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A History of Violins Recap

The episode opens with Evan preparing an elaborate apology for Paige, only to be discovered by her father the General and Paige not at home. Hank is called to examine Natalie, a 14 year old young lady who is a musical prodigy and is unhappy her parents are forcing her to stay with them in the Hamptons. She has been complaining of a sore throat along with nausea. Hank leaves and goes to his father's house to find him being examined by Emily, and refusing to say why.

Back at Evan's house, Paige shows up with a smile. She has forgiven him but has been enjoying his efforts to gain her forgiveness. She asks him to join her at her house because her father has business guests coming over and her mother is away.

Divya is awaiting a fax regarding her wedding arrangements. She finds a troubling fax that takes her to Adam's house. The fax contains lab results from another doctor that indicates a decline in his health, and since HankMed is still listed as his primary physician, they received a copy of the results. Divya goes to see Adam, but he thinks it is a personal call. When she tells him it is strictly a medical issue, he sends her away. While driving home, Hank speaks to Evan on the phone, who lets it slip that their father is seeing another physician specifically to avoid sentencing.

While waiting for Paige at her house, Evan accidentally opens a hidden panel that opens into a secret room. He manages to get himself locked in, just before the General arrives in the main room with his defense contractor guests. Evan overhears a private conversation between the General and his guests that he was not supposed to hear. Divya speaks with Hank about Adam's medical condition. Hank is upset with her that she went to treat him when she admitted that Adam was the patient she was personally involved with, and forbids her from treating him again.

Hank tracks down Emily to talk to her about his father. He tries to tell her that his father can be devious, and she doesn't need to fake any results for him or his father's sake. She is put out by the accusation, and leaves. Paige rescues Evan from the secret room and he tells her he overheard her father and friends talking about overthrowing a government. Paige laughs and tells him the guests are trying to talk her father into running for public office, but she doesn't think he will do it. Paige and Evan go outside to find her father upset with loud music being played by his neighbor, who turns out to be Natalie, the young lady Hank is treating. Natalie's parents have rigged a generator to provide power for her band while they rehearse for a recording session. While they lose power again, a utility building where the generator is located explodes. A reporter shows up and grills Evan about the General, and Evan lets slip that if the General ever runs for public office, it will be because the general public asks him, not for special interests.

Divya speaks with Jill about the possibility she could be a kidney donor match for Adam. If so, it could be the universe giving her a sign of their connection. Jill tells her if she wants to break her engagement, just break it and don't look for a sign. Hank follows up with an examination of Adam when he notices some gym equipment. He informs Adam that high physical activity could be the cause of the indications of decline that was revealed in the lab results, and recommends he take a few days break.

Hank returns to Natalie's house when he receives a text message from her saying she is feeling worse. She is outside playing with her neighbor's (the General) dog, who is carrying around a section of deer hide that came from a deer the General has been tanning. Hank notices spots on her hands and has a hunch that Natalie has been exposed to the anthrax bacteria. Next door, Evan is talking with the General when he has a coughing spasm, and Evan notices black splotches in the handkerchief he was coughing into. When Hank arrives and examines the General, he notices singed nostril hair, indicating the General was close to a fire and not exposed to anthrax. The General admits it was he who accidentally blew up the utility building, when all he wanted to do was stop the noisy music. Hank's closer examination of the General reveals a more dangerous situation, and an ambulance is called for. The band starts playing again and Hank has another hunch that the hides covering the drums is the source of the bacteria, especially since the drummer was also starting to get the spots on his hands.

Hank's father calls him and Emily to his place to try to mend fences. He admits that his lawyers told him that a medical issue could help minimize any sentence he would receive, and that having family member for a doctor made any results look suspect. Hank apologizes to Emily and says he doesn't know what over the line for her means and that he barely knows her. She refuses to reveal any more private information about herself and he says that is not acceptable, and that if they are going to move forward with a relationship, he needs more. She tells him that is all there is, but that he got closer to her than anyone else has, and they break up.

Later, the General is hosting a party at his estate, where Natalie is the guest performer. He, Natalie and the drummer are all recovered from their medical issues. The General confesses to Evan that he is surprised by the support he is receiving about running for office, and says he would not have seriously considered running without the shot in the pants. Evan jokes that they are even.

At the end of their busy day, Hank and Divya are talking about their respective relationships. They reflect that they seem to have advice for others, but cannot seem to get their own love lives straight. The episode ends.

Written by pentar on Jul 8, 2016

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