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Pit Stop Recap

Hank and Evan are having a video conference with Divya, who is in London preparing for her wedding. She officially gives them her three week notice.

Hank gets a call from Jill whose car was towed. They are filming a reality show at the complex where she lives and Hank offers her accommodations at his place. Before they leave, there is an accident on the water and Hank and Jill team up to rescue the injured woman. The producer gets the rescue on film, but Hank refuses to sign the release form.

Evan and Paige are trying on period swimsuits for a Gatsby party at the Blackstone Club. Paige and her family are members of the exclusive club, but she tells him he can bring a friend along.

Hank speaks to Boris and Marisa about the requirements for Marisa to practice medicine in the United States. Boris is concerned about Marisa, she seems depressed and homesick. Hank, Evan and Divya return to the set of the reality show for Craig, who is complaining of dizziness and blurry vision. Craig wants to stay in the beach house where the show is filming and Divya volunteers to stay and monitor him. Evan finds out from the producer that Hank refused to sign the release to appear in the show so Evan promises to try to convince him. Hank lets the producer know that the injured woman, Brooke is okay and has no spinal damage.

Emily comes home late at night. She quietly goes to Hank's bedroom and climbs into bed only to find Jill there, with Hank staying on the couch. The next day, Hank and Evan ask Emily to join HankMed as an equal partner. Emily expands on the idea and talks about franchising the concierge practice, saying she met with some financial backers in California who are eager to invest with her as the focal point. Hank agrees to consider it. Evan talks over the franchising idea with Paige, worried that Emily is taking over. Paige advises Evan to be aggressive and control the agenda.

At the reality show, Divya tells Hank that she watched all of the DVD footage with Craig in it. She could not find any evidence of drug abuse, but the symptoms indicate that. Craig reveals that he suffers from excessive sweating, so he had shots injected into his arm pits. Hank tells him that the drug can result in botulism.

The TV show producer Terry is upset because he is not getting much cooperation at locations around the Hamptons. Evan suggest he follow Hank around instead, but Terry says he still has access problems. Evan tells him he can get him access to the Blackstone club.

Hank talks with Marisa about the infection that was revealed by the blood work. There is concern about when she contracted the disease, and if her unborn child is infected. Also, Hank discovers the disease has the side effect of increasing the chance of a male child to 2 to 1. This is very important since Boris's disease passes from father to son, and he has adamantly refused to have children, wanting his disease to stop with him. Hank arranges an MRI at Hamptons Heritage that shows no problem with her brain so antibiotics are indicated. They must wait, however, to do tests on the fetus to see if it has the infection. Boris watches them talking through the windows and realizes they are keeping something from him.

Evan arrives at the Gatsby party with the cast and crew of the reality show. He asks Paige if they can enter and film and she is surprisingly receptive, but says she has to get permission from the executive manager. Later, after the crew is given permission to film, Evan finds out that Paige is not happy about the way he used their relationship to take advantage of her. One of the cast gets ill at the party, with the same symptoms as Craig. Hank discovers that the underlying cause for the illness was not Craig's injections, but from a spoiled jar of salsa.

That night, Hank and Emily are talking in bed. Hank assures her that Jill was just a house guest. Emily tells him she knows better, and knows there are unresolved feelings between the two, but she doesn't want to talk about it. The next day, Hank is going into the main house to give Marisa her antibiotics. He encounters Boris who asks him what they are hiding from him. Hank insists that Boris must speak with Marisa.

Written by pentar on Jun 23, 2016

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