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The Blessed Dark Recap

A young girl sings to her baby daughter.

Jack lies in bed, dying. Caliban hears him draw his last breath and takes his son's hand, crying.

The boy familiar goes to the museum and tells Sweet about the two werecreatures killing the familiars. Sweet realizes that the Wolf of God comes for him, but he doesn't know of the grey wolf. He refuses to send any other familiar, well aware that Ethan is too strong for them. Vanessa joins Sweet and asks what he fears, and Sweet says that Ethan is coming. He warns that Ethan is foretold as his enemy, and Vanessa says that they defy prophecy and make their own Heaven and Hell. She says that she and Ethan shall meet and write the ending in blood, as it was always going to be.

Ethan wakes up in his human form and finds himself in an alley near Kaetenay. He realizes that Kaetenay is a werecreature like him, and Kaetenay says that none of his tribe knew. When the full moon came, he went to the enemy camp and transformed, killing them. Kaetenay believed that the power was a gift from God to save his people, but the soldiers still came and the Apache died. Then he received a vision of Ethan and then he understood his true purpose was to give Ethan the power to save all people. Ethan, furious, realizes that Kaetenay made him a monster. Furious, he grabs the old man and asks if he knows how many people he's murdered, but Kaetenay insists that he's given Ethan the power to save Vanessa. Only he can stop the End of Days, and tonight is the night that Ethan must accept the destiny that God has given him. Crying, Ethan says that he will do whatever he has to, to save Vanessa.

At Bedlam, Renfield says that Dracula has promised him all of them to him. Seward takes out a syringe and Malcolm holds Renfield still while she injects her former secretary. Malcolm then demands Vanessa's location, and Renfield tells Malcolm to let her be and allow the world of the night to take over: the blessed dark. The injection takes hold and Seward taps on the floor, catching Renfield's attention. She asks Renfield to take her to Dracula, insisting that Renfield is safe with her, and he describes in Chinatown. Seward takes his hand and he begs her for forgiveness. Renfield tells Seward that he wishes he had her as a friend, because no one ever believed in him and no one cared. Seward offers to be his friend if he helps, and Renfield takes her to the warehouse.

At his townhouse, Dorian contemplates Justine's corpse. Lily returns and sees the body of her protégé, and Dorian says that she would have been proud of Justine for remaining her acolyte until the end. He tells Lily that the other prostitutes have gone, and Lily realizes that her great enterprise has ended with one more dead child. Dorian tells her to be kind of herself because passion will only lead to tragedy. He concedes that it is better not to care at all, and Lily says that she doesn’t want to live like that. Dorian says that she will eventually, and all that are not immortal will age and die. Eventually she will become an unchanging portrait of herself. Disgusted, Lily kisses Dorian and turns to go. Dorian assures her that she will be back and he will always be there for her.

At Bedlam, Henry returns and says that Victor is weak for letting Lily go. Victor insists that it was a monstrous idea, and Henry promises to continue his work until he cures every inmate. His friend warns that scientific accomplishment won't give Henry access into proper society. Henry says that he creates his own world and his own self, and one day everyone will understand what he is capable of. Victor dismantles his equipment and admits that there is no road ahead for him. Henry says that there will always be a place for Victor there in the heart of science, and tells Victor that his father has died. The estate and the title are finally his, and Victor calls him by his proper title: Lord Hyde. Smiling, Henry leaves on his rounds.

In his cell, Renfield gives directions to the "dead place," a former slaughterhouse. He says that Vanessa is with Dracula and they are in love, and asks if Seward has ever been in love. Renfield admits that he never has been in love and never will be, and asks Seward if she loves him. She then tells Malcolm and Catriona that she knows where Vanessa is.

As Malcolm and the others leave the cell, Victor comes out and sees them. He agrees to come with them to help save Vanessa.

Caliban and Marjorie sit with their son's corpse and Caliban wonders how life can be so cruel to one so young. When he says that he will arrange a funeral, Marjorie refuses to let them bury her son. She tells her father to take Jack to Victor and have him bring Jack back. Desperate, Marjorie says that she must have her son back so she can love him stronger so he won't die. Caliban warns that it will make Jack an unholy freak just like he is, and tells Marjorie that he is a grisly undead thing. Marjorie refuses to accept it and tells Caliban to take Jack from the flat and either return with him alive or not return at all. She couldn't bear to look at her husband's face if he refuses to save their son.

