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Big Whoop Recap

The episode opens with Evan calling Hank downstairs. He says that Emily Peck has rerouted their name to her new website and is stealing potential clients. He calls Divya and leaves a message and calls Emily a Succubus. Emily is right behind him and wonders why he would call her that. He tells her that a Succubus is a seductive woman but she says that she knows the real meaning is a demon that steals men’s souls. Hank comes downstairs and Evan says that Emily is stealing clients and that she reroutes their name to her site. Emily admits that she hired a web designer to make a site but she didn’t do anything illegal. Evan realizes that Hank and Emily are sleeping together and Hank says that Evan can call off the emergency staff meeting. Meanwhile, Divya is meeting with Ms. Alice Lim. Evan barges in and tells her that Emily is sleeping with Hank and that she is stealing their clients. Alice gets offended and walks off. Evan tries to talk more but Divya says that it is none of their business and says that Evan may have scared away her replacement.

Hank meets with Jill and they meet Stanley Russell who is playing a video game dressed in army gear. He says that he has a cold and that he walks up the stairs once a day for exercise. They examine him and Jill has him sign for the visit. He gives Jill a paper. It is a cease and desist order to stop operating the clinic from Dr. Blair. Stanley is a process server by day.

Hank and Divya are driving to a client and Hank says that the clinic is shut down temporarily and that they need to focus on HankMed clients right now. The client is the Phillips family. They enter and the family says that they are all feeling fine except for their father. Hank enters Ted’s father’s room and finds out that it is Dr. Phillips, a famous doctor. Dr. Phillips is teaching his granddaughter about human anatomy.

Evan meets with Eddie R. and he is complaining about the fact that Emily is taking over the business with the website reroute and Eddie tells him to not complain about it and do something. He says that he could fix the problem and get Emily whacked. Evan is shocked and so is the busboy. Eddie elaborates and says that his friend could get into the website. Evan is relieved and tells the busboy that Eddie meant “hacked” as in hacker. Eddie says that he has to go. Evan realizes that Eddie left his sunglasses and attempts to catch up to him but stops when he sees Eddie is with a tall man and they get into a car together.

Meanwhile back with Hank and Dr. Phillips, Hank asks when he was diagnosed with emphysema and then says that he is going to update his medications when Dr. Phillips mentions he used to be treated with a medication that is rarely prescribed anymore. Hank says that he shouldn’t be taking that because of the side effects. Hank says that he could also have a Pulmonologist see him. Back at HankMed, Evan is still upset about Emily and Hank says that the only Pulmonologist is Emily. Divya agrees that it is a great idea. Evan wants to know why she is pushing Hank and Emily together but Divya says that pushing them together is the best thing to do to pull them apart. Hank will see what Emily is really like and therefore get rid of her. Evan says that it is a brilliant plan.

While driving to the Phillips' home, Hank tells Divya that Stanley Russell is not in good condition and it could be an infected appendix. Divya calls Stanley and he is screaming over the phone. Divya asks if he is alright and he says that he was only taking enemy fire on his video game and admits that his stomach is bothering him. She says for him to get to the hospital and he says that he can’t until his mom gets home. Divya says that someone will pick up him up.

Hank and Divya arrive at the Phillips' and Emily is already there. They enter Dr. Phillips' room and Emily and Dr. Phillips are watching the surgery of Dr. Phillips' first surgery on Betamax. He says that Emily has offered to transfer them to DVD. Hank asks why no one has reached for his prescription with Dr. Phillip coughing. Dr. Phillips says that he doesn’t like taking it. Hank also sees that there is a cigar lit and tells Emily that he needs to talk to her. Hank says that it is not acceptable to let the patient dictate his treatment.

Divya gets a call from Evan and she says the plan is working. Evan is with Stanley and is not happy. He sees Jill and hugs her and says that he needs her help.

After Divya sees Maddie coughing, Hank examine her and Hank says that Maddie could have gotten her cough from Dr. Phillips. He mocks Hank and asks if he got his degree on the Internet. Hank says that he could have given her pneumonia.

Dr. Blair tells Jill that the injunction to close the clinic wasn't personal. Jill says that the biggest donor, Boris, was not too happy. Dr. Blair then confirms Stanley's diagnosis and tells him that he needs to have surgery. Stanley says that his life is in Evan’s hands. Evan is happy that Jill talked to Boris, but Jill was bluffing.

Hank is called over to the Phillips' home and Dr. Phillips is in bad condition. Hank says that he is irregular and that the medication shouldn’t be reacting this way. Emily says that she gave him a low dose of Theophylline and Hank is not happy. Dr. Phillips says that he helped himself to another dose. Divya enters and asks where he got the Theophylline and Emily says that she gave it to him. Hank says that Emily can leave but she says that she is not leaving until Dr. Phillips is better. Throughout the day and night, they continue to try and stabilize Dr. Phillip. Meanwhile, Evan walks into Eddie’s home and Eddie is on the phone and Evan says that he wants to thank him for getting the website problem solved. Eddie says that he is dealing with idiots in his business. Back with Dr. Phillips, Hank says that he and Maddie don’t have pneumonia. Dr. Phillips asks for a cigar but Hank won’t give in. He asks instead if Hank will tell his family to finish their vacation without him.

Ted is upset and says that he wants to talk to Emily and Divya. Divya is surprised at how easily Emily uses her communication skills to calm Ted down about the incident with the Theophylline. Later, Evan tells Hank that he won’t be ignored and he says that Emily is going to destroy HankMed if he is not careful. He tries to squash a can with his foot but fails. Hank is amused at his attempt to persuade him from Emily. Hank, Divya and Emily return to check on Dr. Phillips and the Phillips family have left on vacation without him. However, he is still coughing. Hank sees that Dr. Phillips has a rash on his neck and they drive down to the beach to catch the family before they leave. Hank says that Maddie and the rest of the family could be infected with whooping cough and that it is very dangerous.

Stanley meets Evan at a café and thanks him and apologizes for serving the injunction. He says that he hates working as a process server and that he wants to quit. Evan says that he needs to do what he wants to do. Back at the Phillips' home, they give the correct medication and say that the family can get back to vacationing in 6 weeks. Dr. Phillips gives up his cigars to Hank. Outside Hank gives them to Divya and walks over to Emily. He says that she should have asked him first before she prescribed the Theophylline. He forgives her and she asks Hank to ask Evan for a truce in their digital warfare. She shows the picture that comes up when people search for her business. It is her high school picture.

At the hospital, Dr. Blair comes in to Jill’s office and says that Hampton Heritage is dropping their lawsuit. Jill thanks Dr. Blair and says that she appreciates telling her in person. At HankMed, Divya says that her top candidate for her replacement is not going to be joining and says that Emily is the perfect candidate. Evan says that it is a bad idea and Divya says that she changed her mind and says that it would be good for Emily to work with them and not against them. Later Hank is at home and Eddie enters. He asks where Evan is and Hank says that Evan will be back soon and offers Eddie a beer and to wait for him. Jill meets with Boris and Boris says that his privacy is not to be taken frivolously and that he is very upset with her. She says that it won’t happen again. Evan is in his car and is waiting for Eddie to leave. He follows him to a storage facility and meets with the same man from earlier. He gives him a folder and the meeting does not go well. Evan wonders what is going on.

Written by pentar on Jun 23, 2016

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