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Fleas Don't Kill Me Recap

After sex, Jay asks Angie how she feels about opening up to someone. She kisses him and Jay watches her as she puts on her bomb vest. It blows up... and Jay flies out of the window and hits the sidewalk below.

One Year Later

Angie wakes up to find Pepper tapping her on the nose. He tells her to come with him to the other side.

At the station, Pritkin calls Jay and McCormick into his office. Pritkin admits that McCormick is the best officer he’s ever had... and he’s being transferred back to Vice. Once McCormick leaves, Pritkin tells Jay that Angie has woken up.

When Jay arrives at the hospital, Danny tells him that Angie woke up for a minute but then passed out. He walks off, removing his foot from the tube, and Angie wakes up. Jay explains that she’s been out for nine months, and Jay tells Angie that they had a baby son nine months ago. Danny leaves to work with Detective Small, and Pritkin calls Angie and Jay out into the hallway. He has a fresh murder case for Jay, and orders Angie to ride a desk until the shrink signs off on her. Jay insists that Angie is ready, and Pritkin admits that they need her. It’s an election year and the mayor wants him to crack down on murders. As Angie leaves, Jay and Pritkin wonder if she’s ready.

Angie and Jay arrive at the park and Danny tells them that a man walking his dog found a body. Monica is there and kisses Jay, who kisses her back. Angie stares in shock and takes some pills, and they discover that the dead man was named John Dough. They go to Dough’s apartment and the CSI techs check the place. Jay tries to explain how he got together with Monica, and she says that she understands. Angie promises not to tell Monica the truth about the baby. Dough’s neighbor comes over and says that Dough lived and worked there, and he was divorced.

The detectives go to see Jane Dough and Jane says that she and John were high school sweethearts, She saw him at his new place to pick up their dog, they had an argument, and she left. There are scratch marks on her neck, and Jane says that her dog Bruce has a flea problem. Angie points out that Join being at the dog park without a dog is a little unusual.

Back at the station, Pritkin is working on his boat while the detectives bring him up to speed on the case. Danny confirms that John had an appointment with a dog trainer, and has lost Small. As Angie goes, Pritkin asks her how Angie is holding up and she points out that he meant to talk to Jay.

Danny questions the trainer, Anne Muffet, and she finally remembers that she had a session with John at 11 pm. John could only do sessions at night because he worked during the day, and Anne knows about the divorce. Danny points out that she claimed earlier not to know anything about John, and Anne cites trainer-client confidentiality. She suggests that Danny check the security footage of her house confirming that John left her home alive the previous night.

As Angie and Jay wait to meet with John’s divorce lawyers, Jay scratches himself and complains that he got fleas from Jane. Neil and Penelope Quigley come in and they say that the divorce was pretty cut-and-dried except for the dog. The couple starts arguing, bringing the interview to an end.

The detectives brief Pritkin as he gets a massage, and Angie figures that the Jane killed John. However, Danny and Jay suspect Anne.

At the morgue, Angie is trying to get some booze and drugs from the vending machine. Edelweiss helps her and then shows her that someone had placed something around John’s neck but the trachea was intact. Angie snaps at Monica, and Jay warns her to back off. As they talk, Angie realizes that she has fleas. Edelweiss says that John was poisoned with an ingredient from a common pesticide, and Jay remembers Jane spraying her pants with pesticide when they talked to her. Angie and Jay go to Pritkin to request an arrest warrant for Jane.

When the detectives question Jane, she insists that she didn’t do anything. Jane says that they loved each other but John wanted to do weirder stuff in the bedroom. She can’t say what, but insists that they loved each other.

That night, Jay prepares to leave and Angie assures Jay that she can handle it. He says that he loves her and leaves with Monica and their baby. Danny shares some BBQ with Angie, and he tells her that he saw Angie with a lover who had a leash on his neck. Angie scratches at her flea bites, and gets an idea.

At home, Monica and Jay have dinner and Monica wonders if Jay wants to leave her for Angie. Jay insists that he doesn’t and Angie has no feelings for him. Angie comes in and says that she’s realized something that will make Jay happy. He already has his luggage packed, but Angie says that Jane is innocent. She has Monica confirm that there were no flea bites on John’s body because the poison is the active ingredient in flea medicine. Angie figures that John was into weird sex role-playing with Anne, and he got fleas. Anne gave him medicine for it, but accidentally gave him too much so he died. She then buried him in the park. Jay insists on going with Angie to arrest Anne, but she refuses and he assures her that she’s never on her own

The police soon break into Anne’s home and Angie puts her under arrest. Danny suggests that Angie head home to relax. When she gets home, Pepper calls her and says that it’s him.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 10, 2016

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