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The Blessed Dark

To save the world from darkness, Malcolm and his allies must confront Dracula at the heart of his power... and make a terrible choice.

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By Gadfly on Jun 20, 2016

A young girl sings to her baby daughter. Jack lies in bed, dying. Caliban hears him draw his last breath and takes his son's hand, crying. The boy familiar goes to the museum and tells Sweet about the two werecreatures killing the familiars. Sweet realizes that the Wolf of God comes for him, but he doesn't know of the grey wolf. He refuses to send any other familiar, well aware that Ethan is too strong for them. Vanessa joins Sweet and asks what he fears, and Sweet says that Ethan is comi…

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Episode Discussion

petrd1 posted 7 years ago

A most excellent Gothic Horror Mythos Mashup. I will miss it. Great fun while it lasted.

pentar posted 7 years ago

I thought that was a let down for a series finale. None of the Scooby gang was killed in a house full of ghouls? And Dracula just disappears, does not take revenge on having his bride taken from him? WTF? The whole Dr. Frankenstein/Lily story line just sort of ended with a whimper. And the star of the show, Eva Green, had about 4 minutes of air time over the last two episodes. I'm thinking this show got axed by Showtime and it took the show runners by surprise.

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