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Open Up Your Yenta Mouth and Say Ah Recap

The episode opens with Hank running on the beach when his cell phone rings. The caller is Boris and he says that he needs something to sustain him for an important meeting. Hank says that he could put an IV drip in the car, but Boris tells him he is not going by car but by helicopter. Later at a cafe, Jill joins Hank and after some small talk, she cuts to the fact that Boris is mad at her for telling Dr. Blake about his involvement in the clinic. As Hank is telling her that Boris likes his privacy, especially now, a woman walks by and falls into his lap. She apologizes and tries to stand, but she has twisted her ankle. She introduces herself as A.J. and Hank diagnoses her injury as a light sprain and proceeds to wrap her ankle. She says that she will put a check in the mail. Later, Hank and Evan meet with Eddie R. and Ms. Newberg and they indicate that they are moving in together. Hank is happy and Evan suspicious, after knowing of Eddie’s shady recent activity. Eddie starts to hyperventilate and tells Hank that he just needs to get some air. Evan looks around the cafe and notices the same man that met with Eddie the last time that Evan followed him.

Divya drives up to Adam’s house and she asks after Tally. Adam says that she is fine but that he needs Divya's help because he has been having some issues. Meanwhile, Hank meets with A.J. and she says that she called him over because she has been feeling like “poop”. Hank asks her to elaborate, and she says that she has not been feeling like herself. She speaks of her dead husband and confesses that she Googled Hank before he arrived and asks him why he is still single. Hank laughs it off and A.J. then starts talking about Boris. Hank is all professional and does not reveal anything personal about Boris. Later, after Hank tries to contact Eddie about the stress test they discussed, Evan reveals that he followed Eddie and saw him meet with the same man that was at the restaurant this morning. Hank says that if the anxiety is not there when they do the stress test, then they will ask him about the meeting.

Paige and Evan return from their date and Paige wants to know why Evan is out of it. He tells her that he has a lot on his plate. Paige asks why he hasn’t invited her to meet his family and Evan says that he needs to get to know Eddie first. Evan says that it will be alright and they hug. Divya and Hank visit A.J. again because she indicated that she had gotten worse. Hank asks Divya about Adam and she says that it too was something that was nothing. They knock on the door and see A.J. through the window as she stands up to answer the door, but them pass out. Hank breaks the door window and enters the house. As A.J. slowly opens her eyes, Hank asks her what she was doing last. A.J. indicates that she was reading a magazine and felt dizzy when she got up. Privately to Hank, Divya says that A.J. is quite the gossiper and Hank calls her a Yenta Mouth. Divya receives a text about Adam’s blood work and tells Hank that she can handle the meeting with Adam herself.

Eddie gets in his car and the mysterious man he has been meeting with enters on the passenger side and tells Eddie they need to talk. He says that Eddie's debt is still outstanding and the envelope Eddie provided previously didn’t cover it all, but that it was close. The man notes that Eddie has the money to eat fancy sandwiches and threatens that he will be in touch. Eddie tries to tell him to stay but he leaves. Meanwhile, Divya is doing an ultrasound on Adam and says that his results are normal. Adam tells her that his heart is racing. He then starts to go into renal failure and Divya calls 911. At the hospital Divya says that he made it in time and teases that she and him are going to have to see more of each other. She notices that they are holding hands and pulls away quickly.

Hank is jogging and sees Boris arrive in his helicopter with Marisa. A.J. stops by Hank and Evan's home and tells Evan that she has an appointment. Evan tells her that she can wait for Hank and she then starts talking about Eddie. Hank enters and tells A.J. that he can't talk and that she was supposed to go to the hospital. He then asks if she had another episode. Hank visits Marisa and Hank finds out that she is pregnant and hasn’t told Boris yet.

Hank and Evan meet with Eddie and Hank says that Eddie's stress test is normal but that his cholesterol is high. Eddie confesses that he is in debt and that the people want their money back. They stop talking when Ms. Newberg gives them a drink and Hank says that Eddie needs to lay off the alcohol. She invites Eddie into the kitchen to make him a non-alcoholic drink. Evan tells Hank that he doesn’t trust Eddie and Hank says that this time was different and that Eddie was sincere. Paige and Evan meet and Evan tells her that he and his brother met with Eddie and they talked out their problems. Paige gives Evan a check and says that she wants to invest in Blue Sky and make Eddie’s problem go away. Evan says that he doesn’t want his relationship with her to be a series of financial transactions, and asks her if she wants to join him and his dad later.

Evan tells Hank that A.J. canceled her hospital appointment. Dieter enters and gives Hank an invitation to Boris’ house. Evan is excited and runs off thinking about what to wear. Hank asks Divya if she is alright and she confesses that she got a little upset when Adam went into V-tach (Ventricular tachycardia). Hank tells her that she handled it like a pro. Paige and Evan play golf with Eddie and Evan confides that he likes Paige. Evan reveals that he has plans later with Boris and Eddie seems interested.

Jill and Hank meet for coffee and Jill says that A.J. proposed donating to the clinic and says that A.J. was interested in Hank. A.J. also told Jill that she was falling a lot. Hank speculates that A.J. received a lot more then just the house from her dad. Meanwhile, Divya visits Adam at the hospital and he indicates that he is feeling better. He thanks Divya with a hug but then they kiss. Hank and Jill arrive at A.J.’s house and the house is empty like no one lives there. Later at home, Hank gets off the phone and Evan asks him about the call. Hank says that it was a friend of Jill’s who said that they can’t file a missing person’s report on A.J. but that he would look into it. Eddie shows up and asks if he can attend the meeting with Boris because he wants to pitch Blue Sky to him. Hank asks why he couldn’t go to Newberg, but Eddie says he doesn’t want their relationship to be a series of financial transactions. Evan doesn’t like the idea but Evan says that he could ask Boris and see if it is alright. Hank agrees and calls Boris. Meanwhile, Divya sits on the beach shore with Jill and says that she kissed Adam and that there were sparks. Jill says that she needs to make a choice and go with the person she sees in front of her. She says that it is not fair because they are looking directly at London, where Raj is living.

When Hank asks if Eddie can join them, Boris says that it would be good to have the whole family there. Boris reveals that Eddie is a criminal and a liar. He tells Hank and Evan that Eddie got involved with the Securities and Exchange Commission and was arrested. To lower his sentence, they made a deal with him to be an informant on Boris. Boris said that to make sure Hank and Evan were not revealing personal information about him, that he started his own investigation. A.J. enters and gives him a file. Boris says that Hank and Evan don’t have anything to explain but he looks at Eddie and asks what he wanted to ask him. Eddie starts to panic and falls over. Hank says that Eddie is having a heart attack. The episode ends.

Written by pentar on Jun 23, 2016

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