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Traffic Recap

The episode begins with Hank recapping his previous year, bringing the viewer up to date to today, the start of his second summer in the Hamptons.

Hank and Evan both get haircuts from their respective hair specialists. They discuss Evan's plan to throw a welcome home party for Paige, which he does after every trip she takes to incentive-ize her to return to him. Evan retrieves HankMed's mail from their post office box, which effectively keeps their clients from knowing they are staying at Ms. Newberg's house. One of the letters they received is a postcard from Jill in Uruguay, indicating she has “big news”, but not revealing it.

As Evan sorts the mail, Hank notices tour buses arriving, officially indicating the start of Summer in the Hamptons. Divya arrives in time to hear the sounds of crashing metal as one of the tour buses gets involved in an accident with a couple of cars. Hank and Divya spring into action, checking on those involved in the crash. While Evan and the bus driver help those who are unhurt evacuate the bus through windows, Hank helps a man with a broken leg. Suddenly Divya calls out when the bus driver collapses. Hank discovers a laceration that has opened up, and the driver's blood pressure starts falling. Unable to start a normal IV, Hank uses the jugular vein and the driver quickly recovers consciousness.

Ambulances arrive to take the injured away as onlookers clap and cheer the rescuers, including the Mayor of Southampton. Evan quickly shakes hands with the Mayor, taking advantage of the attention to plug HankMed while Hank and Divya quietly walk away from the crowd.

When Hank, Evan and Divya return to their current home (Ms. Newberg's), they find a huge party underway for Paige, much larger than what Evan intended. Ms. Newberg herself is there, back from her Winter home. The boys ask about their father and she reiterates the fact that he does not want any visitors, not wanting his boys to see him in prison.

Another car arrives and Evan prepares the guests to shout hello to Paige, but instead Jill walks in. Jill asks if Hank received her postcard, indicating she would like to talk with him when the party is over. A disconsolate Evan receives a text from Paige indicating she will not make the party due to other family considerations.

At Boris' estate, Marisa arrives expecting to speak with Boris but arriving in the middle of a meeting with a dozen or so men. Boris dismisses them and shows Marisa paperwork indicating he will accept her unborn baby as his child, and provide financial and other protection for it. She is upset saying he needs to take personal responsibility for the baby, and not just setup a trust fund. She accuses him of pushing the people who care about him away, including her and Hank. Her agitation causes her to experience pain and she collapses into a chair.

Divya tells Jill she spent the winter in the Hamptons, helping Hank and getting over her non-marriage to Raj. Hank receives a call from Boris to attend to Marisa and leaves immediately. When he arrives Boris tells him he thinks she is in labor, but she refuses to go to the hospital. Hank leaves Boris outside the bedroom and speaks to Marisa about her condition. She theorizes she is experiencing Braxton Hicks, or false labor. He moves her onto the bed, and her contractions stop. Hank does an examination anyway to make sure she is okay. She tells him she is prepared to raise her baby alone if Boris wants no part of it.

Hank next sees one of the drivers of the cars involved in the accident with the bus, Judy Windland. She is experiencing problems with her eyes, and is sneezing and has a rash. Hank asks her about allergies, and she tells he and Divya that she timeshares her house with her ex-husband and his new wife, with her time being over the summer. The ex-husband's wife has made many changes and some of them she seems to be allergic to. While Divya answers her phone, Hank gives her a steroid injection to improve her symptoms in preparation for her annual kickoff party, and promises to follow up later.

When Hank and Evan walk outside, Divya reveals that her call was from her parents. They are in the Hamptons for the summer, and she has not talked to them since she called off her wedding.

Hank and Evan are grocery shopping and talking about their respective girls. Evan has been ordered by Ms. Newberg to prepare a nice meal to welcome Paige home, and is helping him shop. Much to his dismay, she feels money is no object when it comes to setting the mood for love. Evan laments privately that they need to find a new place to live.

Divya arrives at her parents' summer home to a warm reception from her mother, and a chilly reception from her father. Divya gives a heartfelt apology which seems to warm her father who admits they need to move forward as a family, and that Raj is in the past. She agrees to join them for dinner.

Hank returns to see Judy and she reports she is feeling better. Hank examines her and finds most of her symptoms gone except from a rash and some swelling in her lower leg. This result concerns him and he promises to return the next day and wishes her well concerning her party. She thanks him and wonders if she will have a party after all since her friends keep calling and canceling.

As Hank leaves, he notices her car and has a thought. He goes back inside and asks her if her leg is painful and how long she sat in traffic on her way back to the Hamptons. She admits some pain and says she sat in traffic about five hours. Hank tests her leg and discovers a blood clot. He tells her he can treat her at home or she can go to the hospital, either way she must stay in bed. She reluctantly agrees to cancel the party and go to the hospital.

When Divya and her parents arrive at the restaurant for dinner, she is surprised to find her parents have invited the Uppals and their adult son to join them. Divya is offended that her father is once again trying to arrange a husband for her and quickly leaves the restaurant.

Back home, Jill arrives to find Hank and Evan eating Evan's romantic meal alone, with Paige having delayed her arrival once again. Evan is concerned about their relationship, and decides to send her an e-mail that she will never delete.

Finally alone, Jill reveals to Hank that she no longer wants to be in the Hamptons. She has thrived with the work she has been doing for the poor and unfortunate in the third world and wants to continue. Hank takes the news surprisingly well, happy that she has found a calling.

Hank gets a call later that night and proceeds to Judy's house. He finds her there, discovering she has checked herself out of the hospital against medical advice. She professes she is fine, but her emotional state is down because she cannot find a way to move forward from her divorce. While she confesses her pain to Hank, she collapses to the floor.

Hank quickly calls for an ambulance and treats her as best he can while he waits. She awakens and he tells her she must return to the hospital, but she should make a full recovery.

The next day, Divya returns and apologizes to her parents. She tells them she will not accept an arranged marriage, and will only marry a man she loves. Her angry father promptly disowns her, and tells her she should not expect anything from them in the future.

At the hospital, Hank checks on Judy, whose room is filled with flowers. She tells him they are from her friends, who she underestimated. He consoles her about her relationship by revealing his own pain from when his fiancee left him, and promises her life will get better.

As he leaves Judy's room, he is approached by Dr. Redliner from the hospital, who congratulates him on his work at the accident scene, and makes sure he knows that if he wants to work in their E.R., there will always be a job waiting for him.

Hank and Evan are at home where Evan is moping about the loss of Paige. Hank assures him his fears are unfounded, and that he and Paige are fine. When the doorbell rings, Hank answers to find not Paige, but Boris. Boris confesses he made mistakes with he and Evan's father, evicting them without notice, and trying to violate Hank's confidentiality with Marisa. Boris wants Hank to return to his estate to take care of Marisa and offers Hank a lease on the guest house to seal the deal. Hank insists on paying rent, but jokingly tells Boris not to get carried away when he suggests market rates. Just then Ms. Newberg comes outside where they are talking and badgers Hank like a protective mother about putting on a sweater. Boris looks at Hank and tells him maybe he underestimated his leverage.

Hank and Evan are moving back in with Divya's help when Paige arrives. She tells him she got his e-mail and needed to respond in person, which she does by kissing him passionately. When a relieved Evan turns away to continue moving boxes, Paige glances after him with a somewhat subdued look on her face.

Hank asks Divya about her meeting with her parents. She tells him the meeting went perfectly, then asks if she can crash with he and Evan for the night, and maybe the next night too.

Written by pentar on Jul 9, 2016

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