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Fight or Flight Recap

Last Winter: The episode opens with a flashback to when Hank was an ER doctor and he had to relay the bad news to Jess Walsh that her friend had passed away from an aneurysm.

Present day: Hank is making a house call but no one is home. Divya drives up to Hank's surprise, but she tells him her fiancée Raj is arriving the next day. He is arriving for a party they are throwing for friends in New York that cannot make the London wedding. She asks his opinion about her wedding gift to Raj, fearing that it wasn't personal enough. They hear the sound of an approaching plane and notice it land on the water on the beach side of the house. The pilot turns out to be the same Jess Walsh from last winter, and she wants help from Hank to make sure the same thing that happened to her friend does not happen to her.

Jess reports she has been feeling anxious, dizzy, nauseous, and has been having trouble sleeping. She tells Hank and Divya that she quit her job in the city, took flying lessons and moved to the Hamptons. Quite to her surprise, she feels worse than she ever did in her high pressure job in the city. She admits she used to take various drugs, including anti-depressants, but she completely stopped everything. Hank feels she has a condition that arises from going cold turkey off the anti-depressants. He recommends starting her back on the anti-depressants, as well as some blood pressure meds and gradually weaning her off them. They notice the adjacent field and Jess shows them her other planes, as well as her own runway. Divya mentions that Raj always wanted to learn how to fly, and Jess offers to give them both lessons.

Hank stops by to see Marissa and she tells him she has still not told Boris about the baby. She admits that she has always wanted a child, but knows that Boris doesn't want children. Marissa finally tells Boris, who takes the news stoically. He admits relief at finally knowing why Hank has been treating Marissa, but says he has to leave immediately for an important meeting in Manhattan.

Evan and Paige are having ice cream and talking about Divya and Raj's arranged marriage. Evan wonders why he and Paige have never spent a full night together. Paige reveals why; she snores. Evan insists on her staying the night and finds out the hard way how bad her snoring really is.

The next morning, Hank leaves a message for Boris to call him. Evan stops by and drops some hints to Hank to see if he heard Paige's snoring, but Hank slept soundly. Paige comes in and Evan doesn't have the heart to tell her.

Jess takes Divya up in the airplane and begins to black out, sweating profusely. Divya keeps her conscious long enough to land the plane. Hank stops by to check her out by doing a neurological exam. He cannot find anything obvious so needs to do further tests. Jess objects, saying she has flying lessons to give. Hank grounds her, and warns her that the FAA could take away her license permanently unless she is cleared by a neurologist.

At Divya and Raj's party, Hank discovers that Evan forgot to get their present for Divya as he promised, so he hustles away to find something. When Divya and Raj open their personal gifts for each other, they discover they both bought wristwatches for each other.

That night, Evan prepares several surprises for Paige, designed to help with her snoring problem. He gives her expensive Italian lingerie, but she discovers he has sewn a tennis ball to the back of the nightie, to keep her from sleeping on her back. The fact that Evan went to such trouble charms her, even though she is disturbed by him ruining the negligee. Later, Evan makes an emergency call to Hank, desperately needing help for Paige's snoring. He says he hasn't slept in days and can't spend the rest of his life like this. Hank catches Evan's unintentional revelation that Paige might be the one for him, but Evan refuses to admit it.

The next day since Hank is in New York, he tracks down Boris. He tells Boris that Marissa needs him, and that there is a chance a cure will be found for his disease, if not in time for Boris, then in time for his child. But Boris is not happy because he had promised himself that his disease would die with him and not be passed on to future generations.

Jess is in New York, drawn to her old place of business as a stock broker. She starts having a panic attack thinking about the friend she lost and calls Hank. She begs Hank not to take her to a hospital, because that is where her friend died. Hank makes her focus her breathing, and the attack passes.

Divya and Raj are reviewing the videos that their guests made for them. They watch Evan and Paige's charming message, and Raj wonders how long they have been a couple. Raj then reveals that Divya's father's business is having problems and the wedding has taken on more importance for appearance sake.

Evan has a new idea, a full face mask for Paige to wear while she sleeps. Paige is humiliated, but Evan assures her everybody has a weakness. She says maybe she should investigate surgery, and Evan says he knows a great doctor.

Hank and Divya arrive to see Jess. Hank thinks she may have something wrong with her adrenal glands. They arrive to find Jess preparing to fly to New York to meet with her friend, who she has forgotten has died. She also does not recognize Hank or Divya. Hank checks and her pulse is racing. They rush her to the emergency room and tell her about her adrenal glands. They order an MRI after her blood pressure is under control.

Hank does an examination of Paige but does not find any inflammation or polyps. Her uvula appears to be abnormally long so Hank recommends she see a specialist. He discovers the couple eat ice cream as a nightly ritual, but he tells them dairy products can make snoring louder.

Hank is talking with Jess as they wait for the plane that will fly her to New York for her surgery. He tells her she should be back in the cockpit in six weeks, but she worries that she will have no customers. He tells her that he will be one, but not to thank him until it actually happens. She congratulates him on leaving the big city rat race like she tried to do, and he assures her that she was also successful in moving to a less stressful life.

That night, Evan is surprised when Paige's snoring is greatly reduced, but he can't sleep because of all the coffee he has been drinking. She awakens, thinking her snoring is keeping him awake, but he assures her that her snoring is much less, and in fact adorable. He tells her that she is perfect, and that even her little imperfections are cute. With trepidation, he tells her that he loves her, and to his relief, she tells him that she loves him too.

Divya and Raj are talking about the wedding, and Raj is trying to take on some responsibilities. Raj reveals that he promised her father that he would be back to work right after the wedding and that their honeymoon would have to be postponed. Divya is becoming increasingly alarmed about the wedding, honeymoon, and leaving the Hamptons and inadvertently, blurts out that she kissed a patient.

Evan and Hank arrive home with their present for Divya, a tandem bicycle. They see a moving van and assume Marissa is leaving. When they get to their door, they see movers packing their stuff and realize that Boris is kicking them out.

Written by pentar on Jul 9, 2016

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