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Requiem Recap

Christian and Deena meet with Triphammer at his home, and Triphammer warns that Christian has made himself a target after his TV interview about Heavy. He gives them the equipment he's developed to deal with Heavy: a taser rifle and body prod. Triphammer admits that he's work with obscure FBI files and has no idea if the equipment will work or not. Finally, he gives the officers an EMP grenade launcher that should stop Heavy's gravity powers. Christian notices that Triphammer has received an invitation to Colossal Fun's annual outcoming ball, and Triphammer admits that he isn't going and doesn't know why Conrad keeps inviting him. He points out that Christian was already Conrad's favorite, but Christian would rather not think about it. Deena interrupts their remembering to point out that they have a bad guy to take down, and Triphammer tells them to stay safe.

As Deena and Christian go to their car, Deena notices a car parked down the street and figures the FBI isn't even trying. Christian waves to the watcher and they drive off.

Triphammer is working at his computer when Heavy comes in. Heavy says that he'll deal with Christian in due time, and admits that Triphammer was always his favorite when he was a child. Triphammer goes for a weapon but Heavy easily destroys it and then generates a heavy-gravity field around Triphammer, crushing his titanium skeleton. He then dismissively says that it was too easy.

The next morning at Deena's place, Deena and Kutter finish up a round of sex. He suggests that they don't have to hide their relationship now that she's been suspended. As Deena takes that in, her doorbell rings and she tells Kutter to stay there. She answers the door and finds Christian at her doorstep, and he tells her that Triphammer's dead. Kutter comes out and says that he got a text about Triphammer's murder, and reminds Christian that he's been suspended when Christian offers to go with him.

Once Kutter leaves, Deena tells Christian that her relationship with Kutter is none of his business. Christian explains that Martinez called him about Triphammer's death and figures Heavy was there. She tells him that Heavy was there for Triphammer and says that they should stay away from the crime scene. Christian points out that Triphammer was her friend, but Deena figures that if Heavy killed Triphammer then they're getting closer to the Power. They try to work out who would want Triphammer, Retro Girl, Krispin, THX, and Marigold dead. Deena suggests that they start over at the beginning and try to work out where Retro Girl was before she was murdered. She then realizes that she's barely dressed and goes to put on some clothing.

Once he's alone, Christian looks at the photo of the plastic blob on the investigation board, next to the photo of Retro Girl. He realizes that it's the same color as her uniform, and tells Deena that they need to pay Craig a visit.

At Triphammer's workshop, Kutter tells Martinez not to touch anything until Forensics is done. Martinez says that he's a Marine vet, and Kutter thanks him for his service and says that he was a Marine as well. Zora arrives and Martinez blames himself for not being there. She suggests that they go to the new Retro Girl gala that night where they're memorializing Triphammer, and says that they both need to honor him as she hugs Martinez.

Calista practices her speech for the gala, and tells Conrad that she can't do it. Conrad assures her that she is honoring them by becoming their legacy, and tells her that the people will want to hear Calista say something inspiring. He advises her to forget the script and speak from her heart, and wants everyone to see that the Powers are important. Conrad says that he usually makes the speech, but it's Calista's honor and he believes in her.

Christian and Deena visit Craig at home as he prepares for the gala. He reluctantly lets them in and Deena realizes that Retro Girl's death hit him hard. She asks what was on her mind before she died, and Christian figures that Retro Girl was retiring to have a normal life with him. He suggests that Craig had her killed when she told him, and she left them a clue: an action figure of herself. Craig insists that he didn't kill Retro Girl, and Deena says that they can protect her. The agent says that he can't talk to anyone, and then abruptly says that he has to talk to his husband. Before he goes, Craig confirms that Deena and Christian will keep his husband and daughter safe. Deena assures him that they will. Once Craig leaves, Deena wonders why Craig referred to his family as "them," not "us." They go after him just as they hear a gunshot.

Later at Powers Division, Angela demands to know why Christian and Deena were at Craig's house. Christian says that Craig's suicide confirmed that he saw Retro Girl's murder, and a disgusted Deena says that Angela isn't going to tell them anything and walks out. Once they're alone, Angela asks Christian if he learned anything useful. Christian says that he's done playing game and tells her to stop pretending she's not working the case. Angela says that the FBI and Interpol haven't been able to find Heavy in ten years, and Christian figures that she plans to grab Heavy once he kills Christian. Christian angrily says that he knows he's a dead man if Heavy comes after him, but he doesn't care. Angela that he can't go rogue, and Christian asks her to tell him what she knows. She says nothing and Christian storms out.

Christian and Deena talk to Edson privately at Deena's house and tell him that the plastic blob is an action figure. Edson warns that the recovery is fragmentary, and the partners ask Edson to get them surveillance of footage of PAR on the night of Retro Girl's death. The tech says that Angela already had him do it after Craig's suicide, and it shows that Retro Girl wasn't there. Edson brings up the footage which shows nothing, and Deena has him bring out the footage from outside the building. He reluctantly does so and warns that Angela hasn't asked for it yet but she will. Christian has Edson bring up other angles, and they spot a reflection of Retro Girl in the windows. They call Kutter and leave.

When Deena and Christian arrive at PAR, Dr. Michelle Marrs greets them. She says that Dr. Death's wife is pregnant so he's on leave, and she's with the LAPD handling Powers Division. Michelle covered the crime scene, and takes them to Craig's office. Kutter joins them and Michelle explains that she has a hypersensitive nose. The UV shows lots of blood traces on the floor, and the table edge is the same height as the cut on Retro Girl's leg. They realize that Retro Girl was murdered there, and Kutter tells the partners to leave before the Feds show up.

