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I Walk the Line Recap

At the hotel, Doc and the others try to hold the poisoned partygoers back, but they figure that if they give Bobo Wyno0nna then at least one of them will get the antidote. Doc fires of f a shot but Wynonna warns him that they can’t shoot them because they’re humans. Xavi8er and Doc shove Wynonna out the window as they tell her that they’ll find Waverly. The two men then grab their weapons and go looking.

On the border of the Triangle, Willa and Bobo prepare to pass through the border on the Winter Solstice. Bobo takes a second to look at Willa and said that he wasn’t sure if she’d remember. Willa says that she remembered everything once she stepped into the treehouse. They kiss briefly and then Willa leads Bobo through the border. H collapses in pain, burning, and Willa quickly pulls him back. Bobo figures that Willa isn’t the Heir if she doesn’t have Peacemaker. She discovers that someone switched Peacemaker for another revolver.

Pete and Kyle chase Waverly into the street, yelling for her to hand over Wynonna. She hides and takes Peacemaker out of her purse, and someone grabs her from behind and chloroforms her.

At the border, Willa insists that she had everyone fooled. Bobo figures that Wynonna must have known they were together and took Peacemaker, but Willa doesn’t believe it. He wonders what they’re going to do now, and Willa says that they have until sundown. She’ll go get Peacemaker while Bobo holes up, then they bolt and everyone dies.

Xavier and Doc get to the station, and Xavier figures that if they can get a sample of the poison then Black Badge can reverse-engineer a cure. Xavier opens up the safe with his weapons, and Doc wonders where the revenants are. When Xavier says that they’re at the trailer park, Doc holds up a vial of the serum and tells Xavier that it’s time to talk about his vice. Xavier tells him that it’s just medicine that he’s been taking since he was a kid. Nicole comes in and sees the weapons, and says that she’s in. Doc tells her everything that’s happening, and Nicole thanks them for telling her the truth. He tosses her a gun and she says that she’s in. Xavier tells her to find the Earp girls while he and Doc steal the antidote, and deputizes Nicole.

Wynonna returns to the homestead and calls to her sisters. As she changes out of her dress, Pete comes in and he talks about how Wynonna slept with his brother Kyle. Wynonna punches him but Pete keeps coming, saying that he needs the antidote. Willa knocks him out from behind and Wynonna hugs her. She claims that she got separated from Waverly and asks her where Peacemaker is, but Wynonna doesn’t know.

Once Wynonna dresses, she ties up Pete and they try to work out who took Peacemaker. Wynonna takes Pete’s phone and calls Waverly, but gets no answer. Willa says that they need to focus on finding Bobo, and Wynonna asks if she’s worries about Waverly. Her sister claims that she is, and suggests that Wynonna shoot Pete even though he isn’t a revenant. She tells Wynonna is that sometimes Earps have to make tough decisions. The landlilne phone rings and Wynonna answers it. It’s Chrissy, who says that she has Waverly and she’ll trade her for Wynonna so she can get the antidote. Once Chrissy hangs up, Wynonna tells Willa that they’re getting Waverly together.

Bobo staggers through the forest and finds Juan Carlos waiting for him. Juan warns that Bobo doesn’t want to do it, and Bobo figures he must be close to succeeding if Juan came. He asks why Juan came to him instead of Willa, and Juan says that Willa is too far gone. The man warns that if the Heir crosses the Triangle with Peacemaker on the Solstice with hate in her heart, then there won’t be anyone left. Bobo reminds Juan that he’s not allowed to interfere and tells him to step aside, and that once he’s out of the Triangle then he can save himself and Willa. Juan steps aside and Bobo continues on.

As the sun rises, Wynonna and Willa arrive at the station where Chrissy has Waverly. They easily restrain Chrissy, who passes out. Willa frees Waverly and says that they have to find Peacemaker. When she realizes that Waverly has it, she yanks it away. Waverly grabs it back and tosses it to Wynonna, and Willa suggests that Waverly ingested the poison and is acting erratically. Wynonna isn’t convinced, and Waverly says that she saw something in Willa’s eyes at the party when Bobo held her. Willa draws a gun and says that she’s running out of time, and reminds Wynonna that she’s never taken responsibility for what happened to her, or Ward, or the poisoned townspeople.

