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Mulligan Recap

The episode opens with Eddie hallucinating about being on the beach with Hank and Evan. Eddie has had a heart attack and Hank must use a defibrillator to restart his heart. Eddie is taken to Hamptons Heritage hospital where the doctors manage to stabilize him. Divya runs into Adam, who is infatuated with her after they kissed before. Divya makes it clear she thought it was a mistake.

HankMed is contracted to provide medical services at a local charity golf tournament. Jill is playing in the tournament and is paired with golf pro Jack O'Malley. The rest of the foursome includes a married couple, Nan and Dick, who seem to have a drinking problem and are a bit out of control. Evan is leaving to go home and Hank asks him not to speak to Boris about their father. When Evan returns home, Boris gives him a package for his eyes only and tells him he will call tomorrow.

At the hospital, Hank and Evan are speaking with Eddie about changes he needs to make in his lifestyle. Evan is anxious to hear Eddie's side of the story. Eddie was doing some money laundering using HankMed funds that Evan loaned him. When he inadvertently signed for medical supplies headed for Cuba, he was arrested and agreed to work with the SEC to determine whether Boris was involved in legitimate business. Evan keeps pressing Eddie until his heart monitor goes off, so Hank makes him back off.

At the golf course, a golf cart crash produces some cuts and scratches on Jack while Jill was thrown from the cart. Hank takes the opportunity to speak with Jack about a condition he suspects Jack might be suffering from. However, Jack is aware of the condition and cannot stop playing golf to get it fixed and risk losing his sponsors.

Evan steals Eddie's phone and gets the name of his lawyer. The lawyer reveals that Eddie was going to leave the country to avoid sentencing until he came to the Hamptons and decided that being with his boys was more important. After that, he decided to work with the SEC to hopefully make his sentence disappear.

Hank does some research on Jack's condition and discovers a new drug just approved by the FDA and proceeds to give Jack injections in his hands. Jill asks Hank for cortisone for her aching back and will not listen to Hank's advice to just get some rest. He gives her electrical stimulation to loosen her back. She later collapses on the course after completing a long putt. Hank is called again and discovers she has been bitten by a black widow spider.

At the golf course, Evan is participating in a hole in one contest when Boris calls, making him pull off his shot. His shot goes in anyway, and he wins a huge boat. He immediately leaves to meet with Boris, who offers to help Eddie leave the country. Afterward, Jill stops by to let Evan know that as an employee of HankMed, he is not eligible to win the boat.

Hank, Evan and Eddie are relaxing on the beach. Evan tries to hint to Eddie that he might want to leave the Hamptons and recuperate elsewhere, but Eddie and Hank are insistent that the Hamptons is the place for him. Hank pleases Eddie when he offers him a mulligan in their relationship.

Written by pentar on Jun 23, 2016

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