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The Wedding Planner Did It Recap

At the hospital, a surgeon tells Angie that the patient didn’t make it. Angie blames herself for Jay’s death, and the surgeon hastily assures her that Jay is alive and he thought she was someone else. They both share a laugh as Jay comes over, and Angie offers to buy him a cup of coffee.

Back at the station, everyone welcomes Jay back. Pritkin calls Angie and Jay into his office and says that another baker killed himself, As the partners drive to the crime scene, Angie warns Jay that she’s not about to let someone in because she was engaged to her first partner, Sgt. Eddie Pepper, and he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She insists on explaining that she was with Pepper on the day he disappeared, and proposed to her in the park while they were on patrol. Then he was called away without backup on a call and never returned.

At the bakery, Monica tells Angie and Jay that the owner was Franc Schubert. Schubert is the 13th baker suicide that year. He made $2 million in the last year and had no reason to kill himself. The last person to see Schubert alive was a wedding planner who came by to get a cake that morning. Angie gets a bit twitchy and Jay offers to interview the wedding planner for her. As they talk, Angie imagines hearing Jay say that he loves her.

Later, Jay meets with the planner, Jean Naté. Jean says that she didn’t notice anything unusual and says that she has no idea why he killed himself with an icing bag. When Jay wonders how she knew he killed himself with an icing bag, Jean excuses herself.

At the morgue, Monica shows Angie and Jay Schubert’s corpse. Dr. Edelweiss comes in and says that it was no suicide, and shows them the bullet holes. Angie realizes that Jay is wired on cake, and Edelweiss tells everyone to freeze. He eventually checks the frosting on the cake that Jay is eating, and realizes that it contains drugs. Angie figures that Schubert was distributing drugs through his cakes but doesn’t believe he’s the mastermind. Monica says that they found a delivery receipt for 20 pounds of flour for $250,000, and it’s from a place called Tom’s Flour.

When Angie and Danny arrive at the warehouse, a helpful sweeper, Dave, tells them that Tom’s Flour packed up and left the day before. He recognizes Jean and says that she used to come by and check on flour deliveries. As they go, Dave says that sometimes he saw the guys mixing drugs in the flour, and Angie tells him to call them at the station.

At the station, Angie tells Pritkin that Jean’s business is bad so she’s up0plementing her income distributing drugs. They have to catch Jean in the act, so Pritkin tells her and Jay to go undercover as a bride and groom. Angie thinks it’s a bad idea and asks to be removed from the case. Pritkin sympathizes but tells Angie that she has a job to do.

Soon, Angie and Jay meet with Jean and say that they want to get married. Jean recognizes Jay from their meeting earlier, but Jay quickly puts on a mustache. He asks if they can get married the next day, and they negotiate to the coming weekend. While Jean takes a phone call, Jay tells Angie that they have to make it look convincing. They turn back and overhear Jean talking to a customer, and he needs the drugs the next day. Jean agrees to do the wedding the next day, and Angie hesitantly agrees.

The next day at the church, Pritkin presides over the ceremony. Angie refuses to come out, and Jay goes to talk to her as everyone throws rice. In the changing room, Angie is sobbing and relates how Pepper went into the tunnel and never came back. Jay assures her that they’ll find Pepper and Angie cheers up.

Later at the reception, Pritkin and Danny dance while Angie and Jay watch a nervous Jean. Everyone finally taps on their glasses, expecting Jay and Angie to kiss. She has Jay kiss her hand, and Jean says that now the married couple will dance. They have no choice but to get up and tango, but Jay’s injured knee gives out. Jean says that they’ll have the cake ceremony in a few minutes, and Jean switches cakes with her customer.

The officers confront Jay and all of the attendees reveal that they’re undercover officers. However, the limbo number begins and everyone dances. Jean runs for it and Angie goes after her into the next-door weddings. Angie finally throws a bouquet at Jean and she instinctively catches it... and all of the bridesmaids jumps her. Jay grabs Jean--and the bouquet--and Angie calls Jay her partner. While they hold hands, Jean slips away.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 3, 2016

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