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Terra Nullius Recap

At the Zone, Latani and Alinta watch as the guards make sure the gate is secure. A CA guard calls them over and Alinta pulls Latani away.

Maliyan hands out guns to his people, including Djukara.

At Jarrod's home, Jarrod and Charlotte lie in bed together looking at the ultrasound. She worries that she feels tight, and Jarrod assures her that they're both fit and healthy and there shouldn't be any problems. Charlotte prepares to leave, telling Jarrod that she's going shopping.

As Koen prepares to leave, Blair wonders if he can pull it off. He then gives Ash's box to Kora and asks her to take the box to somewhere beautiful for her. Kora gets in with Koen and they drive off.

In his apartment, Waruu remembers his childhood and dreaming of becoming the Cleverman.

Nerida looks on a sleeping Alinta and Latani, and then goes out to the living room and tells Waruu that she wants him out. She goes to the kitchen to make breakfast for the girls, and Waruu joins them. Alinta asks about the redevelopment deal and Waruu assure his daughter that everyone will get their own place in the Zone, including Latani. Nerida goes to take some food to Aunty Linda.

Linda hears Nerida outside drop her tray and goes to help her. Nerida tells Linda that she doesn't know who Waruu is anymore, while Blair secretly listens.

As she shops, Charlotte has another stomach pain. She calls the Ilythia Clinic but gets a disconnected message.

As Waruu goes to the Hairy district, Linda joins him and says that Jimmy saw that Waruu was the corruptible one. She tells her son that he can still choose what to be, and knows that he plans to sacrifice Koen. Waruu says that she didn't raise him and looked after Koen, and his father died because Linda was high. If he was still alive then Waruu would be the Cleverman and he wouldn't have to sacrifice anyone. Linda says that it's not too late for him, and tells her son that whatever he's been promised isn't worth killing for. Disgusted, Waruu says that he glad she has cancer and drives away.

In the workshop, Maliyan and his people make more weapons. The CA announces that the humans in the Zone have 24 hours to vacate because they can no longer guarantee their safety.

Linda goes back into her apartment and yells at Blair to get out. Once he goes, Linda smashes a potted plant.

Matthews tells the press that he has signed orders to evacuate the humans from the Zone. At Jarrod's home, Waruu and Jarrod watch the newscast. Jarrod warns that international consortiums are lining up to redevelop the Zone and Matthews has been working behind the scenes to make it happen. He assure Waruu that he has the money and first rights to develop the land, but Waruu doesn't believe it. Jarrod give Waruu a flash drive and says that he has cameras everywhere, and the drive contents are what Waruu needs to take the power from Matthews. As Waruu looks at the drive, Jarrod says that he needs him to deliver Koen.

Latani watches as the humans in the Zone begin their evacuation

As Araluen is forced to give Matthews a hand job, he finishes a call assuring his backers that he'll have the land in 24 hours. Once he's done, he has Frankie let him out.

Nerida packs and tells Alinta to do the same, and Alinta refuses to abandon Latani. When Nerida says that her daughter doesn't understand, the girl out to where Latani is waiting. Latani says that Nerida is right and walks away.

Blair watches as the humans pack to leave.

Maliyan tells Djukara that he's a warrior and one of them, and braids his hair for war.

The humans line up at the gate to leave, and one Hairy slips out and runs. A CA guard guns him down as Eve watches from the line.

Uncle Max tells Gub that they have to get out. He walks away and Gub goes after him.

Alinta approaches Latani and says that she'll make a stand with her friend. The Hairygirl warns her that the CA will kill anyone in the Zone after the evacuation, saying that she will be scared every day of being found out. Alinta refuses to go, and Nerida comes over and asks both girls to follow her. When Latani says that she isn't going anywhere, Nerida asks the girl to trust her.

Koen and Kora go to the fig tree from his childhood. Kora telepathically asks Koen if he can hear the old people, and he tells her that he does. She says that the tree holds the spirits of all of his ancestors, and assures Koen that his mother is everywhere around him. Koen says that Jimmy always brought him there, and Kora says that if Koen listens then he can hear his mother. They go to the tree and hug, and then Kora goes to the tree while Koen sits on the grass and concentrates. He uses his power to send her back to her home.

Waruu shows Belinda the footage of Matthews with Araluen. The reporter warns that it will destroy Matthews, but points out that the CA is under private contract to Jarrod through a shell company. Belinda warns that Jarrod always gets what he wants, but she slept with Waruu because she likes him. She tells Waruu to consider what Jarrod wants and goes to file her story. Waruu then calls Koen and arranges a meeting.

When Waruu arrives at the tree, he tells Koen that Jarrod is behind the CA and locked Kora up. Waruu says that Jarrod offered him money for Koen's head and has been disappearing Hairies, and it was Jarrod's man MacIntyre that killed Ash. Koen says that they should pay Jarrod a visit.

In the Zone, Linda loads her things in a sheet and drags it downstairs.

