery as a leader of men.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 18, 2016

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