As Wynonna wonders why Bobo saved Willa at the homestead and vice versa, Nicole comes in and Willa covers her. Willa says that she’ll kill Nicole if they don’t hand over Peacemaker, and Waverly begs Wynonna to do it and save her lover. Wynonna finally agrees and hands the gun over, and promises that she’s coming for her. Willa figures that she’d better slow her down and shoots Nicole, and walks out.

Waverly runs to Nicole, and Wynonna points out that there’s no blood. Nicole is wearing a bullet-proof vest, and tells Waverly to go with Wynonna and stop Willa. She tells them that Xavier and Doc went to Shorty’s, and Waverly kisses her. Wynonna gives them a moment and then tells Waverly that they have to go.

On the street, Wynonna says that Bobo must have done something to Willa. If they can undo it then they’ll get her back. As they round the corner, the townspeople surround them.

Doc and Xavier break into Shorty’s and the revenants attack them.

Wynonna and Waverly hill the gunshots and figure it’s their friends. Wynonna offers herself if they let Waverly go, and Neadley agrees. He says that Wynonna has destroyed a lot of lives in Purgatory, but then tells the townspeople that she’s the only shot they have of getting out of their mess. Neadley tells them that Bobo and the others aren’t like them, and if they kill one of their own then they’ll be just like the revenants. One of the townspeople, Moira, wonders if they’re going to die a painful death, and Neadley says that Wynonna won’t let it happen. He tells Wynonna to go and fix it, and the townspeople let het and Waverly leave. Waverly tells Neadley that Nicole is in his office alive and leaves.

Doc gets a wounded Xavier out and gives him an injection of the serum. Xavier jerks awake, his eyes turning yellow, and realizes that Doc used too much. He then walksback into Shorty’s empty-handed and tells Doc to step back. After a moment, revenants start flying out the windows. Doc stares in shock, then draws his gun and then goes in.

Waverly tells Wynonna to find Xavier and Doc while she does something only she can do. Wynonna kisses her on the forehead and then goes. When Wynonna arrives at Shorty’s, she finds revenants scatteredeverywhere, moaning in pain. Xavier and Doc come out of the back room with a poison sample and Xavier says that Black Badge will work out an antidote from it. He figures that Bobo had his revenants guarding the poison while he escaped the Triangle, and Wynonna tells them that Willa is a double-agent and has Peacemaker. She sees Xavier’s wound and he tells her not touch him, and warns that Lucado is coming there. One of the revenants, Carl, says that Bobo is coming back from them and Doc casually shoots him. Xavier tells Doc and Wynonna to raid his gun safe while he meets with Lucado when she arrives.

At the treehouse, Bobo finds Waverly waiting for him. He figures she drank the poison and is there for the antidote, Waverly says that she just wants answers and reveals that she knows who Bobo really is. She figures that Willa is coming there because she’s his lead, and warns Bobo that he’s letting the other revenants loose into the world. Bobo says that maybe it’s time for all of them to leave Purgatory, and insists that he saved Bobo from the other revenants. He told them that he killed Willa and hid her in the treehouse, Constance erased Willa’s memories and took her days before her 27th birthday, and he rallied an army together to get the bones of Constance’s sons.

Waverly begs Bobo to let Willa go, and Bobo says that he used to wonder how Ward had girls with so much goodness. He used to think about saving Waverly, and tells her that she’s not even an Earp. Willa calls to Bobo from outside and he tells Waverly to hide. She comes in and says that she has Peacemaker, and Bobo leads her out as Waverly watches, crying.

At the station, Wynonna asks Doc what Wyatt would do. Doc says that he used to have a dog with one ear. She went rabid and Wyatt offered to put her down, but Doc knew he had to do it.Doc suggests that they run and get a little house in the country, but admits that he came back because Juan asked him to help Wynonna. Wynonna figures that Willa is better than Willa and doesn’t figure that she can take her sister. Doc figures that Wynonna will take her on anyway and warns that she’s sounding like a hero. Wynonna says that no matter what, she isn’t going to kill Willa.

The Black Badge team arrives at Shorty’s and Xavier tells Lucado what’s going on. The Black Badge doctor gives the townspeople the antidote while Lucado warns Xavier that if they survive then Black Badge will be a little moiré hands on. She then says that they have new orders to only observe Bobo and see if he can open a gateway. When Xavier objects, saying that he needs to assist Wynonna, Lucado warns that she’ll have him arrested if he goes near the boundary. Xavier asks what she has against him, and Lucado tells him that he survived Kandehar when others didn’t. She says that Xavier is a monster in more ways than one.