That night at the gala, Martinez arrives in his Marine dress blues. He tells Zora that he's back in danger, losing people before he should, and they assure each other that Triphammer saw potential in them. Christian and Deena come in, and Angela and Schlag, come over. She explains that Conrad asked for special protection, and Christian asks to speak to Conrad. Angela refuses, saying that she knows Conrad doesn't want to speak to Christian, and Christian figures that she's expecting Heavy. He says that Heavy will definitely come now that he's there, and Angela tells him to go.

As the Feds try to escort Christian and Deena out, Conrad comes over and gushes over his hero Diamond. He insists that Christian is still the world's greatest hero even without his powers and tells Angela that Christian has a lifetime invitation to the gala.

Conrad welcomes Calista to the stage and she flies in. As she gives her speech about making a difference, Angela scans the crowd. Zora mutters that she's going to hold Calista to it, as Calista tells everyone to enjoy their evening. Once she leaves the stage, Angela begs Christian to leave the gala. Considering, Christian Deena says that there are too many people and they should take the fight somewhere safer. As they head for the door, Heavy watches them from the balcony above.

Zora asks Martinez to take her back to Triphammer's house, and he assures her that she was smoking. They flirt and Zora asks what's next, and they start to kiss. A pre-recorded message from Triphammer comes up after the system determines that he's been dead 24 hours. He says that he has no regrets and asks Martinez and Zora to continue training as heroes. Triphammer tells them that he's had a trust set up for them and left the house and his proprietary technology to them, and tells them to have some fun.

At Powers Division, Christian and Deena enter the empty squad room with Triphammer's weapons. They plan to get Heavy into the drainer. Christian suggests that Deena leave because it isn't her fight, and Deena insists that she needs a partner who treats her as an equal. He agrees and they load up, and hear something banging in the darkness. They head for the drainer and Heavy throws a desk at Deena. She ducks out of the way and Heavy wheels out on a chair.

Christian aims his gun at him, and Heavy easily knocks it out of his hands. While Deena crawls to her gun, Heavy throws the gun back at Christian, knocking him back. She grabs the gun and shoots at Heavy, who easily dodges and blasts her back. The Power then throws Christian through a window, while Deena sees the dead cop that Heavy killed.

Heavy moves in on Christian and slams him back and forth. Meanwhile, Deena grabs the dead man's gun and shoots at Heavy. He knocks her back and then pins Christian down, and starts crushing him with a gravity well. However, Schlag turns the drainer on Heavy, stunning him. Christian tackles the Power and demands to know if he killed Retro Girl. Heavy says that he did because the price was right, and the FBI agents drag Heavy away and hold Christian back.

Angela comes over and makes sure that Christian is okay. He thanks her for her help and Deena reluctantly chimes in. Angela says that Heavy is theirs and it's done, and says that it's payback for everything that she and Christian could have been.

Later at Deena's, Edson finishes remodeling the plastic blob and swears in disbelief.

At Christian's apartment, Christian and Deena tend to their injuries. As they agree that it's not over, Calista flies in and asks if it's true they caught Retro Girl's killer. Deena explains that the FBI has Heavy, as there's a knock at the door. Calista says that she is wearing civilian clothing because she knows it bothers Christian, and he thanks her.

Edson comes in and says that Christian was right about the blob being a Retro Girl action figure. Christian says that it's a new figure and he knows who killed Retro Girl. They bring up the Colossal Fun website and discover that the figure is a commemorative figure that went on sale the day after Retro Girl died. Deena checks Colossal Fun's stock report and discovers that it was flat until Olympia's death. Since Retro Girl died, the company's stock has spiked even further.

Calista realizes that Conrad killed Retro Girl, and he's going to start the cycle all over again with her. Christian warns her not to take the law into her own hands, and reminds her that she came to him for advice. He asks if she wants to be a hero like Retro Girl, or an engine of hate and vengeance. Calista says that they need her, but Christian says that Conrad isn't a power and they can handle it.

In his penthouse, Conrad looks at the hologram of Calista in uniform. His AI says that Calista is arriving and he ends the playback before greeting Calista. However, Conrad is surprised to see that it's Christian and Deena. They used Calista's key fob to fool the AI, and Christian says that they know he hired Heavy to kill Retro Girl. She was retiring so Conrad her murdered because she was worth more dead than alive. Conrad says that they can't arrest him, pointing out that they have no evidence, and Christian says that they have Heavy.

When Conrad says that he knows they don't have him, Christian figures that Conrad is making a Powers United commemorative collection. He had Retro Girl and Triphammer killed, and had a commemorative Diamond figure ready for when Christian was killed. Christian tells Conrad that they know he showed Retro Girl her commemorative action figure the day that she died, and they found it in her hand after she was murdered. When Christian tells him to come to the station with them, Conrad says that it's the Diamond that he missed.

Christian promises that he won't stop until everyone knows the truth. Conrad says that he understands why Christian is angry: because they both loved Retro Girl. He says that Retro Girl was a fighter and fought until the end, and realizes that he said too much. Conrad has his AI bring up the playback of Heavy killing Retro Girl, and says that there are consequences for when someone tells him no. He has the AI delete the file and Conrad grabs him, promising that he's a dead man. Conrad agrees to go with them because it doesn't matter.

Realizing that Conrad is right, Christian throws him out the window. He falls himself and grabs the ledge, and Deena grabs his hand. He's too heavy and she loses his grip. Calista catches him and flies back in to the penthouse, and says that he needed her after all.

At Triphammer's workshop, Zora comes in wearing the clothes that Martinez loaned her after she changed out of her dress. As they kiss, there's a knock on the door. Zora answers it and finds Calista there. She was wondering if she could come in, and Zora invites her in.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 22, 2016

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