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Listen to the Music Recap

The episode begins with Hank and Evan accompanying their father to his sentencing hearing. He and Ms. Newberg have taken the boys in after Boris kicked them out, and have told them they can stay in Ms. Newberg's house during the winter when she and Eddie move to the city.

Divya and Raj are taking dance lessons in preparation for their wedding. Tensions between them are still high after Divya's inadvertent revelation about her inappropriate behavior with a patient.

Jill is interviewed, and then offered a job to help launch mobile medical clinics in South America by Ben Richards, CEO of the Richards Foundation. She is surprised by the offer, and the quick turnaround Ben requires. She notices a problem he has with reading and he admits to suffering blurry spells. When he tells her his doctor is out of town, she recommends Hank.

Eddie comes out of the courthouse shocked by the outcome of his hearing. In 48 hours, he has to go to prison.

During an examination, Ben tells Hank he thinks he is suffering a relapse of his MS condition including numbness and weakness in his limbs. He has had the condition for some time, being diagnosed in college.

Hank, Evan and Divya are having a HankMed meeting, finishing up old business. When they are done, they each shake her hand and thank her for a great summer. Somewhat disappointed, she starts to leave when they, along with Jill, surprise her with a cake as a going away present. Evan reveals that he and Paige will be attending her wedding in London. Eddie walks by as they hug, extremely depressed and retrieves something from the refrigerator and leaves without a word. Everyone is concerned but Hank thinks he will be okay.

Hank and Jill walk outside talking about Ben and the offer she received. Hank says he can cover their clinic and is surprised when she tells him she would have to leave in three days.

Divya and Raj continue their dance lessons with Niko. He encourages them to dance with passion. Divya tells Raj he should seek passion too, but he says her father works him so hard he doesn't have time for it. She laments the fate her father has for her too; wedding, then babies and more babies. She notices Niko's increasing coughing and asks to examine him, but he insists it is just a cold and bids them continue their tango practice.

Evan returns from talking to his dad and tells Hank he doesn't think he has had any effect. He then confesses that Boris had offered to help their dad leave the country and avoid prison. Hank is surprisingly not angry with him and tells him he did the right thing in not telling their dad about the offer. Hank figures his dad should pay for his mistakes and then start a new life and not be on the run forever. Unknown to the boys, Eddie is eavesdropping on their conversation and learns of Boris' offer.

The next morning, Eddie is in much better spirits. He promises to join his sons for one last day of golf on his last day of freedom. Hank tells him how proud he is for taking responsibility. Eddie says it is because of his sons, because he is weak when he is alone.

Boris and Marisa are having an argument when Eddie shows up. As Marisa leaves in anger, Eddie thanks Boris for the offer, saying Boris is taking a risk. Boris tells him he is doing it for Hank and Evan, saying they would be better off if he were not around. Boris tells him his driver will pick him up at 5 PM that day.

Hank arrives at Ben's benefit to check up on him. Jill tells him that she is taking the offer that Ben extended to go to South America and work for his foundation. Ben arrives and tells him his condition is worse but Hank tells him he doesn't look scared, and his guests at the benefit need to hear that.

Divya and Raj arrive for their dance lesson and find Niko bedridden, so weak he cannot stand. Divya notices blood on the tissue Niko uses to cover his mouth while coughing. She asks Raj to get her bag from the car and dial 911.

At the benefit, Ben is telling the story of his disease. His message is that he is not his disease. As he is speaking, his vision starts to fade and he has trouble standing . Hank has been reviewing his medical history during the speech and guesses that Ben just went blind, and he thinks he knows why.

Inside Ben's house, Hank has Ben on an IV, and his vision is improving. Hank tells him he thinks he may have been misdiagnosed with MS, and he may have Lyme disease. The timing of when he was first diagnosed, his reaction to the treatments and other clues have led him to this conclusion. Ben thinks this idea is absurd and is angry with Hank for speculating and trying to give him false hope.

Eddie, Evan and Paige are playing miniature golf. Eddie notices a change in Evan's demeanor and guesses that he finally told Paige his true feelings. Eddie tells the couple how happy he is to spend time with them this way, knowing in his heart he is about to run and may never see them again.

At the hospital, Divya tells Niko he has pneumonia and he should be alright. He thanks her for helping him for a second time and she says she must have been fated to. That wording strikes a chord with Raj as he sees how competent and happy she is working in medicine.

At Ms. Newberg's house, Hank pulls up just as Eddie comes out with his suitcase. He notices Boris' car waiting and tells his dad that he and Evan are there for him, now it is his choice whether to run or not. Eddie decides not to run.

Hank returns to see Ben with the proof he has Lyme disease and that his prognosis is much improved. Ben is chagrined at how he has let his diagnosis of MS become his whole identity.

Evan is packing for London and they talk about their dad. Evan says their dad made the right choice because Hank was there, and Hank says Evan was right about needing to give Eddie a second chance. Both agree he is a better man now than he was when they were children.

Paige arrives to pick up Evan and calls him a diva based on how much luggage he has. She tells him maybe it wasn't overkill and maybe they can make a few stops on the way home from London, like Paris and Rome. Evan says that would be great but HankMed needs him since they are already short with Divya leaving. Hank says he will be fine and for Evan to go and be with Paige.

Hank says goodbye to Divya at the cafe where HankMed was born. He thanks her for her vision of what HankMed could be and wishes her well. She says to “listen to the music”, advice given to her by Niko, saying to tango properly you must listen to the music as it can change suddenly and you must be prepared to pivot in a new direction. The advice mirrors what they are all going through in real life.

Hank and Jill are picnicking on the beach talking about their future. The are both reticent to talk about tomorrow, and just want to enjoy being together one last day.

Hank arrives at the heliport to see Ben before he leaves. Ben tells him he feels much better, and doesn't have achy joints for the first time in a very long time. He also tells Hank his foundation is always looking for good doctors if Hank ever gets bored.

Hank gets a call from Hamptons Heritage hospital, and quickly calls Divya. It turns out Niko didn't have pneumonia, but has an infectious disease and she and Raj cannot get on the airplane. As she is speaking, police cars arrive to ensure a quarantine. Divya tells Raj that they have been exposed to the pneumonic plague, but it can be treated. He says they will have to postpone their wedding, but she tells him that this is one more sign that she cannot ignore, and that despite her obligation to her family, she cannot marry him.

Written by pentar on Jul 9, 2016

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