Wynonna and Doc catch up to Bobo and Willa and open fire. Bobo tells Willa to go on and he telekinetically deflects Doc’s bullets and then throws the next one back. He snatches away Doc’s gun, and then Wynonna’s, and Bobo realizes that she taped a grenade to her gun... and pulled the pin. He tells Willa to run and throws the gun at Doc. It blows up, knocking both of them back. Wynonna runs to Doc and he tells her to go on.

Willa runs for the boundary but finally turns when Wynonna fires a warning shot. Wynonna tries to get through to her, and Willa insists that she’s the rightful Heir. She goes to the boundary and the gateway opens. A chasm opens in the earth and something roars, and Willa says that the prison gates are open. When Wynonna says that they can still stop it, Willa says that it’s better than what she planned. The town will burn, and Willa says that the townspeople deserve what is coming.

Bobo scream sin pain.

Wynonna insists that Willa isn’t alone, and tells her to stop it or she’ll stop Willa for good. Bobo calls for Willa, and Willa says that their mother used to bring them there when she couldn’t take any more of Ward beating her. The trees start to fall, and Wynonna says that once they get Peacemaker back inside the boundary, they can start over. Willa tells her that something else visited her in the treehouse and promised that death would be a mercy. She says that she’s doing it for Wynonna and when she’s done, there will be no more Purgatory, no more Earps, and mo more curse.

Doc recovers and prepares to shoot Bobo. Bobo tells him to shoot the old one.

Willa promises Wynonna that it will be quick, and they both draw. Wynonna can’t shoot, and Willa pulls the trigger... and nothing happens. Her younger sister says that she went wrong, but still can’t shoot. Xavier arrives and shoots Willa as Doc arrives.

A giant snake creature grabs Willa i9n its coils and drags her up-. She drops Peacemaker and Wynonna runs across the boundary to grab it. She aims and killsWilla, and then runs back across the boundary and makes it just in time. The creature tries to follow her and disintegrates when it hits the boundary.

Wynonna goes to Bobo and prepares to send him back to Hell. He tells her to do it, saying that he’s already in Hell, and Wynonna asks if he loved Willa. Lucado arrives and shoves Peacemaker away, and says that her people are taking Bobo to a Black Badge site outside of the triangle. Bobo begs Wynonna to shoot him rather than let Black Badge take him outside of the Triangle.

Wynonna reminds Lucado that she can’t end the curse unless she sends every revenant back to Hell, and Lucado says that maybe they’ll send what’s left of Bobo back in a few months for Wynonna to dispatch. Xavier is in the truck as well, and Lucado says that he’s under arrest for treason. Wynonna figures that it’s personal for Lucado, and Lucado says that they know what Wynonna did in the past and she’s in no position to object. As she goes, Lucado tells her second to destroy Purgatory once they’re clear.

Later, Wynonna is sitting on the edge of town. Juan appears just outside the boundary and assures her that he’s not a revenant. He explains that the Triangle is a sanctuary as well as a prison. Wynonna says that she has work to do and Juan says that they’ll be watching her. When she turns back to him, Wynonna discovers that Juan has disappeared.

The Black Badge truck heads out of town and Bobo realizes that they’re almost over the line. He laughs and says that it’s going to hurt, and burst into flame as the truck passes through the boundary. Wynonna steps out onto the road and shoots Bobo, and he’s pulled back into Hell smiling. Xavier looks at Wynonna and she walks away as the emblem on Peacemaker’s handle fades away.

Later, Wynonna, Doc, and Waverly go to the boundary gate. Wynonna says that she’s going to plant a new tree for the girl Willa was... once she kills every revenant in and out of the Triangle. Doc wonder if they’re going to get Xavier, and Wynonna points out that he’s in a maximum-security black-ops prison... and they’re going to break him out. Waverly finds a small puddle of black liquid and touches it with her bare hand. It spreads through her body and her eyes turn black.

Wynonna and Doc hear something roar in the distance, and Waverly walks over and asks if Wynonna is ready. When Wynonna says that she’s ready for anything, Waverly draws a gun and shoots her.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 25, 2016

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