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Chasing Ghosts Recap

At Christian's apartment, Christian dozes off after going over the files that he's been checking after Patrick told him about on the Ghost. Patrick flies in and realizes that Christian found the Ghost: Morrison. Christian points out that all of the information shows that Patrick killed the Ghost in 1967. Patrick admits that he got it wrong, and Christian wonders why Morrison came back after not having been seen in fifty years. His former mentor says that Morrison is a mater of the long game, and Retro Girl's murder brought him out. Morrison saw a weakness in Unity and went after Cobalt Knight. Christian insists that Morrison is gone, but Patrick says that he's a target and always has been.

In the morgue, Krisipin smashes his way out of a morgue drawer and gets out.

At Deena's house, Kutter is getting dressed. He suggests to Deena that she drive him to the station, and she insists that they're not going to work together. Deena tells him not to turn their relationship into something serious, and insists that she's defining boundaries. Disgusted, Kutter walks out.

Christian asks why Morrison would kill Bailey now, and Patrick says that Morrison can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. He admits that he and Retro Girl lied about killing Morrison, but they never found a body. Retro Girl made a statement to the press to make people feel better. Christian warns that he needs to take it to Powers Division, but Patrick insists that it's between Powers and considers Christian a Power. As Christian agrees to take a look at the leads, he clutches at his head in pain and collapses. Patrick merely looks at him.

Todd Secor goes into a bank and calls the security guard over. He beats her unconscious, takes her gun, and reveals that he's wearing a bomb vest.

Krispin gets dressed and removes the body tag from his toe. He then looks up his name on the Internet and discovers that he committed suicide. Krispin, shocked, looks up Marigold and discovers that Heavy buried her beneath a building. Marigold's spirit appears and says that it was a shitty way to go.

Christian wakes up and finds himself in Patrick's cabin in the wilderness. Patrick says that he's seen it before and gives Christian some medicine. Christian reluctantly drinks it and Patrick says that he got the recipe from a shaman in Nepal. When Christian tries to get up, he discovers that his legs are paralyzed. Patrick calls him "Diamond" and says that he'll be fine in the morning, and starts performing a ritual with a tribal rattle.

At Powers Division, Deena confirms that Christian didn't come in. She checks with Emile, who tells her that Todd is holding up a bank and taking hostages. Emile tells Deena to go with Christian and try and talk Todd out of doing something dangerous, and she admits that she can't find Christian. She wants to check Christian's apartment and says that she doesn't need Kutter with her. Emile overrides her and Deena goes to Kutter's desk. When he refuses, she yells at him to come with her and Emile tells him the same thing.

At Triphammer's home, Calista and Zora are watching a news report about Todd.

Marigold approaches a horrified Krispin, and a morgue attendant comes in. She tells Krispin that the attendant can't see her, and Krispin hides. Once the attendant leaves, Marigold tells Krispin that she feels fabulous despite her grisly appearance.

Deena and Kutter go to Christian's apartment and there's no answer at the door. Kutter figures that Christian is probably drunk, and Deena finally kicks in the door. They find an open window but no sign of anyone. Deena sees Christian's research on Morrison and an article about the Ghost's supposed death.

After Christian dozes off, Patrick talks about how he just wanted to be a farmer. He remembers the day the soldiers came and burned up his father's house, and made them witness atrocities. They killed Patrick's family but he didn't die, and he's been waiting 300 years for humans to do something good with themselves. They haven't, and Patrick figures that maybe Morrison was right and he should let them kill each other.

Back at Powers Division, Kutter and Deena tell Emile that Christian's car is still at his building and he hasn't used his credit cards. The detectives have found a conspiracy theorist, Samara, who is an expert on Morrison. Emile tells them to find Morrison, and then meets with Calista and Zora. He warns them about the bomb vest, and that Todd is keeping the hostages close to prevent a sniper from getting a clear shot at him. Emile asks Calista to walk in and talk to her father. Zora says that they'll go in together, but Emile warns that it will be a bloodbath and Todd wants to talk to Calista alone.

Krispin goes to a diner and swears at Marigold when she shows up again. The waitress wonders who he's talking to, and Krispin covers as best he can. Once she leaves, Marigold tells Krispin to focus on why he came back from the dead. They both figure that he's a Power, and Marigold points out that no one knows that he's alive. He can avoid registering as a Power, and says that there's only one way to find out if he'll come back again if he dies.

