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The Thumb Affair Recap

At the Olsen-Medavoy Art Gallery, a guide shows the visitors the museum's most valuable piece, Thumb. It's worth $10 million, and the velvet ropes and the "Do not touch" sign prevent anyone from getting close to the painting. Once everyone leaves, a thief posing as a statue of Cupid carefully removes the rope and whites out the "not" in "Do not touch." Another museum guide brings back another group and they realize that Thumb is gone.

At the station, Pritkin calls Jay and Angie into his office and tells them about the theft. When they arrive at the gallery, Monica tells them and Danny that the thief knew what he was doing. Angie notices that the Cupid pedestal is empty, and Monica explains that the statue was on loan from an antiquities dealer, Dr. Ronald Zaius.

At the antiquities shop, Zaius' brother Randy is sweeping the floor when Jay and Angie come in. They notice that he has a black eye. He goes to get Ronald, who comes in and asks how he can help them. Angie explains that Ronald's loaned statue disappeared, and Ronald says that the coming and going of the statues is Randy's responsibility, and he's an idiot. He' offended at Angie's insinuation that he had something to do with the robbery, but agrees to make some inquiries.

Back at the station, Jay is surprised that Angie isn't concerned about the theft. Jay figures that they can get something from Randy and Angie agrees to go back with him. They visit Randy at his cheap apartment and tell him that Ronald makes a lot of money in antiquities. The detectives figure that Ronald doesn't treat Randy very well, and he excuses himself to go to the restroom when they ask about the art theft. The detectives search the place and find the stolen painting, and Angie angrily puts Randy under arrest and pins him to the wall. When Jay objects, Angie angrily pins him to the wall.

As they head back to the station, Jay tells Angie that she has to tell him what's going on. She finally explains that she was a young art student in Paris, just getting out of a relationship, Angie met Carpaccio MacGuffin, Thumb's artist who disappeared after creating it. They fell in love but Angie knew that she couldn't stay and left the artist. It was then that Carpaccio got the inspiration for Thumb.

At the station, Edelweiss calls Jay and Angie to the morgue. He brings in the recovered Thumb and Edelweiss explains that it's a forgery. They figure that Randy forged it. Danny questions Randy and asks where the original Thumb is, and Randy says that Ronald steals the art and Randy forges it. Then Ronald returns the forgeries and the police drop the investigation. Randy has had enough of his brother's treatment of him and is willing to turn him in,

The police go to the antiquities shop and Ronald denies everything. Jay finds the painting sitting in a corner, but Ronald insists that he's being framed. The officers take Ronald away, but Angie realizes that it's a forgery as well. They realize that Randy engineered the theft and Danny takes a SWAT team to Randy's apartment. He tries to hide in the rafters but sneezes, and the SWAT officers jump him when he falls. Randy fights his way free but Danny slams a refrigerator door in his face, knocking him out. Danny then finds the real Thumb hidden behind another painting.

Later at the station, Jay and Angie figure that they're finding their groove. Jay suggests that Angie meet his mother and when Angie tries to get away, she discovers that Jay has handcuffed himself to her. He says that he's not going to let her run from a good thing, and drags her to the restroom.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 4, 2016

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