After finding Ethan and Kaetenay at the townhouse, Malcolm and the others go to Chinatown. They come to the slaughterhouse in a condemned block of town, and Ethan tells them to go in the front while he and Kaetenay find their own way in. Kaetenay tells Malcolm that he would have made a mighty Apache, and Malcolm says that he had a mighty teacher. Once the two men leave, Malcolm warns Seward that they can't guarantee her safety, and she assures him that she's not unfamiliar with random gunplay as she reveals her own gun.

Ethan and Kaetenay enter via the sewers.

Malcolm and the others enter through the front and come to dozens of human corpse strung up as food. Passing through, they come to the central chamber and Sweet greets Malcolm. He welcomes them and says that "they" shall feed well. The familiars emerge from the shadows, and Malcolm aims his gun at Sweet and demands to know where Vanessa is. Sweet says that Vanessa is no longer Malcolm's but his, and tells him that Vanessa wishes them to live. After a moment, Malcolm lowers his gun.

Ethan and Kaetenay hear something ahead.

Malcolm asks Sweet if he was the one who turned Mina. Sweet says that he did, and she was meant to bring Vanessa to him. He admits that her flesh was sweet and he enjoyed her, and Malcolm turns to his comrades and tells them to go. They refuse, and Malcolm says that dies proudly besides them... and fires at Sweet. Sweet avoids the bullets and the group opens fire on the familiars.

As Ethan and Kaetenay hear the gunshots, familiars attack them.

The familiars keep coming, and Victor runs out of bullets. He picks up a bar to defend himself, while Malcolm, Catriona, and Seward move back-to-back. As the familiars move in, Ethan and Kaetenay emerge through a grate and attack, and the others join in. Once the familiars are all dead, Sweet leaps down and attacks Ethan. He throws him across the room and knocks Malcolm and Kaetenay away when they attack him. As Victor and Seward attack Sweet, Ethan runs off to find Vanessa.

Ethan comes to a room filled with candles and finds Vanessa waiting for him. She says that it hurts her to see him, and that she can't go with him because they will hunt her until the end of days. Ethan promises to protect her, but Vanessa warns that no one can. She is the Mother of Evil, bringing the terrible darkness to the world, and says that they have lost "Vanessa". He assures her that she's not alone and never was, and that God has always waited ahead of him no matter how far he has gone... and He is waiting for Vanessa.

Vanessa says that her battle must end or there will never be peace on earth. She tells Ethan to let it end, and says that he must help her defeat the forces of Darkness by killing her. Crying, Vanessa takes Ethan's gun and puts it in his hand, and tells him to end it with a kiss and with love. Ethan agrees and they kiss, and then he recites The Lord's Prayer. Vanessa recites it with him and finishes alone. When she does, Ethan shoots her in the chest. As she dies, Vanessa says that she sees God.

As Sweet chokes Malcolm, he hesitates as he realizes that Vanessa is dead. He releases the explorer as Ethan comes out, holding Vanessa's body. Realizing that he has lost, Sweet flees into the shadows. The fog fades away and the sunlight shines through the roof.

Later at the townhouse, Malcolm sits at the fire with Ethan and Victor. The explorer says that in India they believe in reincarnation, and wonders if Vanessa could be reborn. Ethan says that it would be cruel for Vanessa to suffer more, and assures Malcolm that their friend is at peace. Victor says that he'll see Malcolm the next day and goes, and Ethan goes with him. When Victor wonders if Malcolm is all right, Ethan says that he will be. Victor hugs Ethan and leaves.

Ethan goes upstairs to Vanessa's room and sits as the sun sets. Malcolm comes in and sits with his friend, and says that he must find who he will be without Vanessa. He asks Ethan what he's going to do, and Ethan says that Malcolm is his family.

Caliban goes to the ocean and walks into the water, carrying his son's corpse. He finally places it in the water and watches it float away, He goes to the townhouse and watches as Malcolm and the others place Vanessa's coffin in a hearse. They accompany it to the cemetery and bury their friend. Once they leave, Caliban emerges and kneels at Vanessa's grave to offer his respects.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 20, 2016

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