In the bank, Todd tells Emile that he's running out of time. The captain says that Calista isn't coming, and two of the hostages jump Todd. He knocks them away and orders everyone to stay down, and Calista smashes in through the roof. She says that she ignored Emile and asks someone to open the vault so she can get Todd his money.

At Samara's home, Samara runs a video of a webisode she did on Morrison and how he's been behind some of the greatest catastrophes in history. She says that Morrison has super-strength and can disappear at will. Samara has a photo of Morrison with Hitler, and he apparently died during the bombing of Berlin. However, two months ago Morrison supposedly called her to correct some of her facts.

Back at the station, Deena and Kutter show Edson the recording of Morrison talking to Samara. He says that he's produced a few records, including for the Beatles. Edson plays back the video and picks out the sound of an old cash register. Morrison called from a music store, and the detectives head to old record stores to see if someone knows Morrison.

Christian wakes up and discovers that he's alone. He manages to get to his feet and finds a cabinet holding a shrine to Janice. There's an envelope inside and Christian opens it. Inside is a letter from Janice, warning the world that SuperShock is a world-destroying threat and Morrison doesn't exist. Grabbing the blanket, Christian goes out into the storm and tries to find a way back to civilization. Patrick grabs him and then says that it's a good way to get himself killed, and shows Christian a cliff edge just ahead: the cabin is atop a mountain

As a teller packs the money, Todd tells Calista that he knew he could count on her. He says that he was driven to it by circumstances, and figures that she understands because she came to save him. Calista says that she came to save the hostages, and Todd says that he could be a better man given the chance. She doesn't believe him and Todd asks her to give him a chance. Calista agrees and says that they should fly, and takes Todd out through the roof.

High above the clouds, Todd asks Calista where she want to go. She says that there's only one place he can go, and pulls the trigger on the bomb vest.

As Emile and Zora witness the explosion, Zora tells the captain that if anything happens to Calista then it's on her.

Back at the cabin, Patrick finds Christian's old coat and tells him to put it on. Christian insists that it isn't his, and asks Patrick to take him back. Patrick orders him to put the coat on and Christian finally does so. His captor says that they'll weather out the storm and goes to make some tea. Christian says that he thinks that he knows where Morrison is: hiding in plain sight. He suggests that they analyze conflict hot spots and see how they connect to Bailey's death, but says that he needs the resources of Powers Division. Patrick says that the Powers are responsible for Morrison and Wolfe, and Christian says that the two of them need to bring Morrison to justice. Patrick says that they're up in the Andes and tells Christian that he's taking him back to civilization.

Krispin goes to the top of a tall building and stands on the edge. He finally steps down, and Marigold says that it will be epic when Krispin comes back to life. She assures him that he's not doing it alone, and Krispin wonders why she wants to do it so bad. Marigold figures that it will strengthen their bond, and Krispin says that their lives unraveled since they started Chaotic Chic. She says that his life unraveled long before they met, and Krispin tells her that she's weak. When Marigold says that he was a spineless weakling until she found him, Krispin tells her to jump alone. She hesitates and Krispin figures that she can't do anything without him. Marigold admits that she's there because of him, but Krispin says that he doesn't need her anymore. He then leaps off the edge, and Marigold disappears.

The next morning, Kutter and Deena check their 22nd record store. As they split up, Kutter tells Deena he's backing off because he understands that she's not ready for a commitment. He says that it doesn't matter and if she ever changes her mind, she should let him know. Deena agrees and asks what's next, and they check the 22nd and 23rd record stores separately.

Kutter goes into the shop and the owner greets him while his back is turned. When Kutter says that he's been to twenty other record stores, Morrison figures that he's after something else. He fakes tripping and Kutter catches him... and Morrison stabs him with a knife. The villain admits that time has taken its toll and he can't disappear, so he has to stand his ground. He pulls the knife out, takes Kutter's gun, and sets it down a few feet away. As Kutter tries to get to it, Morrison puts on a record and leaves as Kutter collapses.

Deena comes back and finds Kutter bleeding out on the floor. She calls 911 and asks for an ambulance, and then promises Kutter that they're going to find Morrison.

Krispin goes to Powers Division and tells Sgt. Kabatov that he wants to register as a Power. Kabatov doesn't believe him and Krispin says that he just came back from the dead. Emile comes out and recognizes Krispin, and stares in shock.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 6, 2016

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