Blair sits and watches the humans go. He looks at Djukara, who notices him, and Djukara realizes that he was one of the men who sold out his family. The Hairy chases after Blair and finally catches him.

Charlotte goes to Ilythia and discovers that it's now a dermatology office. She goes inside and the receptionist tells her that they've been there for five years.

Nerida fully shaves Latani and tells the girls to let her do the talking at the gates.

Matthews drinks and watches the news as Araluen massages his neck. She watches the news about the coming Zone closure, and Matthews says that she's changed since she was a wailing mother on the street. As the news runs footage of Latani and Alinta, Araluen chokes Matthews to death. She then knocks at the door using the same signal that Matthews did earlier. When Frankie opens the door, Araluen grabs her taser and shocks her unconscious with it. Rowena comes by and stares at Araluen in shock. The Hairywoman takes her clothing and escapes

Nerida takes Alinta and Latani to the secret door in the wall, but discovers that CA guards are right outside. They have no choice but to go back.

On the lawn in front of her apartment, Linda piles up her things, crying

As night falls, Waruu and Koen drive to the building where the lab was. Waruu asks Koen for his gun, pointing out that Koen can't die but he can. After a moment, Koen hands it over.

Inside, Jarrod is at the lab when Charlotte calls and tells him that the Ilythia Clinic doesn't exist. He says that she's hormonal, but Charlotte says that any evidence that it ever existed has disappeared. She demands that Jarrod come home right away and insists that there's something wrong with the baby. Waruu brings Koen in and Jarrod tells Charlotte that he'll see her later and hangs up. Charlotte falls to the floor in pain.

Koen tells Jarrod that he killed Ash and knocks him back with the nulla nulla. Jarrod shoves him off with his Hairy-enhanced strength and beats him, and Waruu aims the gun at Jarrod. Jarrod says that Waruu is the Cleverman, and assures Waruu that the Hairies strapped down in the lab are unharmed. He says that he's perfected the Hairy serum and can give a human another 150 years of enhanced life. Jarrod offers some to Waruu and says that he's ensuring that at least some of the humans will survive. As Waruu looks at the vials of serum, Jarrod tells him that he can finish what Jimmy started, and use the 50,000 years of Indigenous knowledge to unlock the secrets of human survival. He admits that he's willing to make the odd sacrifice along the way, holds out the nulla nulla, and asks Waruu if he's willing to do the same. After a moment, Waruu takes it.

Djukara drags Blair back to the workshop and Maliyan tells Djukara to finish it. The Hairy asks Blair how much he got for his family, and Blair begs for his life. Disgusted, Djukara says that it doesn't solve anything, gives the gun to Maliyan, and walks away. Maliyan drags Blair away.

Waruu injects himself with the Hairy serum and smiles in satisfaction.

Linda sets the pile of her belongings on fire.

Maliyan drags Blair out before the remaining residents and holds him up where the guards and the cameras can see him. The Hairy figures that they want their blood, and says that Blair sold them out. Waruu steps out and shoots Maliyan, and Nerida stares at her husband in shock.

At the CA control center, MacIntyre watches and tells his 2IC that if they wait then the remaining Zone residents might kill each other.

Koen wakes up handcuffed to a table, and Jarrod takes a blood sample from him. He says that he needs access to the Dreaming, but Koen tells him that it isn't his to have and blasts him back with a wave of magical energy. The effort is too much and Koen passes out.

Linda realizes that someone--or something--is watching her. She walks off as the Namorrodor watches her from the shadows.

Waruu calls everyone over and says that it's time for change. They're going to take back what belongs to them, and Waruu says that he's negotiated ownership of the Zone land for all of them. He insists that the Zone will be a safe place for them and their descendants. Waruu dismisses Maliyan as a cancer that had to be removed, and promises that they will build a community that will show the rest of the world the way forward. Nobody responds, and Waruu tells someone to say something. He calls to Harry, saying that it's everything they've ever worked for, and then calls to Nerida.

Linda comes in and the Namorrodor follows her. It knocks her to the floor and ducks back into the shadows, and Waruu steps forward to fight it. The Namorrodor attacks him, sending Waruu flying and knocking the nulla nulla out of his hand. Waruu tries to shoot it but the bullets have no effect.

Koen arrives and picks up the nulla nulla. The Namorrodor lunges at him and runs off. Waruu goes to Linda, who angrily throws off his hand and walks away. Koen advances on the Namorrodor and it throws him back, cutting his face and throat. The wounds heal and Koen fights the Namorrodor. He finally rams the nulla nulla into its chest and energy consumes the creature, destroying it.

As Blair cheers, Koen and Waruu look at each other for a moment. Koen picks up the nulla nulla and Waruu walks away as Blair starts clapping and hugs Harry.

At the lab, Jarrod lies unconscious among the torn up equipment.

The next day at the Zone, Koen leads the residents in setting up barricades and gathering supplies. They roll oil drums out and prepare Molotov cocktails, and then wait for the CA to come. As the residents wait, Koen hears his ancestors whispering to him... and Kora thanking him.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 7, 2016

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